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Hookup Spots
  • up corringham town centre, parks subway by hassenbrook also the big pipe things in the maples
  • the best place has to be up da sea wall, get away with anything up there!!!lol
  • Down the wreck (park). is where all the stupid rudeboys hang out now. but they all go to bed at like 10 o clock so me and my mates drive over there and chat about the good old days. just cruising around stanford is a laugh, we went into the co-op and it was being held up by a guy with a bb gun LOL great stuff.
  • st cleres school. and the fat surfer club in grays is cool, 4 pound opposite morrisons garage every other friday
  • Sitting on the benches in Hardy park (The park next to Hassenbrooke and St Josephs) with a bottle of 1.49 Lambrini from Sommerfields and a bottle of whitelightning, god that stuff was lethal!!!
  • i would like to add that them concrete blocks up the town have now gone at last. and i totally agree with milton road as the best hotspot as ive lived here for 25 yrs and r proud to live in milton road and have fond teenage memories. who wrote this stuff? do i know you?
  • The subway slopes by the Thors Oak scout hut. Many memories of mindless vandalism happening there. I think the 'decorative' coloured paving slabs are still missing from the early eighties.
  • The park which is quite popular for all those COOL people under 18 who roll up and drink excessivly,good idea especially since its next to the pig station.Well done guys,the brains are obviously with you!
  • nowhere- stanford is so crap, you could die of boredom-sorry-already did, does this mean that I am a ghost?
  • Bottom of hill at St margarets ave
  • Parks, the regent snooker hall generally vadalising the already shit whole
  • that little river behind victoria rd,that we depopulated of stickle backs for our fish tanks,had a great rope swing
  • Eagle News(known as there old name Gibbs)
  • anyone remember the old mans shelter near stanford rec?? or the clinic wall where all the fights took place with the chadwell skins?? remember in the summer we used to all go down the warren with the booze we'd "borrowed" out of the old boys club down victoria road?
  • those Strange Concrete Blocks in the town centre, i think the Designer must of been on some powerful drugs
  • Loved stanny it kicked arse!"
  • we all used to knock about up the corringham town centre on our scooters in the 80's,on them concrete block things that have been there for ages and nobody knows what theyre for
  • vegetable stall by choices video store, up the town.
  • Outside local M&W store or Station.
  • Basildon! Or the best hook up spot is Milton Road.
  • 'The little shops' in Gardner Ave or benches by the library
  • The park by the swimming pool, on the swings.

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Last updated: 2008-09-08

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