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  • Arden Arms is a great pub
  • Must agree. I really loved the Arden Arms when I lived in Stockport and had many happy nights there. I've not been there now for nearly 10 years and I miss it loads
  • Arden Arms is fab
  • I've got to agree... The Arden Arms is a treasure ~ a fantastic night out - very friendly clientele - great bar staff - this place has a genuine sense of community and is refreshingly untrendy - I've enjoyed many evenings in this pub and I love it
  • The Arden Arms must rank as one of the finest pubs in the north-west. Fantastic atmosphere, great beers, amazing food and the owners are the best. Go to this pub - it is truly marvellous
  • They are all shutting down.
  • Theres alot of pubs in Stockport, too many to count. They are quite litterally all over the place.
  • old king top spot
  • the bull the nelson
  • The Plough, The Crown
  • Bishops Blaize on Lower Hillgate, has regular Karaoke nights and good music nights too, friendly bunch of folk, good atmosphere and good beer. Fun karaoke league on a Monday night, Quiz night on a Wednesday and Darts and Pool nights too, the pub is open for private parties, so just approach the landlord David or the landlady Sue if you need information.
  • white lion the hook up spot on a friday night chances are you could pull in there as they have a dance floor that gets busy at 10.30, the george not to bad either on the a6, town hall tavern good for a quiet drink and chat.
  • try the Hope pub in heaton norris - Stabbings, shootings and fights. it's better than tv.I've yet to discover a friendly pleasant pub in stockport.
  • Thatched House, Nelson, Stockport SU all good metalhead spot
  • The nelson next to stockport college is a good laugh has a rock night every sunday full of the more friendly inbreds that inhabit this fuckin hell hole but beware it is rather close to grand central where a large sword and suit of armour could come in handy if your unfortunate enough to find yourself there
  • Calvert's Court, town centre. A Wetherspoons pub, with cheap drinks, nice food and a relaxed atmosphere. The Florist, Shaw Heath. Another relaxed pub, good food & rooms to stay overnight.
  • The Tom Thumb and Arden Arms seem to have filled the void for gay people left by the closure of the New Inn, went in to the Tom Thumb on New Year's eve and had an excellent night!
  • the white lion
  • The Porter's Railway out at Portwood's fine, if you aren't upset by sharing the pub with bearded blokes wearing comfy jumpers and reading the Guardian. And what about the Crown on Heaton Lane? Especially good to sit in the beer garden in the summer directly nder the viaduct arches and to consider what you would do if a train derailed just above you.
  • The Arden Arms - A good pint and full of history - a must go !
  • The Crown, Heaton Lane - best pub in the world!
  • Wetherspoons is nice, its just been opened up the market end. There is a lovely girl called Sharon who works there.
  • The jewel of Heaton Moor the Elizabethan or 'Liz' as its affectionately known to locals, frequented by the underage female wildlife of local schools and with a beer garden which has seen many a bottling between over-zealous scallys. they have since changed landlords a few times introduced a no-trainer policy, put gruff looking bouncers on the doors and it subsequently enjoys a new cheap wine bar facelift. Unfortunetly it had more character in the days when the liam gallager-esque muppets used to strut around in their sprayway's starting fights and seducing voracious schoolgirls with their idiosyncratic charm… which generally involved throwing a bottle at someones head or driving at high speed past the beer garden in their phat metro, bass pumping and yelling “get yer tits out yer dirty slag” out the window
  • I would need a website to name all the pubs in Stockport as there are so many. Hit Edgeley though on matchdays. Good Edgeley pubs include : The Bobby Peel The Royal Oak The Grapes (run down but who cares, its beer) The Armoury The Swan The Florist
  • piss off
  • The cock hotel, hazel grove; just for the decor and the ostritch!
  • THE COCK HOTEL hazel grove...look at the ostrich!
  • Slightly out of town, Heaton Moor Road sports the three finest boozers in Stockport - all on the same road! The Elizabethan, The Plough and The Moortop make a fine mini pub-crawl on a Saturday night - but surprisingly for pubs outside the centre - be prepared to queue to get in!
  • the only sight to see, is the cock hotel... if only for the ostritch that lives behind the bar! steve is a top bloke also!
  • the nelson has a fun quiz nite on get drunk,have fun & try and answer questions
  • The Stockport Arms used to attract a very fresh faced crowd when I used to frequant it as a fresh faced young lady.
  • Best Pub in Stockport has to be the Railway at Portwood.Great beer & best chips around.
  • Try the Moor Top in Heaton Moor for locals wittily wearing Priestnall school uniform - those adults have such fun! Alternatively, the Chapelhouse in Heaton Chapel features strangely smelling college kids smoking badly-rolled 'cigarettes' and giggling.
  • Yates Wine Lodge is full of tossers! Run down, dingey and full of skinheads with Tommy Hilfiger gear on
  • This town is absolutley overrun with good pubs. Robbies Bitter is excellent in most pubs around town, but get a bad pint and youll swear and curse your way to the toilet. Most pubs are proper ones, such as the ones up Hazel Grove. Avoid the Irish theme bars just out of town.
  • "Again, NO pub has ever served a minor, M'lud! Some, however, might attract a FRESH FACED crowd!" YOU SAD FUCKS
  • Bakers Vaults in the Market, a few friends and a load of Robinson's Mild. Can't be beaten. In fact, there are so many good Robbies pubs within 3 miles of the town centre that it's impossible to name them all.
  • Head for the market place for livley pubs esp. the Bakers Vaults, the Boar Head and The Bulls Head. Also worth a visit the Swan with two Necks and The Red Bull (Upper Hillgate)for good Robinsons Bitter. Try not to miss the Turners Vaults (also called Queens Head) on Underbank it apears in Pevsner's book of London Victorian Pub in his round up of the rest of the country though it was done up in the late 80's it was not destroyed and it house the smallest gent loo in the country (alagedly ) though it has been locked up in reasent Saturday night visits.
  • Bakers Vaults, good food, great guiness
  • Little Jack Horners. Girls, come here during the week, between 11am and 5pm, stand in front of the entrance on Lord St, and wave to the office building across the road. We'll pop down and buy you a drink, providing you're a) sexy b) easy.

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