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The Best Things
  • Haughley united fc
  • kyas toes
  • rosies face is fit and sexy
  • kyas leech that lives on her toe
  • rosie nial
  • We beat up some stupid scottish cunt the other day called gay eric hahahahaha he cried like a little girl afterwards. hahahahaha cunt bring it on we english will always rule...
  • very low crime rates, no graffeti and most people know each other
  • Luke Jarvis haha
  • The best thing about Stowmarket is that it is safe enough for these little t*ssers to doss around late at night bad-mouthing the town in websites like this. If they don't like it p*ss off and live somewhere else - it'll stop them dropping their empty beer cans and fag-ends all over the Rec' when there's a bin 6 ft from the park-bench they all sit on - the lazy little tw*ts!
  • New shops in Bury St, Cosy Corner sell Yankee candles in Bury St
  • Muntons whooooo hoooooo!!
  • There's lots of countryside.
  • Is the A14, you can escape. It's such a sh*te place. The Chavs don't even make it to scratch, they can't even afford knock-off Burberry. Nuff said.
  • Larling Poodles-well done grooming, Asda-cheap cds, Wimpy-yummy, fresh food, and a certain boy who lives in the area who is perticularly yummy. mmmm
  • Larling Poodles Grooming. A girl called Katie Roper works there, she is a wicked groomer!!
  • There isn't any. Waiting to be able to emigrate to Australia as we speak.
  • is next to the A14 so escape is not to
  • The squaddies from the local raf base, yum. The a14 out of stow.
  • the A14-u can make a quick exit
  • The ugly assymetric faces you see on the street v. funny.
  • Top ten sexiest ladies. Julie List, Lisa Sumpter, Janine Chittock, Clare Hall, Lily Mark, Shanan Sumpter, Tracy Jolly, Sarah Walton, Laura Green, Karen whitehead
  • Paul Ford Wesly mcSloy Andrew Beck
  • the duke, gr8 drink offers and the fact that i dnt live there ne more!!!!!!!!!1
  • The outdoor swimming pool up to about 1982?? Every night most of the people I knew from School would go there. We went as often as we could, a great place. Outdoor changing rooms, outdoor pools. Later I think it was where the skateboarders went. Stow-City's very own DogTown and Z-Boys.
  • Either Hicks or Gordan Inces. Proper old fashioned shops with proper old fashioned customer service. Exactly what Stowmarket needs more of.
  • Some of the girls are ok , most are whores but a few r fit and worth talking 2
  • Some local birds scarey i know but there are ! Jokers can be good but dont get your hopes up
  • The labour party office is a waste of space! Build a prison or something!
  • The Trolly Patrol, thats it and the best members have left anyway! The Museum of east anglian life, need i say more? Rich Mac
  • Are there any?
  • The high amount of Norwich fans and geezers who simply take libertys around stowmarket can be very funny. apart from that FUCK ALL
  • The sheer siz of the place. You can walk from one end to the other and not realise you've done it. Birthplace of The Fist. Seen some action over the years.
  • Girls who give it up easily
  • well there always something going on in stowmarket but the night life is pretty good as long as you don't over do it. You never know you might meet me in jokers sucking someones face (lucky you)
  • That i am no longer there. It is a sweet market town, or should i say used to be. It has been over taken by gary boys who race up and down the roads, hanging out in places you wouldnt expect and full of drunks on Friday and Saturday night, DO NOT GO INTO STOWMARKET AT THESE TIMES!!!!!!!! It was also surrounded by country but that is not being bulldozed to put up more houses!! Stowmarket is slowly being ruined, and im sure, in a few years, it will be a small London!! But the best thing is Stowe Vets!!!! What a great practice and great Vets, especially Paul and Ella who work there. (we miss you!!)
  • Overall Stowmarket is my home town so I will always love it really. There are alot of things that I hate about Stowmarket but it will always be my home and a place where I feel most safe (unless someone is after me for looking at their bloke - the girls in Stow are so paranoid).
  • It's a safe little timewarp where nothing really happens & violent crime, for the most part, is something that happens elsewhere. You don't need a constant attitude to survive every day, unlike in the city.
  • The bus out of town
  • Despite being the crappest, most inbred town ever - it is great would change it for the world!
  • Me and my mate. The spots cemtre is pretty good to.
  • Very easy to get out of. A14, main-line station, express bus to Ipswich.
  • The mad lady who wears huge rubber coats in the middle of summer and goes by the name ´Mad Mary´ -Dr Gonzo The town centre is quite compact so a low yield, low altitude, cluster form JP223 runway denial bomb pod would easily deal with its inhabitants. -Dr Gonzo Ameteur Boxing can be viewed free of charge every Saturday night in the Sultan Kebabs Restaruant/Arena -Dr Gonzo The mad lady who wears huge rubber coats in the middle of summer and goes by the name ´Mad Mary´ -Dr Gonzo
  • I like stow, its very rural (i live in the midlands) and rather quaint. I also like being able to drive to Ipswich and Bury in under half a hour. It's cool!!
  • The beautiful countryside around Stowmarket
  • The people are nice and there seems to be lots of talent in and around the area, as you can tell im not from stow. But i soon will be
  • the A14..B113..A1120....THE MANY WAYS OUT OF STOWMARKET.
  • The atmosphere, everyone know everyone else, so you dont get much trouble, this is coming from a female by the way. I hate the amount of squaddies they have down there though, Cant the build them there own nite club or pub to go to?!! They only come down to throw a few punches and hit on the girls.
  • It's...peaceful. And it's close to other places. the sport centre is really good, & the gym's going to be refurbished soon. About time, too. & the people are some of the nicest anywhere. You never feel out of place or bothered. Apart from near the Esso station.
  • You can be rude to people without them knowing because the're too thick to understand.
  • Green fields,fresh air,better weather than the west of england,ipswich is only a 10 minute drive away,BUT you dont have to live there,marriots lane or it was when i was about 15.
  • When you go somewhere else . The Leisure Centre.
  • The friends i've made and the people i have met. I moved to suffolk 15 years ago, and have lived in stowmarket for 8 years. It does take quite a while for your face to be excepted. But once it is you can't walk down the high street without bumping into someone who knows you.JAM
  • The people. Stowmarket is a cosmopolitan oasis in sleepy suffolk. A resident in nearby Needham Market once said "I've been here 28 years - I think they're begining to accept me" not so in stow, after just 18 months I'm welcome in 3/4 pubs and can find at least half a dozen people to chat to in any of them.
  • The Market every Thursday & Saturday is well worth a visit. Theres a cool jewellery stall there on both days.
  • knowing most people is always good.
  • It is small enough not to have the major problems of a big town but large enough that some of the most inbred people never have to leave the town boundaries from birth to death.
  • It's only a ive minute walk from anywhere in Stowmarket until you're out of Stowmarket.
  • There are none, apart from schools which mean you can leave Stowmarket and discover a real life at university
  • being able to get to places easily and all the friends
  • qd sometimes has nice glass ware. the oak, and it's landlord and lady chris and ellie. the rec is quite nice..

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