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Cheap Food
  • I'm on a quest. Back in the 1980's the Anarkali (opposite Streatham station) did the best damn unique curry gravies ever. Anyone know where the chef went when they sold up?
  • Fantabulous fish and chips - actually not THAT cheap but superb stuff - Kennedy's at Streatham Hill
  • Slurp - fantastic lunch deals
  • Not sure I agree with the review of the La Pergola. I found it to be extremely expensive ('though I admit my wife and I went of New Year's Eve). This wouldn't have been a problem except the food was pretty basic "you can get this in any cafe" type place anywhere in London. What it does have is the Elvis impersonator but to be honest, it's not enogh...This place IS a glorified Caf' (with a licence...truly owfull. However El Chicos is non-pretentious...If you like Mexican...this is your best bet.
  • Bar 61 near Streatham Hill - very friendly service, nice selection of tapas and main courses.
  • My place, no one ever comes :(
  • Mrs Wongs is the best restaurant in the area. Cheap (meal for six of us came to around 55), friendly, and unlicensed (so grab a bottle of wine and/or some tinnies from the offy a few doors down). Looks a bit like somebody's front room tho, but don't let that put you off. "cosy & unpretentious" is a good description I read.
  • Slurp! The best Chilli Beef Ramen I have tasted, the house noodles and house special rice are really good. The food is of a really good standard and really reasonably priced. You can get lunch (including a drink) for 5. Much better than Oishi! Pizza Pasta - a reasonabley priced italian that does nice pizza and pasta (could you tell from the name?!?).
  • Some of the stuff listed here is well out of date. Thai Thani is now Pansa, Il Carretto has closed (only room for one Italian Restaurant with an Elvis impersonator in the High Rd, obviously) and, incidentally, Wordsworth Books has long gone as well.
  • I've not been to the Talay Thai neasr the Hogshead for a little bit but the staff in there were so lovely, and they do a fantastic green curry too.
  • New places I have seen on the high street... 'slurp' (a chain) and 'chilli chutney' opened on 21/11/03.. Both worth a try.
  • Boogalu's on Sunnyhill Road does great homemade food with loads of veggie options and is fully licensed too but cosier than most places. They also play some decent music which helps!
  • Da Franco on the high street offers great value italian food and excellent service. A reduced set menu from Sunday to Thursday too. Fab
  • The new Kulaura in streatham does excellent curries, and has been established for 35 years or above.I live in czech republic and food like that are few and far between!
  • Theres a shit chip shop whose owners are nasty
  • Da Pietro on Streatham Hill, the worst food I've ever been served. Hungs, very variable, seems to have gone down hill recently.
  • Streatham is great for food... mexican - el chicos (sorry prob wrong spelling)towards Streatham Hill near natwest is great... friendly and nice decor as well Italian - Little Italy ... fab Spanish - darn forgotten the name but is near ceasers... on same side of road.. does great food but never that busy for some reason... a def plus if you want attentive service and many more ....
  • Memories of India on 109 Mitcham Lane (bus stop nearby) serves great curries... The chicken literally melts in your mouth... (feb 2002) It's quite dodgy and does more business as a takeaway than as a restaurant. Service during our visit was poor initially but improved as the dimwitted waiter was replaced with a proper one who was a very kind and informative host. It's fairly cheap too. Two people dinner covering starter, curries, extra rice, naan and beers was 26. Given the quality of the cooking, this was a very good deal...
  • (1) i think the restaurant with the elvis impersonator you refer to i s called La Pergola, not Il Carretto (2) there is a new italian restaurant almost opposite called Da Franco which offers the warmest welcome and the best pasta i have been aoffered anywhere !
  • Pukka, opposite the Megabowl, is just about the best curry place in Streatham by my reckoning. One of the nice things about Streatham is you are generally spoiled for choice with most types of food.
  • La Pergola has to be the winner, but there are millions of restruants. A cous cous house oppisite Gasoline Ally, a Greek by Streatham Hill station, an Itallian beside KFC - and there's loads more.
  • McDonalds, Wimpy, numerous Chinese restaraunts! Take my advice, venture towards McDonalds and keep an eye out for Courtneys. It's a small cafe (almost a whole in the wall it's so small) but they serve the BEST all day breakfast for about 3. For a good cup of tea/coffee see also Chris' Place and The Astoria.
  • Da Pietros....very nice and superb service!!!!! and how jovial is the younger guy on the tables!!!--very!.....the guy with the tache is also v friendly!
  • For Streatham Hill dwellers, Da Franco ' pasta and paella' on the High Road next to Oxfam does very good Italian pastas and specials as well as paellas, its also reasonably priced
  • Da Pietro on the High Road serves excellent Italian food at reasonable prices and the owner is a really friendly guy. No pretentions, just great grub.
  • Chico's mexican (really fit waitresses)
  • Little Italy does excellent good value food and the service is always warm and welcoming. Thai Thani has really gone downhill and the food is more closer to chinese than authentic thai.the gallery on brixton hill is extremely good for home cooking portuguese style
  • The Raj Poot is well worth a visit. Look out particularly for the Tandorri specialities
  • Da Pietro on Streatham High Road serves good, resonably-priced Italian food.
  • Memories of India in Mitcham Lane does the best curries.
  • Turkish Bakery on the high road, opposite English Martyrs Church, great Baklava (Middle Eastern sweet)
  • Hungs Chinese Restaurant in Sunnyhill Rd; the best Chinese food outside Chinatown! (Recommended - the Chicken or Pork with Sechuan Pickled Cabbage)
  • Danny Rothwell recommends Morley's Fried Chicken: "They give you f**k loads of chips"
  • Wholemeal Cafe - banoffee pie inspires scenes out of When Harry met Sally! I think the "Spice Garden" mentioned is the Spice Cottage which is good. The New Kulaura has finally been refurbiushed (autumn 99) but the menu is unchanged. Pukka in Streatham Hill does pretty authentic Indian food (a bit heavy on the fenugeek?) and is great for a romantic evening out - despite being opposite Caesar's nightclub it is very relaxed.
  • Pukka - great curries and they deliver - plus you get a free lager when they do!
  • Plenty of choice, good prices
  • Chris's Place, next to Kwik Fit, for that authentic South London cafe experience... excellent.
  • There is a shop called Courtneys that does a really cheap breakfast all day near McDonalds.
  • VERY BEST KEBABS - cooked while you watch - very fresh meat and salad - The Barbecue Pit. Open until 3am!
  • Wholemeal Cafe (vegetarian) in Shrubbery Road, at the side of the police station.
  • Peter Pepper's Mediterranean Cafe, just off Brixton Hill, by the junction with the South Circular and The Gallery, Portuguese Restaurant, a bit further on down towards Brixton.
  • The Captains Table (Chinese) is no more and has been replaced by a more downmarket Chinese restaurant (mixed opinions). Hungs in Sunnyhill Rd appears to still be going strong, but it can be a bit pricy for the quality. The best Chinese restaurants are probably Mrs Wong's (High Road in The Dip) - unlicensed so bring a bottle and you'll probably need to book in advance - and the Wing Hing up at Morrish Road off Brixton Hill next to Peter Peppers cafe (for more about that, see Brixton).
  • There's a very good if a bit pricey Thai restaurant, the Thai Thani on Gleneagle Road (around the corner from WordsWorth books) which serves authentic food but also has westernised set menus.
  • Indian restauraunts are of very varied quality - the most authentic is probably the Spice Garden on the High Road (close to Half and Half pub) although it still has the decor of the Italian restaurant that it was long ago. The New Kulaura (in the Dip) has been established for 25 years and does good value traditional curries but the interior is getting a bit seedy.
  • Il Carretto restaurant on the High Street. Check out the Elvis impersonater for an excellent night out.
  • I know the people who run the Wimpy as I coach one of there kids at football. Little Italy is very good
  • Pizza Hut is OK
  • Memories of India on the Mitcham Lane serves the best damn curry in South London - it looks a bit small and dodgy, but the Chef used to cook for Mother Theresa and the King of Saudi Arabia and he ROCKS...

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