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Demolish It Now Building in Streatham, Greater London*

Places that need to be levelled

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Demolish It Now Building
  • Elgar House (Above Kwik Fit)
  • Iceland
  • Quick fit, the fun fair that is steam powered on streathm common
  • Alot of people have said the building above quick fit but I live behind it and it blocks out nearly all of the noise from the A23 so keep it I say!
  • Streatham Hill Station. Soon the wooden staircase will probably just collapse anyway.
  • Kwik Fit should be replaced with some decent shops. The old Pratts site should be replaced with decent Victorian facaded buildings and have something decent to but from them, not lower-common denominator outlets.
  • The Greyhound. Ruined and no longer any use to any one The new Kentucky - the customers block the main road with their selfish double parking - do none of them have any respect for anybody else?
  • The stinking railway Station , although half of the platform is quite charming LIDL
  • Have to agree about Kwik Fit
  • The libriary. It's older than my grandmother and we really need a new one!
  • The High Parade. ASn ugly row of buildings with structural defects.
  • The police station which only opens for three hours a day in Norbury.
  • The council Estates, the Kwikie Mart (AKA Kwik save)
  • Safeways and the Kwik Fit
  • Kwik-Fit building, Safeways, Housing Estate near Streatham Common.
  • The wyrm tainted sickness above Qwick-Fit (down from WH Smiths on the other side and just up from the Odeon)
  • Kwik Fit and the "Elgar" building above it.
  • That horrible lidl supermarket,
  • Not quite in Streatham, but by colliers woods, on the round about just before Savacentre the horrible black building/office block!! YUCK!!
  • That thing above Kwik Fit... but leave Chris's Place.
  • Streatham swimming baths, Yes I know that they are old but it just don't cut the ice any more. Well it has not done since 1910
  • The Estates behind Dunraven School- It's full of Trash
  • The Music Copyright HQ above Kwik Fit. This is the reason that no one comes to Streatham...

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Last updated: 2010-01-06

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