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  • The White Lion seems to be getting a bit of bad press here,it may not be everyones cup of tea but since 'Oz'Bayldon took over and started running the place as a base for his charity Music4Children I think his efforts towards the betterment of the locality should be both supported and applauded,well done Oz.
  • The Manor Arms, Mitcham Lane is undergoing a major refurbishment at the moment and will be open 15th February. It could just be what you're looking for with real ales, cocktails, fresh juices, different than your average spirit selection, child friendly, morning coffee and pastries, brunch and Roasts, lunch and dinner. There'll be something for everyone, so come and be nosey soon!
  • The Weatherspoons ('Tringham by Streatham nick) is always a good bet for cheap ale (and good food, though I wish they'd vary their menu a wee bit more!)
  • My place, no one ever comes :(
  • The Holland Tringham (Wetherspoons) is alright, but hardly classy.. Full of hard drinking coffin-dodgers that seem to spend their entire lives there (usually bragging about the bands they claim to have been in during their glory days). If you turn up too late on a friday or saturday night (say after 7:30) you may find there's nowhere to sit: hoardes of kiddies drinking vodka&redbull turn up in groups of 20+ and nick all the chairs. wankers.
  • Taylors is a great pub with a nice chilled vibe and it also has really good FREE drinks promos. For example, on a Saturday they will write a song at various locations around the pub, what to say when you hear it and if you tell the bar staff you get a free drink. The Hogs Head is nice for a quite sunday drink and has a 'country pub' vibe.
  • The White lion - friendly, cool and shows local artwork
  • The White Lion on the high road is a good doesn't serve food but the beer is crisp and clean,the guinness is probally the best in south London and the Abbots is great.large screen for all sporting events and live music at the weekends.great pub........
  • A new bar has opened opposite the larger of the two KFC, but I have still not been able to work out the name from the sign. The Waterfront and Bar-Baroque are both still going strong albeit it over a mile apart from each other. We need more of these sorts of places in between, and less of the spit-and-sawdust smoky places.
  • Baroque near the old ABC cinema is great for cocktails, with a discount if you get ther before 7-00pm . The Sunday Roast is also well worth it!! Have also spotted a new bar called 'Aqua Lounge', previously 'The Old PO'. Its opposite Streatham station.... have to see what its like when it opens I guess.
  • The Furze & Firkin was refurbished 3 years ago (2000) and re-opened as The Goose. Not a bad little place, & cheap beer, or at least it was then. last I heard, The Hobgoblin had been changed into the White Lion again.... and the Genevieve was knocked down a couple of years back and is now a trendy wine bar/bistro. O'Neills is probably the nicest pub in Streatham, if its still there....
  • The Greyhound on Greyhound Lane is going downhill like a greased boulder.Not only is the carpark normally full of burnt out cars, the garden has waist high grass, the tables are all tipped up and over and the conservatory always has at least one broken window. And if you don't like lager, don't go at all. Beer is always 'off' for some reason. Seems like, overall, since gutting it into a giant soulless barn, all the management want to do is run a pub for lager louts. And they certainly seem to attract them. Last week some tattooed BNP member was firing an airgun in the bloody garden and the staff pretended not to notice even as ricochets bounced among the other drinkers.
  • The Pied Bull for sunday roast - the food take 7.3 seconds to get to the table after you order and it's great for a fiver.
  • The Waterfront on Greyhound Lane is an oasis in Streatham - with blinding pizza
  • Streatham's pretty lucky for pubs - there's a few excellent ones: My favourite all round is the stupidly named Waterfront (by Streatham Common). Great atmosphere, great bar staff, great lager (in chilled glasses) and delicious Pizza. They put candles all over the place too, so it's a good place to go on a date. The Leigham Arms (on Sunnyhill Road) is a quiet, dimly lit, cozy locals pub which is off the beaten track & friendly - feels like a country pub if you like that kind of thing. The White Lion (on Streatham High Road) is a good, loud spit & sawdust place. Even though they've taken away the great juke box the music is usually good ol' fashioned rock! The Holland Tringham (also on the High Road) is a fairly typical Wetherspoons, but great for a Sunday roast, cheap booze, meal deals etc. As someone mentioned the beer garden is really nice in the summer.
  • I liked the butterfly bar. If you are into hip hop and a little r & b this could be the place for you. It is a little young and maybe a little gritty, but I had fun there.
  • waterfont is okay but gets boring after a while... NEED MORE BARS !!!
  • The Leigham Arms has recently been taken over by new management and since then has been virtually turned around from the once empty pub it used to be. It has had a facelift and is still in the process of many improvments which has turned it into being the talk of streatham. In Short, a great little pub with loads of atmosphere and good staff and management.
  • baroqueon stratham hill does a dangerous lne in absinthe. don't make any plans for the following morning !
  • The ABV Earl Ferrers Pub 22 Ellora Road Streatham London SW16 Located off Natal Road behind Streatham Bus Garage & Streatham Ice Arena. Taken over 18 months ago and transformed into a very nice happy pub serving good drinks & recently food. This has to be streathams best kept secret.
  • Millions! Where do I start? But if you want up-market, the pub formerly known as Big Hand Mo's as recently been re-furbished and re-opened as The Horse And Groom. Very glossy. Apart from that, you can take your pick. Walk down the highroad and there's about two pubs every two minuites.
  • The Hogshead. On;y pub I know that serve Hoegaarden. sed to go there quite often and the staff were fantastic. Went the other day and it's all new staff. I'll give 'em a chance to prove themselves. Not bad food. The Goose was ok when it opened coz I got to know the barstaff but they were all thick as shit and they NEVER got your food orders right. If they did (on second attempt) it would be late and cold. The Wetherspoons is cheap and dead.
  • The Goose on the site of what was the Furze & Firking. Reasonably priced (around 1.45 a pint) and a good selection of real ales. More atmosphere than the Wetherspoon next door - not that that's difficult
  • The Hobgoblin has reverted (March 2001) to its historic name of The White Lion, but wasn't serving any decent bitter on my last visit - in fact seemed pretty sad.
  • The Goose on the site of what was previoulsy the Furze and Firkin is worth a visit - a good selection og ales at extremely reasonable prices - around 1.45 a pint. More atmosphere than the Wetherspoon next door
  • Every chain pub you can think off
  • The Firkin is now The Goose. The Half and Half is now Jack Beards serving Thai Food, always seems packed but dont know why. Next door used to be O'Neills is now Taylors and is always empty but dont know why.
  • The Furze and Furkin has been rebranded by Bass Leisure as "The Goose" - their 25+ real ale response to Wetherspoons (who run the Holland Tringham next door)It seems to be doing better business now that it no longer plays host to some of south London's least talented live bands.
  • The Furze & Firkin has been replaced by The Goose. A good range of real ales and very cheap. Lacks atmosphere but is better than the Wetherspoon next door.
  • The Goose opened November 2000 on what was the site of the Fusrze and Firkin. A bit like Wetherspoons with atmosphere! Good selection of real ales and dirt cheap. Quite a pleasant place to drink.
  • Butterfly's- a cool and crisp bar especially for those who want to chill out and listen to some sexy sounds of garage and RnB. The owner, Roops is especially handsome to look at, as are most of the men in there. A good nite that lasts a long time in your memory and evne longer on your lips! Sexy music, sexy people, and sexy cocktails - could life get any better. Brings back wicked memories of summer 2000.
  • The Waterfront Pub/Bar is a totally refreshing change for Streatham. Situated opposite the Greyhound adn Stratham Common, the Waterfront attracts a gorgeous friendly crowd, served by gorgeous friendly barstaff! Just don't ask wher the water is!
  • The WeatherSpoons is cheap and has a nice garden, although hardly a party atmosphere - the best plan is to get pissed on half the cash here and then move down towards Brixton
  • The Leigham Arms on the corner of Sunnyhill Rd and Wellfield Rd has undergone several changes of manager over the last few months which has done it no favours. It almost seems as though Bass want to shut the place. A small band of locals are working to keep the place alive.
  • The Crown & Sceptre on the corner of Christchurch Road & the high street - niceish wetherspoons with cheap beer and decent staff but packed out with old alcoholics seven days a week.
  • New pub/bar just opened (March 2000) - The Waterfront - strange name considering there is no water anywhere near the place, but it seems pretty cool anyway. It does food n'all. It's located in the old bank building oposite The Greyhound (near Streatham Common).
  • PLEASE TAKE OUT ALL THE ENTRIES FOR THE HOBGOBLIN (FORMERLY THE WHITE LION)!!! - It has been through several changes of landlord and isn't worth a visit now. The Greyhound has been taken over by John Barrass and Company. No longer brews its own but the pub has been redecorated, it seems a lot better managed, and the garden is still a pleasant place for summer weekends. The new Weatherspoon pub is the Holland Tringham. Despite bizarre colour scheme it is popular with students and pensioners as the beer is cheap. Despite all the competition, consensus among real ale drinkers seems to be that the Hogshead is the best in central Streatham. The Pied Bull south of the Common (a Young's pub) also has loyal supporters.
  • The old post office opposite Safeways is good hope they gey their one o clock ticket.Its so good I can crawl home.
  • El carretto has now closed and been replaced with a pub called the Hobgoblin. 2 New pubs have opened up in 98 both next to the police station. The Furze & Firkin and another Weatherspoons pub. The best pub for Big screen tv on match days is Big hand Mo's. O'Neils sometimes have live bands on Sundays or Thursdays. The best place for pool is The Manor arms or Big hand Mo's. Good food is The Hobgoblin and the Genevieve.
  • Leigham Arms in Sunnyhill Road.
  • What about the White Lion in Streatham High Road, soon to become the Hobgoblin? And the Half n' Half???
    White Lion said to have "gone down market" [December 1996]
  • If you like a hard pub crossword and would like a free drink then check out the Hobgoblins home page and at the same time come and say hello to the two friendly dogs called Merlin & Arthur and why not say hello to Bet and Andy, managers of the pub please when you meet them. Please say that you got the information of the internet.
  • The Crown and Sceptre at the junction of Brixton Hill and the South Circular is a JD Wetherspoons pub and provides good value real ales.
  • The Half and Half on the High Road is an inexplicably popular pub - go only if you like noise and overpriced beer.
  • The White Lion (no name change to the Hobgoblin yet, thanks to the efforts of the Streatham Society) seems to have improved under Bet and Andy's management, but I don't remember a lot about my last visit because I was drinking some of their stronger beers.
  • The Bedford Park is a fairly reliable Youngs pub with a terrace at the back that is pleasant in Summer, although the regulars do tend to stare at any loud groups of visitors.
  • The Greyhound at Streatham Common still claims to brew its own but has gone downhill and looks pretty seedy. Conservatory at the back still popular with families for Sunday lunch.
  • Three new pubs and 1 to come to Streatham area. 1 Fuzer & Firkin next to the police station this is one of the newest pubs to come to Streatham but never opens on time. But has a good selection of Bitters & lagers + food is available . Also there is a new Wheatherspoon pub coming , which is going to be opening next door to the firkin pub. Fourth is the second newest pub it is called the Hogs Head and it is a real ale pub and it offers Hot & cold food during the day. With very friendly staff and you can also learn a bit of history from there as well. They also have guest bitters from time to time aswell as running the beer festival to the end of october price 1.50 a pint on festival bitters plus prizes aswell worth checking out if its up on time. Fifth is o`neils which opened in 1997 this is first Irish pub to come to Streatham . They hot and cold food with some Irish traditions. They also offer a table waittering service as well as some gentle back ground music the staff are really friendly and helpful . The Half & Half has just changed management to a slightly younger couple they also sell hot&cold food with a table waitering service for drinks and food plus a very good selection of beers & lagers and a really friendly staff. The management accept all major credit cards + debit cards and luncheon voucher e.g. visa,access,delta, mastercard, The pub also runs competitions, which are classed as parties from time to time check in house for details of forth coming parties. They also have music on in the back ground, the pub also sells mind blowing & weird name cocktail shooters . The pub also caterers for the disable people by being on one level including a WC for them so if your in the area call in and introduce yourself to the manager (Alan) and the managers (Alison). sorry about the length

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