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The Worst Things
  • Chavvy, unfriendly atmosphere, extremely working class, dirty, noisy, ugly eyesore buildings everywhere.
  • I think that the comments here often say more about the people who make them than the area they live in.People of different lands and cultures have been coming here to make it thier home since before history was written and made the place the richer for it.I was born an Englishman and I am proud of it and what it means to be English to be fair, honest, straight talking and above all hospitable.To not welcome the stranger to your home is a shameful thing to do.
  • The A23 carving Streatham in half.
  • The 'Croydon face-lift' teenagers pushing babies around, the mouthy girls on buses, the traffic, the lack of decent shops, the endless amount of nail bars, the pound shops ( how many do we need???), the fact that Woolworths has become... you guessed it... a 99p shop! Too many suprmarkets, mini markets - it's a wonder Streatham people aren't the fattest people in England given the ludicrous amount of food shops. The little ghettos of economic or politic migrants/refugees who care nothing for the place and don't put anything back into the area. The people who spit and leave their Kentucky Fried Chicken bones on the pavements. Finally the TERRIBLE state schools - unless you are religious, in which case, they are alright. The crappy single diagonal path across the Common which is like a bog. Come on, Streatham, you could be so much better!!!!
  • The lazy-disinterested-16 year old shop assistants at Somerfield.
  • Run down, dirty houses
  • My place, no one ever comes :(, the ass who lives at number 39 streatham common north and the pollution
  • People who complain about refugees
  • Can I just say there is no proven link between refugees and crime, this is just racist bullshit.
  • Traffic is some of the worst in South London due to the mulitple bottle necks by St Leonards Church and Streatham station. My impression is that Lambeth Council will always spend more money on Brixton than they do on Streatham for political reasons. Streatham could be nice again, but the recent influx of migrant workers to the area doesn't bode too well. I have nothing against them personally, but many of them are here to earn money to send home to their families which means it doesn't go back into the economy / community here - e.g. most are in rented accommodation and their housing money is going to a landlord who may well not live locally either. This type of thing can be very corrosive on an area.
  • The pavements off the High Road need overhauling and replacing, ironic as Transport For London are now (Autumn 2003) replacing the pavements along the High Road, just about the only thing about it that did not need attention. The streets off the High Road are Lambeth's responsibility though and they never have any money to spend properly. The speed of traffic, well over 30mph at night, there should be digital speed cameras a new limit of 25mph from Streatham Hill to Streatham Common and 20mph off all side road. Too dark, there should be lights as bright as in Brixton, ie two lamps per post, making crime easier to tackle.
  • The amount of mentally ill scabs wondering around
  • The ugly people in ghastly clothes. The slobs who urinate along the foot path to the railway station. Lack of creativity. Disgusting fast food shops every where.
  • The Pound shops
  • The traffic on the A23
  • The ice rink in streatham to be demolished is very bad news!
  • Butterfly Bar - my beer was dark brown (and not meant to be!!) and my friend's gave her an immediate stomach ache. Rough as hell.
  • transport needs a big improvement. no decent place in streatham after the pubs close yet !!!! theres loads of drunk tramps hanging around streatham high road
  • there is a mention about the people that run the Rookery Cafe being grumpy, well that was correct until this year. It has been taken over and is family run. they have decorated, and guess what, SERVICE WITH A SMILE :), they really do put themselves out!. They food is excellent, from breakfasts to pasta and also now serve cappuccino's etc. I have been walking my dog up there for 20 years (not the same dog) and even he gives it 10 barks out of 10!, blinding atmosphere now. THIS SHOULD BE MOVED FROM THE WORST TO THE BEST THINGS
  • the schit gravel football pitch no-one uses it so why dont the council demolish it and build a skatepark?
  • We need some better clothes shops and WE HAVE TOO MANY PUBS!!!!!!
  • Traffic. Even on a good day.
  • Dirt, rubbish and litter. Do the council actually employ ANY street cleaners? Crap shops. Don't bother with the high street - half an hour on the bus to Croydon is a much better bet. Transport is rubbish - Connex and Thameslink are both as bad as each other. Don't even try the lesser-spotted 118 bus route unless you want to wait 40 minutes at a bus stop with no benches. Streatham mainline station smells of piss mixed with disinfectant, and the whole street smells of dog shit when it rains, it's most bizarre!
  • Amount of refugees being housed in the area. Crime tends to go up.
  • Shit pubs.
  • The worst thing about Streatham is that it smells, it's dirty, it just isn't the same since Prats left (althouhg i'm sure that everyones memory of how streatham was a decade ago are tinted somewhat by rosey specs), me and my friends keep getting started on by kids who should be in school and there isn't a tube station.
  • There is no Sport's Centre!!!!!!!!!! Only expensive private gyms.
  • Twats in cars with UV lights under them going slowly down the high street (no choice, traffic never moves anyway) rattling teeth with their drum an bess. Then doing the same thing outside your window at midnight.
  • The Prostitutes - there are still some left - despite the cameras.
  • Urban rot... too many good shops closing eg Wordsworth Books, Pratts, etc and too many bad shops opening eg there are now three Bookies within 1 minutes walk from each other and WAY too many pubs on just one little streach of the high road.
  • The High Street is totally devoid of decent shops, apart from Savva's barbers. And the cafe at the Rookery (which is one of the best gardens in London) is run by the grumpiest people in London. They won't even give you a drink of water! Gits!
  • to many bedsits and dumped people by the council
  • Crime. Recently got quite bad too.
  • The traffic. The pollution. The drossy shops. The smell when it rains.
  • Not being able to tell between the real prostitutes and the undercover detectives.
  • Graffiteed unlooked after park at Hillside Gardens, this could be delightful with some care and consideration
  • The reputation.
  • The High Road. Constant intensive two or three lane traffic. The pollution levels are sky high.
  • Dirt - the area is filthy with litter and waste. Streets aren't swept, rubbish isn't collected. Houses are run-down.
  • Misery. People's faces are full of it.
  • Unfriendly. People don't even look at each other around here. No sense of community.
  • Crime: this is a seriously unsafe area to live in...
  • Don't you think the reputation is largely true?
  • My mates used to get their trainers nicked on the way hom from school.
  • Poem:The Streatham Trash Oh maybe, maybe its the things they say, The words they hear and the music they play, Maybe Its their looseness Oh maybe, maybe its the colthes they wear, The tasteless bracelets and the dye in their hair, Maybe its their Cheapness But their Trash

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