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Ice breaker by Gary perry (Member 10318952) on 2-Apr-2018
Looking anyone went to Mortimer school
Between 1973 to 1980
Streatham Hill Theatre Mecca BINGO Staff by Mr Chris Foxton (Member 10319941) on 19-Mar-2018
To Dave Reid and all The girls in the Pit.
It was a wonderful job which I loved as I did and do all of you.
If you read this please contact me for a chat
Heard it's closed down now but what wonderful memories.
Battersea Grammar School Exam Board by Iqbal Ashraf (Member 10316642) on 23-Oct-2017
Does anyone knnow the exam board for Battersea Grammar during 1968-1972. Looking to get verification of results for my O'Levels   
dancing school 1958 / 1959 bob garganico over Burtons by ann hancock (Member 10282660) on 6-Sep-2017
does anyone remember the dancing school over Burtons the tailors ?   
  • Re: dancing school 1958 / 1959 bob garganico over Burtons by Mr Chris Foxton (Member 10319941) on 19-Mar-2018
    Yes I certainly do remember the dance school above Burtons in Streatham.
    Josie was the girl who ran t and gave lessons.

Looking for Keith wood by Nicole (Member 10312840) on 15-Apr-2017
Hi my name is Nicole I'm wondering if anyone can remember a kieth wood or woods he would be about 50+ now went to Telferscot primary school Balham not sure what secondary school he went to!!! Anyone with information would be greatly appreciated thank you.   
woodnook road streatham by ann hancock (Member 10282660) on 8-Nov-2016
I lived in woodnook road from 1950 to 1963, I lived at nr 3, does anyone remember me. I remember the Acklands, the Shorts & the Browns   
I am Phillip Bastians does anyone remember me by Phillip (Member 10252692) on 1-Nov-2016
I went to Mortimer School in Dingley Lane Streatham from to 1980 to 1981

Fr Rosa Bassett school circa 19663-68 by Pamela Wheeler-Hart (Member 10305161) on 7-May-2016
Looking for info on teacher Miss Cleverly taught Domestic science or Mrs Reding taught history both at Rosa Bassett, would like to contact either of them   
Leigham Court Road by Ann Flynn (Member 10302707) on 10-Jan-2016
I lived in Leigham Court Road in 1971 a lovely place in those days the sun always seemed to shine.Anyway my son was born there and I took him there a few years ago to see his birthplace but the house didn"t seem to be there and unless I had lost my bearings there was a small block of flats there.I wonder if anybody knows what happened to that lovely house It was number 144 and was a mother and bab... more >>   
DARREN LEWIS PALMER (3/12/1967) by Kelly (Member 10301413) on 28-Aug-2015
Hi I am trying to find my mums brother who was adopted, he was named Darren Lewis palmer born on the 3rd Dec 1967 and believed he was adopted by a couple with the surname Holland who lived in streatham in 1967 who had 5 girls. He was registered on the GRO adoption website in 2008 as wishing to make contact, if anyone can help or knows a family who fostered/adopted children in the Streatham area in... more >>   
164 WELLFIELD RD STREATHAM LONDON by JOHN EDWARDS (Member 10297884) on 17-Nov-2014
  • Re: 164 WELLFIELD RD STREATHAM LONDON by Pamela Wheeler-Hart (Member 10305161) on 7-May-2016
    I lived at 160 my parents were there from sometime mid to late 1950's I was there till about 1973 My Mum stayed there till about 1980 will try n dig in memory banks 167 was only 2 doors up

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Authorised D... more >>
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in search of family of the late Chrissy Thomas, buried in Streatham cemetary by christina (Member 10263941) on 3-Aug-2011
I am looking for the family of Chrissy Thomas, he died in 1979 or 1980, he was married with a son & daughter who will be in their 30's or 40's

Chrissy is buried in steatham cemetary, he apparantly died of a heart attack whilst playing cards! he was well known in the gambling clubs around london. He had friends named Bobie Dixie, Jack Trickett and maltese steve,he also had friends in Manchester... more >>
St Martin's in the field by Gordon Keen (Member 10259446) on 21-Mar-2011

Does anyone recall a girl called Karen Wilcoxson, blond hair - blue eyes - very pretty who went there in the 60's ?

She was my best mates sister and I had a blushingly deep crush on her but you don't ask your best mates little sister out do you... more >>
Growing up in the 60's by Gordon Keen (Member 10259446) on 21-Mar-2011
I moved to Clapham Park (King's Avenue) in 61 and went to Dunraven School. Well more accurately I was enrolled at Dunraven but became school champ at hopping the wag, very silly boy as Dudley Coward the head used to tell me at least twice a week.

Anyone remember the insane woodwork teacher at Adair Road? Or the pervert teacher, if anyone knows where he is buried I'd like to know so I ca... more >>
RE: Roger Moore by Bob (Member 10258868) on 7-Mar-2011
Roger Moore moved to Streatham from Stockwell, briefly and lived with his first wife. He occasionally went to the cinema at the Streatham Odeon.

Does anyone know where whearabouts he lived in the area?
  • Re: RE: Roger Moore by Gordon Keen (Member 10259446) on 21-Mar-2011
    Didn't know about Streatham but when I lived in Stockwell my mum and dad had a general store in Mursell Rd. just around the corner from Albert Sq, where Roger Moore lived and he often popped in for Dorothy Squires fags. He was a catalogue model for Freeman's at the time.
    He was also an old boy of my junior school - The Reay School in Hackford Rd.
    ... more >>

  • Re: RE: Roger Moore by adele (Member 10281274) on 23-Dec-2012
    Streatham had a lot of *stars* living there, probably because of Streatham Hill Theatre.
    this is going back to 1950s...

Looking for info by Theresa (Member 10254555) on 18-Nov-2010
My grandmother Betty Violet M Gregory was born May 1928 in Streatham England.

During the second world war she would walk around the neighborhood making sure that blinds were drawn to prevent lights being seen.

She met my grandfather John Boudreau during this time and they were married. She came to Canada as a war bride. She has long since died but sadly there is little known ... more >>
Streathan Crusaders Football Team by Barry Price (Member 10254098) on 8-Nov-2010
My father, Syd Price, played for Streatham Crusaders Football Club and I have a picture of the team believed to be on Streathan Common dated 1909. I have some of ther names on the back. Bishop,Thompson, Waters, Rowlands, Holmes, Bottril, George (secretary) Caswell and Knapp Gratefull for any info on the club or names. My father lived at that time in Tankerville Road   
Hi seeking ex pupils from Bishop Thomas Grant & Mortimer Schools by Phillip (Member 10252692) on 5-Oct-2010
Hi ,
My name is Phillip Bastians.
I went to Bishop Thomas Grant School in 1979 until 1980 then went to Mortimer School 1980 to 1981. Anyone else went to either of those schools and like to get in touch?
  • Re: Hi seeking ex pupils from Bishop Thomas Grant & Mortimer Schools by rachel harden (Member 10257418) on 31-Jan-2011
    hi there, i was at mortimer school from 1976-1985, rachel millward was my name back then, would be interesting to see some old faces from back then x

  • Re: Hi seeking ex pupils from Bishop Thomas Grant & Mortimer Schools by Phillip (Member 10252692) on 25-Dec-2012
    Hi Rachel,
    You sound familiar .
    Maybe swap pics see if we know each other.
    Phillip.... more >>

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