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LOOKING FOR: DR ANNA WOLLF by Robbie Robertson (Member 10251967) on 16-Sep-2010
I believe that Anna Wollf was based in Streatham some years ago and I have been tasked to try and track down Dr Anna Wollf, (not sure if this is the correct spelling of her name), on behalf of an old schoolfriend of mine called Michael Kelly (formerly Muir). Michael is an author who lives in Leslie, Fife, Scotland and was going to give a reading of his materials at the Edinburgh Festival around 19... more >>   
For sale Adult Powered Wheelchair by Leslie Fowl (Member 10247415) on 19-Aug-2010
Handicare Puma Powered wheelchair. 19 months old, Adjustable Sedeo seat system, calf supports, immobiliser, charger, manual, safety belts weatherproof clothing etc. New puncture proof drive tyres fitted in April, professionally serviced in January. Heavy duty long range batteries. Very reliable and clean machine.
Croydon area. 07952 751074
  • Re: For sale Adult Powered Wheelchair by Leslie Fowl (Member 10247415) on 25-Sep-2010

streatham modern school by ron fagan (Member 10247408) on 4-May-2010

hi my name is ron fagan i went to S.M.S in the
late 50's would like to hear from any who was then
  • Re: streatham modern school by ridiculous (Member 10173859) on 11-Feb-2011
    Hello there,

    I was wondering if you might be interested in being interviewed about your memories od Streatham in the 1950s and 60s for my student radio show? I'm particulalry looking for memories of the big cinemas, the Locarno Ballroom/ Cat's Whiskers nightclub and the Ice Arena?

    If you think you might be interested (it would take 30 mins max and I could pay you in biscuits!) please do cal... more >>

Would Extra Income Make A Diiference to Your Life? by David Taylor (Member 10103609) on 30-Dec-2008

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Karaoke in Streatham by teichin (Member 10234073) on 21-Dec-2008
FoneStar the place where you can show off your singing talent, or lack of talent to thousands of people across the UK! To get started simply record a song over the phone or have a listen to the current Charts to see who your up against!

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Looking for Ashley. by traey bulloch (Member 10233878) on 16-Dec-2008
Hi, im looking for a guy named ashley who has a cousin called jay from streatham, they went on holiday 2 haven caravan park in caister, norfolk in august 2004 and they are both in their twenties. Anyone know them?   
Rosa Bassett by Allison Insch (Member 10231203) on 31-Aug-2008
Hi, Anyone know Marion Hendey - Went to Rosa Bassett 1949 to 1956 approx.
Lived in Whitely House - Streatham for many years with her mum Florence and Dad Albert (Bert)
Streatham Escort by Karly (Member 10217135) on 27-Aug-2008

I'm Curvy Karly and I am based in Dartford for incalls, or am able to visit Streatham and surrounding areas for outcalls.

40G bust, competitive rates and a time you'll never... more >>
Locarno, Streatham in 1940s by monica edmunds (Member 10229608) on 25-Jul-2008
Does anyone remember Jeff Edmunds or Eileen Johnstone Black? They lived in Streatham, would have been in their late teens in the 40s and used to go to the Locarno.
Chappel Family by frances Shaw Sartori (Member 10067477) on 15-Dec-2007
I am trying to find the descendants of my great aunt, Maude Shaw, daughter of John Shaw and Margaret Turtle (may be spelt differently). She married a John Clarke Chappel (again may be a different spelling) and moved to Streatham. Maude was born Shoreditch. Anyone have any clues? Thank you.   
looking for biological father or any relatives by Jessica House (Member 10104081) on 19-Oct-2007
hi my name is jessica louise house ,my birth name was jessica louise smith , im currently researching my family history to show to my sons when they are older , but have no knowlegde of part of my family i know he had a sister and mother in england on my birth cert it says he is from india and was a schoolkeeper and lived at thrale road in 1979

any help cheers
My Berry Tree by LeCoach (Member 10169670) on 11-Sep-2007
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Benhurst Court - 1970+ by Sgiandubh (Member 10212799) on 22-Aug-2007
Hi there SW16, Ive been trying hard to find any trace of Shelley MacGregor who lived in Benhurst Court off Leigham Ct Rd, way back in the early 70's. She was Afro/white european mixed & we used to play together. We must have both been about 9 or 10. I had bright blonde hair, she had crazy frizzy hair & was the daughter of Sue who had the funkiest black boyfriend at the time. Don't remember his nam... more >>   
  • Re: Benhurst Court - 1970+ by adele (Member 10281274) on 23-Dec-2012
    check out for schools etc.. great site.

Andrew Tait by Peter (Member 10212722) on 20-Aug-2007
Hi Andrew
if you haven't seen the other message I left re. the Streatham Common prefabs , it would be nice to make contact with you.
Hope you see this
  • Re: Andrew Tait by andrew tait (Member 10003194) on 4-Sep-2007
    I did not see your earlier message. I scanned back through the postings but could not find it.

  • Re: Andrew Tait by andrew tait (Member 10003194) on 27-Nov-2007
    Peter: I sent two messages to you via - I have no idea if they reached you as they have not acknowledged any of the queries I've sent them.

  • Re: Andrew Tait by andrew tait (Member 10003194) on 30-Jun-2008
    After much prodding our hosts told me they didn't forward the messages. You can contact me at

  • Re: Andrew Tait by DJ Jarvis (Member 10244980) on 28-Feb-2010
    Please see my SGS message. Think I can remember a boy called Tait (58 years ago!)

New boy in town by Big Bosher (Member 10200842) on 24-May-2007
Hi my name is Mark.
Ive just moved down from up north for work.
I'm looking for friends to socialise with & maybe someone special for a relationship.
email me or add me to your msn & we can chat
hi by julie (Member 10208114) on 15-May-2007
hi every1 this is my first time here. not quite sure about where to start. let me have a think.   
trying to find Barry Kirkham Adare Walk SW16 by Debbie Sheridan (Member 10104393) on 4-May-2007
Hi my name is Sandra, I am trying to trace an old friend from 1977, His name is Barry Kirkham nad he live on Adare Walk SW16 with his mum and sister. He would be about 50 years old now. If anyone knows of him, please leave a message

  • Re: trying to find Barry Kirkham Adare Walk SW16 by Vickie Durrant (Member 10218779) on 5-Jul-2008
    Hi i am Barry's sister Vickie, can i help get you in touch with him?

  • Re: trying to find Barry Kirkham Adare Walk SW16 by debbie (Member 10230851) on 22-Aug-2008
    Hi Vickie,

    This is Sandra's friend debbie and this is my internet connection. A little while ago Sandra was trying to trace some people from her past to find out what has happened in their lives. She wondered if he had ever got married and if he ever had any children. She said she vaguely remembers you as you were about 10 ish. Please let us know how he is and what is he doing

    many thanks
    d... more >>

  • Re: trying to find Barry Kirkham Adare Walk SW16 by Rebecca Kirkham (Member 10244968) on 20-Feb-2010

    Im barry kirkhams daughter, i have spoken to my dad about this message. is there any information i can give you? what would you like to know?

  • Re: trying to find Barry Kirkham Adare Walk SW16 by debbie (Member 10230851) on 16-Sep-2011
    Hi, Sandra was just wondering what had ever happened to him.. But see he must have married as he has children> if her remembers her name was Sandra Cotman and she came from Crystal Palace. The last time she spoke to him was when he was about 19... Sandra is on Facebook as Sandra Vann Cotman.

Drinks.... by Alex Woolsey (Member 10202954) on 16-Feb-2007
Any singles out there fancy meeting up for a few drinks in the Streatham area or anyone know of somewhere people already go at all ??

Bored of being alone that's all.....

Reply by Malcolm Jackson (Member 10123942) on 10-Nov-2006
If you are interested in flying you are very welcome to visit my blog at the title address above. Just copy & paste into your browser.
Plenty of aerial photos of South-East England and Northern France.
Streatham Grammer School by Roger Maxwell (Member 10196989) on 6-Nov-2006
Does anyone remember Streatham Grammer School on (I think) the Mitcham Road. I was there during the late 1940s?   
  • Re: Streatham Grammer School by andrew tait (Member 10003194) on 26-Apr-2007
    Actually the school was in Mitcham Lane on the site that is now occupied by St. Leonards C of E School (I was a pupil at St Leonards until 1954). St. Leonards was originally on the corner of Ambleside Avenue and Mitcham Lane. I don't know when Streatham Grammar school closed nor when St. Leonards moved.

  • Re: Streatham Grammer School by Clive Hopkinson (Member 10229452) on 21-Jul-2008
    I also attended Streatham Grammar School in the 1940's. I remember it was in Mitchum Lane. My memory is of quite a large schoolroom with blackboard and easel and I am sure there were two classes in the same room with blackboards at opposite ends.

  • Re: Streatham Grammer School by Johne Edwards (Member 10013666) on 3-Jan-2009

  • Re: Streatham Grammer School by DJ Jarvis (Member 10244980) on 28-Feb-2010
    Yes, I was there from 1943/4 to Summer 1952. The Headmaster was Fredk. W. Watts. Anyone else out there who has names and dates. Trying to write!
    Contact! David J Jarvis

  • Re: Streatham Grammer School by Ken Mason (Member 10255139) on 3-Dec-2010
    I had a friend who went to Streatham Grammar School. I think he started there in about 1958 and after about a year it closed and he was transferred to the relatively new Tulse Hill Comprehensive School. My guess therefore is that Streatham Grammer closed in 1959.

  • Re: Streatham Grammer School by Royston Heath (Member 10256690) on 14-Jan-2011
    I remember a teacher, Mr Gutteridge

  • Re: Streatham Grammer School by Howard Turner (Member 10258510) on 26-Feb-2011
    My father, Thomas H Turner, attended Streatham Grammar School before he joined the RAF during WWII. I remember my dad referring to Freddie Watts, the head master.

    His father was a self-employed motor engineer at 25 Streatham Hill before the house and premises were compulsorily purchased after the war for redevelopment. I have been trying to identify the original site. No. 25 is now "Corner Fiel... more >>

  • Re: Streatham Grammer School by Tony French (Member 10192452) on 24-Mar-2011
    I went to Streatham Grammar School but only for a few months, possibly a term, because when the Headmaster died; was it Mr Watts?; the school closed. I went on to Glenbrook Primary School, I think, in either 1962 or 63, so S.G.S. must have closed in either one of those years. I now live in Worthing, and believe it or not, a bloke who owned a small ironmongers around the corner, I discovered, went... more >>

  • Re: Streatham Grammer School by Maurice Barrington (Member 10260909) on 29-Apr-2011
    I lived at 29 Tooting Bec Gardens, Streatham, SW16 with my parents from about 1946-1948 and attended Streatham Grammar School for a short while before we all moved to the country in Essex.
    I was about 6-7 at the time and I remember being very happy at that school after being very unhappy at the local council school!
    Father had an allotment at Tooting Graveney Common. I recall it being all stones... more >>

  • Re: Streatham Grammer School by Keith Patrick (Member 10268285) on 9-Dec-2011
    I was at the school from 1951 - 52 when we moved from the area. I have vivid memories of the school. I was in the long upstairs classroom which housed two classes. My recollection is that the upsatirs part at least was a wooden structure. My teacher was Miss Harrison, a spinsterly lady in a black suit and her hair tied back in a bun. She always reminded my of a salvation army lady. Miss Hutch... more >>

  • Re: Streatham Grammer School by Keith Patrick (Member 10268285) on 9-Dec-2011
    To eat the food one had to take some textbooks out of a desk in the classroom and place them underneat the sloping lid to form a table top. Gutsy supervised lunches and told us 'eat what you want and leave the rest' - a refreshing attitude since at my later state primary school one had to eat everything one was given - even the slimy greens and even if it made you sick! Hope this helps revive some memories...

  • Re: Streatham Grammer School by Nick Beard (Member 10272819) on 17-Apr-2012
    I went to Streatham School and had to leave I think in 1961 as Dr Watts the headmaster passed away and the school was sold for development.
    I remember 2 Masters.Mr Gutteridge rather Victorian but he was wonderful man and Mr Dadswell who used to take the boys to summer camp.
    I now live in Australia and am semi retired.

  • Re: Streatham Grammer School by JENNIE SNOWDEN (Member 10275347) on 23-Jun-2012
    My Grandfather was Frederick Watts and I shall be forwarding this site on to his son Frederick Watts (twin to Alan Watts aka Bill) this space

  • Re: Streatham Grammer School by Cedric Sharp (Member 10277213) on 3-Sep-2013
    I was in Mr. Gutteridge's class in 1953. Good teacher but ouch I remember his cane! I also remember Mr. Willcox and the principal Mr. Watts. Cedric Sharp

  • Re: Streatham Grammer School by Cedric Sharp (Member 10277213) on 10-Sep-2013
    I also remember Miss Hutchins (always remember to raise you cap if you say good morning to her). Mr. Holloway, Mr Olright and the very kindly gentleman, Mr. Bennett.

  • Re: Streatham Grammer School by Peter Smith (Member 10288914) on 1-Oct-2013
    I attended Streathan Grammer until it closed around 1960. I remember Mr. Freddie Gutheridge teaching me Shakespeare and Mr. Watts teaching Latin and German.
    Mr. Watts would sometimes come to school with his Masons robe and walk up and down the aisles with his cane. Although I have lived in Australia since 1972 I still keep in touch with an old school mate.
    I am now a retire head master living in... more >>

  • Re: Streatham Grammer School by Peter Smith (Member 10288914) on 1-Oct-2013
    I attended Streathan Grammar until it closed around 1960. I remember Mr. Freddie Gutheridge teaching me Shakespeare and Mr. Watts teaching Latin and German.
    Mr. Watts would sometimes come to school with his Masons robe and walk up and down the aisles with his cane. Although I have lived in Australia since 1972 I still keep in touch with an old school mate.
    I am now a retire head master living in... more >>

  • Re: Streatham Grammer School by Roy Kempton (Member 10309458) on 18-Nov-2016
    Attended Streatham Grammar 1944 - 1947.

    If anyone would like some information please contact and I will send the memories that I have.

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