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The Worst Things
  • Rather ugly city in comparison to its bigger neighbour, chavvier too from my experience.
  • the worst thing about Sunderland is, having to live so close to Newcastle and the body odour ridden morons in black and white shirts trolling the streets in addition to this there are also horrible charver females that have sex doggy style just so their boyfriends have something to put their bag of chips on.
  • Local council (labour!!)
  • Seemingly cut off from the world, massive unemployment, with the result of an immensely high chav population. The city has feeling of somewhere that has been stuck in a timewarp since 1988. Crewcuts, tanning parlours, chavmobiles, sports stores in their thousands, but a grave lack of good restaurants or good music. DJ's would rather leave a happy hardcore compilation on repeat than worry about anybody's enjoyment of music. Economic growth has resulted more in the building big, unaffordable houses on the outskirts of the city for anyone rich enough or dull enough to live there than in the direly needed expansion of amenities or local culture. Most of the architecture, save for some of the the maisonettes and big houses on the periphery of the city centre, is monstrous. About 90% concrete and brick. The kids are extremely loud, violent and intimidating and nowhere is safe to walk at night. Unlike the Newcastle accent which is fairly cute, the Sunderland accent is turgid and lazy, with the kind of repetitive, simplistic intonation that would make a scouser weep. Locals are rude, racist, misogynistic and prolier-than-thou. There is enough casual racism, sexism and homophobia in Sunderland to make Romford look like San Francisco. As with any city, there are exceptions and there are some good people in Sunderland, but just about all of them, particularly the young ones, would rather be elsewhere.
  • NONE - Sunderland is top class
  • the racism, which is sadly very prevalent here; the city council, which seems intent on filling sunderland up with yuppies; the police, cos they're always harrassing the young 'uns - especially if you dress in trackies; the provincialness - very little choice for entertainment... if you hate mainstream culture (as i do) then sunderland can be really frustrating cos there's so little happening.
  • charvs, police
  • chavs r gay
  • The residents
  • Loadsa Chavs, wen the indie boys go home=(
  • massive unemployment rate. the useless advisor gimps at the job centre. a council that thinks maintenance is for wallies, so they end up having to dig up half the city all at once to repair water pipes and gas lines. dickhead charva thieves. idiot students with southern accents. the horrendous turn out come election time.
  • Its a bit colder up here than back at home down south.
  • The old echo buliding which is getting knocked down soon thank god
  • charvers
  • The rediculous way that the knuckle dragging mackems pronounce vowels. If you don't know what I mean, find a one that can read (a difficult task) and ask them to repeat "I needed a recipe so I took a look in the cookbook"
  • Full of charvas with them dangly clowns/ragdolls round their necks
  • CHARVAS!!!!!!!!
  • Left "Slumderland" in 1989,unlike a boomerang I never returned,whats the point?My mum had four kids and we ALL left ASAP,only one got homesick(I was also homesick,f***ing sick of home!) and went back,she now regrets it as she is unemployed and stuck in the typical Sunderland grotty council estate!
  • the towneys who stole my bag and my car keys.... bast*a¬rds!!!!!!!!!! sunderland is full of scruffy charvas... wearing there socks pulled up over th ere trackies with a pair of rockport boots on... so stylish..not... and why do they walk with such edge... most of the charvas are skinny little dweebs... the girl charvas are heavy boned gobby tarts... i would be so embarrased if they were my kids... they think they know it all they really do... and what language do they speak?? i am from sunderland an this full on towney talk is just a joke, arghhh ereeere nor,, gis sum gowey ( can i have some chewing gum) am garn ta me gannys ( going to my nannas) i could be sick... one more thing, men who walk around with a mackem top on with a pair of officers club jeans on, white sports socks and dress shoes all at the same time well just one thing... STOP NOW!!! i could go all day, im not going to say anything about the stadium of shite it speaks for itself.. toon toon toon black and white army!!
  • Sunderland, everything about it, from the soiled streets to the ape like twats who walk them, clad in a stained Kappa tracksuits. Blanford street is a prime example. It is full of useless charity shops and filthy fruit stands. You feel obliged to buy 'a pund of bananas' as you walk past the masculine lady fruitsellers, in the hope that if you do, they will stop shouting and drop dead. As well as this, the 'people' in Sunderland are the fugliest group of lowlife bastards I've ever came across. I'm ashamed to admit i'm from Sunderland when I see little tweenage twats from places like Hendon and Pennywell soiling public places by drinking cider and starting fights. THEY SHOULD BE CULLED!!
  • Playing perpetual second-fiddle to our rival up the road. The recent spate of murders in the city. Hendon in general, and the fact that so many asylum seekers are dumped in the area - possibly the poorest and most crime-laden area in Sunderland(?) - with no concern for the consequences.
  • People who whinge about Sunderland people. Have you been here? The prats we have are just the same mindless toerags that all cities have, and should be pitied for not being able to think in a straight line. Everyone else out there, joined up thinking is in right now...
  • SMACKHEADS!!!!!!!!
  • Too many pubs (and I'm a student saying this!), Sunderland lost any decent atmosphere in town when the umpteenth new pub opened up on Vine Place. Southwick & Marley Potts.
  • Too many pubs (and I'm a student saying this!), Sunderland lost any decent atmosphere in town when the umpteenth new pub opened up on Vine Place. Southwick & Marley Potts.
  • charva's...enough said...
  • The "accent" & the "council estate" fashion sense...
  • charvas everywhere you bloody look
  • east rainton
  • Hendon Beach
  • SKATERS!!!!!!!!!!!
  • chatvas too many of then in sunderland on weekends
  • no prostitutes we r miles behind middlesbrough
  • when the police condem legitimate drinking outside pubs as thuggish behaviour and then allow carrier bag drinkers and little toe rags/charvas to wander all over sunderland making decent peoples lives a misery.
  • Roker park on a week night
  • Fucking Charvers, of Chavas or whatever the fuck they're known as, shoot the lazy Rockport wearing sods now, or they'll friggin die in their bloody tracksuits, after knicking your goldfish out of your dads garden pond! You know who you are, you sods, you thought it was a coi carp didn't you? Well ha fuckin ha, it was a fuckin fat goldfish, 59 pence from Clays! All chavers should be rounded up and forced to speak proper, none of that "Ear geraz sum tinnies ora al spaaark ya owt reet", piss off you shits. Get a job, a wash, and git rid of yer wispy taches and crap hair.
  • The people - the majority are small minded, racist, sexist, homophobic, you name it - stupid, nasty thugs.
  • The standard local crazies and charvas, tracky warriors, kappa slappas whatever you wanna call em, gold jewellery, our old landlord kath!
  • St adiens ( scum city )
  • charvers, pennywell, hendon, plains farm, south hylton, castle town,
  • The roads into this "city" muppets in red/white
  • The football team!
  • Its minging! the pigeons, the challenge to understand the local lingo even by people who live here! "err man mar, giz a pund or ill kick ya heed in" " i dint nar" " iam gannin yam"
  • The fact that locals don't seem to like students too much. If it's obvious you're a student, then the only thing that will save you from the charvas giving you a kicking is if you look like Will Carling or the Incredible Hulk. Then they'll get their friends to help them give you a kicking.
  • suddick and the skools!!!!!
  • The odd druggy or anti social freak, oh and the kids, they are extremely forward and cheeky. Iwould reccomend not to hold back the slaps cos all they need is a little discipline and theyre soft as shite.
  • Pigeon poo is bad enough.....but the real problem on Wearside pavements comes from all the Mackams marching about gaily gobbing their used chewing gum on the town centre pavements, making this bizarre throwback medium-sized town look even grubbier, uncared-for and down-at-heel than it really is. Which is quite a lot, actually....
  • Does the "friendly people" bit apply to those who kick your head in at the Chip Shop for no other reason than having a Southern accent? I visited Sunderland for one night ONLY, as well as the above,I encountered nothing but aggression and resentment. NEVER AGAIN
  • Okay, I've visited Sunderland many times as it happens I was a student there for 5 years and I can say in all honesty that the local people do not have a problem with students, in fact most that I met couldn't wait for the opportunity to be introduced so they could find out about your course, interests, where your from, what you like doing, all that stuff! I can't believe anyone would find locals to be unfriendly! Of all the places I've been Sunderland might not be the most spectacular, cultured, or stunning, nor is it the worst..they do have problems, all cities do (and by the way their not a city by population just a town so not as big as Newcastle whoever said that! ha! I think you'll find it was a birthday celebration type thing for the queen -I read that in a guide book) it certainly isn't the worst place to live! But be prepared, the locals are big on football! Unfortunately that stadium of light is an eyesore!
  • The parochial inwards-looking violence-prone locals. Their obsessive hatred of everything North of the Tyne while failing to acknowledge what an appalling 'city' they have. The fact that said locals pretend to be Geordies while chatting the lasses up in Benidorm
  • Sunderland is a friendly place apart from the twats who nick cars abuse students, etc. I hate trackies - they should be shot.
  • Not enough to do on the seafront, when its not raining
  • The introverted, parochial nature of Wearsiders.
  • Charvas
  • Its quite boring really!
  • House burglars, car thieves, shoplifters, to many teenage mothers
  • Reading comments from people constantly focusing on bad elements rather than focusing on good ones. Invariably these seem to be from students. I was a student here (92-96) and most of the people I knew had a top time and regularly come back.
  • Coming back to sunderland, the chavas, getting shouted at and beaten up by chavas..
  • people thinking Sunderland is a small place - it is the 10th biggest city in Britain and far bigger than its neighbouring cities of durham and newcastle.
  • Like most large cities, there is a serious problem with dickheads in kappa gear.
  • Security guards in the bridges? I very much object to this entry being included as it is obviously made by some one that has been asked to leave in the past. I work as security there and would like to point out that we are very friendly to members of the public and eject any of the 'unfriendly people' shall we say, that enter.
  • all the charvaz who think there hard as f*** all the ugly girl mind theres not many here
  • Wearmouth hall. An eyesore
  • Drunken doylems in the city centre at weekends.
  • Chavas on Pantene
  • The security guards in the Bridges, they think they're in The Matrix or summat, the tracksuit crew who think they're hard
  • Everything. It's hell.
  • Bird poo everywhere. And its very windy.
  • The shops are rubbish and they are always full of old people walking really slowly! The worst thing about Sunderland are the kids that hang about everywhere smoking, drinking and swearing they should be put in cages!!
  • Why oh why oh why do the locals have such a problem with students? You are a nightmare with your crime, violence and your bizarre inverted working class snobbery. My gran bought me a car shortly before she died, in the one and a half years I owned it, it was broken into 11 times and then finally stolen from Hendon and found written off in Pennywell. This is I am afraid typical of the small minded tossy youths in this city.
  • All the townie scum.
  • Newcastle fans in Washington
  • Too many young kids in Kappa tracksuits.
  • There is pigeon poop everywhere

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