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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • Comedy Magician Rob Hendy went to Fairfax lived in Whitehouse Common
  • As a child I was amazed to see a bright yellow Rolls Royce regularly drive down walsall rd. I was told it belonged to Lady Bird of "Bird's Custard" fame.
  • Sir Doug Ellis has for years lived on Ladywood Road on the edge of Four Oaks Estate - still does. Roy Wood still lives on the Four Oaks Estate and shops in Sainsbury's in Mere Green. Easy to spot as he dresses like he's about to go on stage. Sir Richard Lyons (Chairman of the BBC Trust until 2012) lives on the Four Oaks Estate.
  • Gordon Giltrap, aoustic guitarist Brumbeat Beatles - ex Cat Stevens guitarist
  • Weather girl Charlie Neil, local radio presenter Jimmy Franks, guitar legend Gordon Giltrap. Tony Christie is back in Lichfield, Scott Adkins (Holby City, and lots of martial arts films), Mark Stuart (60's cult band Mark Stuart & The Crestas and The John Bull Breed), Gareth Southgate still has a place in Sutton, Paul Merson lives here, Richard Sneekes (WBA) lives in Sutton and owns the italian restaurant in Wylde Green.
  • Nadia Siekierska, the celebrity magazine publisher used to live in Walmley. She was there earlier this year I saw her being chased by a mob of paps & screaming fans. She ran into Asda to hide from them. I saw her in the changing room trying on a red satin boob tube, it was only 7.99 so I bought one too.
  • Scott Adkins !! Been in some karate films - has a part in the new Pink Panther movie.
  • kylie and her dancers have been noshing down in the kababish this weekend. oh and jane sixsmith went to walsh not SG's
  • Cat Deeley and owner of Times Wine Club went to Bishop Vesey
  • Ken Miles was born in Sutton in 1916. He was the chief test driver for the Shelby Cobra in 60's and was responsible for making it as good as it was. He also won the Sebring 12 hours in 1964. He drove the factory Ford Gt40s and had no lesser team mates than Dan Gurney, Phil Hill, Jacky Ickx, Bruce Mclaren etc. He was killed at the Riverside race track in California in the late 60s.
  • Actor Martin Shaw (The Professionals, Judge John Deed) lived in Streetly. Didn't that bloke with the big curly hair out of Queen used to live in Ladywood Road?
  • illustrator John Shelley
  • Jane Sixsmith definitely went to Bishop Walsh school, not Sutton Girls School. She was in the year below me!
  • Roger Moore's mum used to live near Mere Green
  • As far as I knkow - Jane Sixsmith went to Sutton Girls School. NOT Bishop Walsh. I used to work at Wyndley in the 80s and she used to train there with Sutton Hockey Club.
  • That woman from MTV drinks in the Station Pub
  • Cat Deeley, majority of villa squad where incidentally i work : GOOD PAY!!!
  • Justin Edgar, screen writer and director of the brummie feature film 'Large', starring Les Dennis and Phil Cornwell and set in Sutton.
  • As far as I know, Noddy Holder of Slade [how is it possible to forget that classic, Merry Xmas Everybody] still lives around Sutton.
  • villa players, darius vassel, cat deely, didnt one of the gladiators go to fairfax?
  • The majority of the Villa footie team live in Sutton Coldfield, often have celebrity girlfriends. I've spotted Dwight Yorke walking round before with his ex Dani Behr.
  • The young lad who sang Bright eyes and dressed up as a rabbit on Tiswas was born and lived for a short time in Tintern close....
  • girl from crappy band called Scooch used to go to Arthur Terry. couple hundred of andy grays kids
  • The two twins from the Harry Potter movie are from Sutton (I think they still attend Arthur Terry). Villa players Steve Staunton and Paul Merson live in the same cul-de-sac in Mere Green.
  • The bloke who dropped his "strides" to Roy Wood in Flints and requested an autograph was Daryll Flemming, a nutter who now lives in Reading - he has only got worse with age !!
  • Great Britan hockey player Jayne Sixsmith went to Bishop Walsh School
  • "Terry": A local famous drunk with a dislike of authority, and a miners' strike veteran. What ever happened to his taller sidekick who looked like Peter Fonda and supported Burnley? They were both regular fixtures at the Station in the mid 1990s and ejected during the now legendary (drugs) raid... allegedly. Apparently Terry is banned from every pub in Sutton after having a police agreed quota of four pints!
  • Auntie Jean Morton of ABC's 'Tingha and Tucker' lived in Monmouth Drive during the 1960's at the height of her fame!!!! (No truth in the rumour that Willie Wombat cohabited). Woomerang, Boomerang to all the ex-club members!
  • Martin Shaw who currently appears in sum kind of hospital program lived in Streetly on Frankburn Road and his parents still do ...
  • Doug Elis the Villa chairman used to live over the road. Lead singer from Dexys Midnight Runners used to live down the road as did Noddy Holder. Lots of footballers etc
  • Appart from the fact that you didn't mention the gorgoues Cat Dealy went to school at Bishop Vesey's before being signed up for MTV!! nobody!
  • Robbie Williams ate in the Kababish Indian Restaurant on Jockey Road earlier this year, when he was playing the NEC (I think he was en route to New Hall) not once but twice in one week! I think Gerri Halliwell was part of the entourage the second time around as well.
  • Corinne Lynch (nee Young) who traveled the furthest distance (to Canada) to become an ex-resident and then became a resident again when her marriage dissolved 83 days later.
  • Villa player Garath Southgate lives on 4 Oaks also Andy Townsend both nice people_
  • apart from myself, oh, erm, ok then, Cat Deeley, famously attended BVGS (the school) a couple of years above me, a fact which has since been publicised anonymously (only to those who caught the reference to McDonalds) in a certain men's magazine.
  • Cat Deely, Graham Taylor, Lolly, Half of the Aston Villa team, MYST the newly signed band from Birmingham, the lead singer is from Sutton Coldfield
  • Lucy Benjamin(Lisa in Eastenders)used to live in Sutton. Her Mum and brother still do I think. Her real surname is Baker and the Benjamin bit is her brothers name. He was in my class at Arthur Terry. Also Cat Deeley returns to her home town on a regular basis and can be seen in the Station most Christmas Eves. I know this because my brother has tried and failed to chat her up there.
  • Working in the Horse and Jockey, and serving Shaun Teale and someone called Dwight Yorke can't remeber what happened to him after the Villa dropped him!!
  • I used to wash Brian Little's car for 25p in the late 70's. He had a Claret Jaguar and lived on Monmouth Drive. I also uysed to be a good friend of Renato's daughter.
  • Internet entreprenuer "Redsexy" Sarah Eaglesfield lives around here. Most notorious for hacking the Duran Duran website and running the Fabien Barthez website. Strange combination, but I think she counts as Mere Green's minor celebrity.
  • My mate was ejected from Flints wine bar for dropping his kecks in front of 70's Legend Roy Wood and shouting 'Roy, sign me strides!"
  • Fuzz Townshend of Bentley Rhythm Ace and Pop Will Eat Itself fame was raised and schooled in the area.Lived on Walsall Rd by the Crown,Belwell Drive F.O. and Royal Rd S.C.Attended Arthur Terry School and Four Oaks County Middle but not in that order.
  • It is rumoured that the actor who plays Frank Spencer lives in these parts.
  • John Nettles (Jim Bergerac) used to live on Monmouth Drive allegedly. And 'Save your love' for Renato Pagliari ( one half of the 80's chart-toppers, Rene & Renato)who still lives in Four Oaks.
  • Mark Bosnitch spotted regularly. David Plaitt used to live there and Andy Townsend lives on the Four Oaks Estate
  • that chap who left coronation street to become a singer. Matthew someone. He used to shop in HMV and lives fairly local. Another regular to HMV was Gary Glitter.
  • Remember 'Tiswas' - well the kids who played Angela Ripoff and Nosey Parker come from Sutton Coldfield.
  • Roy Wood lives locally and can regularly be spotted out and about, sometimes in his Wizzard make up. It's great to see an acknowledged musical genius who is every bit as eccentric as his music (recommended CD - Boulders on BGO records).
  • There are loads of footballers around here too.
  • I've spotted Nigel Kennedy in a Rolls Royce a few times.
  • Jeff Lynne (ELO, Travelling Wilburys) lived here once. Another bona-fide genius.
  • The Beatles once played in a hall that was near the Odeon. The site is now occupied by flats.
  • Jimmy Nail frequently visits Waitrose. Sam McDermott works there.
  • Doug Ellis (chairman of Aston Villa)
  • Dennis Waterman and Rula Lenska lived down Moor Hall Drive.

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