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Demolish It Now Building in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands*

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Demolish It Now Building
  • Plantsbrook House, the head office of Dignity Funerals. (Never work there they only give people 3 months contracts - book your funeral with the Co-op, a far more professional operation).
  • The multi-storey car park on top of the Sainsbury Centre - it is terrible. (Cheaper than parking in the Gracechurch Centre car park though...)
  • The new CALA development on Brassinton Avenue, let's kill it before it takes over the town centre.
  • New Subway
  • falcon lodge
  • dat carpark on victoria road annoys !
  • Railway Station, smells like dog piss! Needs a good scrub or best still just yankit down and start again.
  • indoor market especialy the cafe where smokers have no consideration for people eating
  • The whole town centre - knock it down and start again - once all the ali-g-alikes and sharons clear off
  • Sutton Girls- ive had to look at this shithole for the past seven years of my life
  • Gracechurch shopping centre
  • odeon john willmott school sutton college
  • RB's pumphouse (formerly Rosies)to stop a Friday morning of regret after paying to go in there!
  • Marks & Spencers
  • Gracechurg shopping centre (bring back the old shopfronts)
  • John Wilmott School!
  • The Case is Altered, nuff said
  • Goodbye Parker's Taxi Rank! The days of your little hut hideout are numbered! I love Parkers Taxis. They deserve a better building.
  • The Lanes Shopping Centre, Wylde Green
  • Fairfax and Plantsbrook Schools. Full of Kappa Slappa's and troublemakers. Most of whom do not even live in Sutton Coldfield
  • Bishop Vesey Grammar School. Auschwitz prisoners had it easier. I told them I wanted to work in broadcasting, but the all-knowing careers masters said I'd never do it, and to get a bank job. I've been a BRMB DJ, and I'm now a BBC cameraman, so up yours, Big John!
  • Belwell's at Mere Green - stuck in 1985 or what?
  • The entire town centre 1974-2000.
  • Gracechurch Shopping Centre car park, bloody awful. Only redeeming feature is that its sight let's you know you've reached Sutton on the train from Brum.......
  • PLease demolish the newly constructed Allders shopping 'complex'. Praise be to mock-Tudor!
  • Most of the town centre! I miss the old shops on the Parade that had character that were demolished in the 70's to make way for the Gracechurch Centre. Sutton town centre is now a characterless concrete monstrosity.
  • The Halfway House. Preferably WITH the management inside.
  • Barleys in Mere Green.........need I say more?

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