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Live Music Venues
  • The Drum
  • snt michles church clifton
  • snt michles church clifton
  • The Outside Edge (every Tuesday / Wednesday), The Station (occasional touring band), The Royal (every Friday - Sunday), Flints (Fri, Sat and every bank holiday Sunday afternoon)
  • The Station used to be good but the landlord is a dickhead.
  • The Sutton Acoustic Guitar Club, great place to here local guitarists but i agree with the other comment, the guy that runs it Maurice is a complete sh*t.
  • The closest venue to Sutton where big bands play is the NEC, but there is a great local music scene - check out the Checkmates Folk Club at Hopwas Social Club on the way to Tamworth - every Thursday evening.
  • The Sutton Acoustic Guitar Club - this could be a good thing but the chap that runs it is an ex copper and treats everybody like s**t.
  • 3 tuns
  • academy and obvious ones
  • Mere Green Records and Tapes was the place where Chris Tarrant and Sally James came to promote the release of their ever-popular "Bucket of Water Song". I was lucky enough to be there.
  • Above The Station pub just outside the train station in Sutton used to have fantastic bands all the time
  • Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for Girls recently had Northern Line live in concert. This clearly is the place to be seen, and the place to be if you want to see fresh, up and coming bands. Other gigs have included the Moffats, Billie, B*Witched and Damage.
  • The Station and The Beggars Bush were good for up and coming local talent, what they're like now.......
  • The Bitter End (downstairs bar) has bands on a Friday, and a Jam session on a Monday. I'm trying to keep up to date with who's on ...
  • the station (cool pub) with live music and a cool juke box wiht some class tunes on it... PACKED out on friday!!
  • Falstaff and Firkin has a lot of live bands
  • Hemmingways and Belwells both have live bands on a Sunday afternoon. Hemmingways also has live bands on a Tuesday. Watch out for the truly amazing local band Doctor Octopus.

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