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The Worst Things
  • Stuck up lousy British army officer,told me my chances of becoming an officer were slim-Well!I am Catholic my fine figure of a son & don't you ever forget it in a million light years.
  • Complacency and can't be bothered attitude
  • the shopping centre.
  • The sewage works on Kingsbury Road...(need I say more?) and the arrangement of traffic lights by Tesco that confuses everyone.
  • The Sutton Acoustic Guitar Club - this could be a good thing but the chap thats runs it is an ex copper and treats everybody like s**t. The town centre shops are the same you see averywhere.
  • u !
  • Graffiti and kids with nothing to do.
  • Tension between opposing social groups, especially when all the schoolkids meet by the bus stops after school, keep your head down if you're walking alone and in "Social Uniform", this applies to Kevs, Rockers, and the like. More police now though.
  • The people Of Sutton Coldfield. I live in Sutton and have been brought up here, went to a Sutton Junior and senior school and work in Sutton. Living here has made me realise that yes you are all extremely judgemental people. Stop blaming people from the surrounding areas they are not all Sutton Wannabes, just people with a different postcode to you! Who are visiting the local PUBLIC HOUSES! Remember we all pay our council tax to BIRMINGHAM CITY COUNCIL so drop the attitude
  • Gracechurch Centre. Curse the day it was built.
  • The oragne shop in sutton is famous for being the worst shop in the world - it's run by this weird bald bloke and a fat bird called nicky and a 3 foot tall tosser called Mo! oh and the anorexic woman called jude, she is truly odd. hey jude! eat some food! They are so sad, they have no idea what customer service is but they sertainly know what pies are! got betyter breifly around the beginning of 2004, but very quickly fell back to uselessness.
  • the way sutton people think they are better than other people from birmingham when in my opinion its just as much of a dump as brum,snobs if your so rich why aint you living somewhere out in the country side,all the mullet heads that think there trendy but look like a job lot.
  • I lived in sutton coldfield until 2000 - escaped to london only come back once or twice a year - it really has changed for the worse - What do people think thay look like - everyone is wearing clothes and heair styles that went out of fashion in 2001 - its like south london in slow motion - my god!!!!!
  • The Gracechurch Centre
  • racist NF kevs!!!
  • KEVS
  • Lack of bloody buses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • prejudice: we're not all rough in erdington having said that tho i do live on the line between wylde green so maybe thats it.... Kevs w/o a doubt And ppl who stare at you, its v. annoying and seems to happen alot in sutton Oh and pubs like The Cup, Bottle of Scak, Sloans, need i go on
  • Already on the site: >You made a mistake. Sutton Park was given to us by Mr. Arthur Terry who bought >the land from Henry VIII and then gave it to us, the public, to breed cows, >hunt boar and shoot birds. I know this because a local school, Arthur Terry >School, was named after him because of this. WHAT A LOAD OF RUBBISH!! Arthur Terry was Mayor of Sutton Coldfield from 1933-1935. Henry VIII lived from 1509-1547.. Someone seriously can't count..
  • full of kevs nowadays from shitty surrounding places, castle vale, erdingtom etc John Willmott School Sutton college - generally shite council estates, falcon lodge etc, demolish em west midlands travel!!!
  • The Kevs that come in from the rougher parts of town that pollute our street with cider bottles and lambrini!!!
  • You can't go anywhere without running into loads of townies (the dumb kids who wear rockports and waterproofs all year round.)
  • Sutton schools being full of bullies from outside Sutton
  • All the rough people from Castle Vale and Erdington take over the bars in Sutton on Friday and Saturday nights - sutton used to be a nice place - now it is full of sutton-wannabes!!
  • The hills
  • The heirarchy of schools, from BVGS downwards in the 1960s.
  • My father still lives there !
  • The roads are in a mess. I always think that this is because Sutton is a Conservative area inside a Labour council and it's their way of punishing us.
  • No live music venues.
  • The security guard who used to prowl the BHS coffee shop in the late 80's and who would throw you out if you were under 18 and had taken longer than 15mins to drink your cup of tea. Think we used to call him 'Rambo'???
  • Big John at Vesey did a passable Joesph Mengele act, and the old part of the school does resemble Colditz, as did the attitude of everyone there during my time before liberation to the 6th form of Arthur Terry and mixed sex classes, it was like my birthday every day!
  • Sutton Coldfield is a real dump. There are too many pubs etc. in the centre These leave in their wake, rubbish, sick, the place is disgusting, especially for early shoppers and people with children.
  • Coming back to Sutton once or twice a year and being unable to get into half the pubs because a gorilla from Kingstanding deems my attire to be that of a troublemaker (which strikes me as an odd comment coming from a wannabe gangster).
  • BVGS - an outsider's view. Went to progressive/alternative value schools in M'chester and London,also at BVGS in late 80s. School didn't work 'cos Big John wanted it to be like a public school. 6th form report said I had a 'disturbingly immature attitude' for snoozing in class and opting out of crap lessons. But got As and Bs at A level. BVGS more liberal now, I think!
  • Can get very busy on the roads at peek times.
  • Trying to re-name the historic Three Tuns pub to a F**ker and Firkin! He's probably dead now, thank god, but "Bean" Jackson, the vicious old-git maths teacher at Vesey scarred me for life. I left school specifically to get away from him. In fact, Big John Harvey, Don Hardy, Cooper, and the rest of 'em made the Gestapo look like nuns!
  • Bishop Vesey's - there's a common thread here!!! I was the only kid in my class to leave at 16, and they told me I'd made a big mistake. Own IT Company by 25, BMW Z3 and a collection of motorbikes,....yeah right! My only regret is that I've had to pimp myself in the South to get that, as the only computer in town when I left was a ZX Spectrum!
  • Nutters in the park.
  • I recently revisited S.C and was very disapointed where has all the charecter gone our family had lived in the village and surrounding areas for some 300 years my g.g.grand father build the " folly" tower in the park.. Mad as a hatter I think! It would appear and the reason why we moved from and never returned to sutton was because of the attituded of the people who were moving to the area .. they thought it was " the end of the rainbow" and became the real snobs of sutton. There was alot community closesness in sutton albiet in a Very reseverd way but never the less it was there, where has the charicter gone, Sutton did teach me however to deal with predjudice..
  • The passenger trains don't get any further than (the) Lichfield Trent Valley - through service to at least Derby, please, this IS a Royal TOWN, you know. Dr. Beeching, who removed the miserly north-bound service to Burton-upon-Trent, and closed Sutton Park Station. All buses [sic, according to TWM] going south of the Yenton! TWM - need I say any more.
  • Getting tanked up in town and walking the 2-3 miles home cuz there's no busses after the last 966.
  • O'Neills mock-Irish pub (adjacent to Cafe Rouge mock-French restaurant). This pub houses an incredibly obnoxious manageress and four bouncers/primates whose only vestage of power is to refuse entry to paying customers of a legal age. This entry should also come under the 'buildings to demolish' section too, along with Sloans and its equally uninspired clientele.
  • The park now being closed to traffic, causing HUGE traffic jams on the Lichfield road
  • Not many.
  • Useless for pub grub - too many snobs.
  • It's full of people who like to beat you up if you're a tiny bit different.
  • I didn't find people snobbish. And as a Yank, I was more than a little bit different
  • The fact Sutton kids can't get into Sutton schools
  • The fact that the BNRR is being built through green belt l,and (and two SSSI's)
  • I agree with the guy who said Bishop Vesey Grammar School was a prison. They told me I had no future, T.T. wont exist etc etc. Company Director at 31. Nuff said.
  • You made a mistake. Sutton Park was given to us by Mr. Arthur Terry who bought the land from Henry VIII and then gave it to us, the public, to breed cows, hunt boar and shoot birds. I know this because a local school, Arthur Terry School, was named after him because of this.

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