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Midland Red Buses in Sutton by David Grundy (Member 10318938) on 1-Feb-2018
I worked for the Red in the early 60,s until the garage closed in the 70,s. My mothers family was Felton 7 sisters one who worked as the Dog PH.on the Parade, later at Boldmere Dry Cleaners. I remember George Roses greengrocers, the Parade Cafe, B.H.S with their cafe and Gills Toy & Model Shop. We lived at Banners Gate until my parents emigrated to Rhodesia, I stayed and now I,m past my sell by da... more >>   
JWGS 1960s by Bill Major (Member 10238813) on 28-Nov-2017
Anybody who was in John Wilmott GS in first 5 years of 1960s? I was in the b2 stream (2b2, 3b2 etc) until 1965 (I think). Mates were Phil Bartlett, Steve 'Sid' Langley,Stu Mogg,Joan Pettifer? I've come across some who were in years above and below via Facebook etc but my cohort don't seem to be online.   
Sutton people by sascha (Member 10311610) on 20-Feb-2017
Looking for some people who used to live in Sutton- Russell Kirk, Derek Young, Colin Delderfield, Stewart Hemus, Ian Aldridge, Paul Hatch, Paul Shore, Susan Cox, Amanda Watkins, Karen Kirkham, Sara Kearsley, Maxine Thompson etc. Ot any of the guys that were at Four Oaks Venture Scouts/Ranger Guides like Neil Chandler and his friend Greg, Tim etc. I know some of these guys were at Vesey or Sutton G... more >>   
  • Re: Sutton people by sascha (Member 10311610) on 20-Feb-2017
    God typeos sorry! Falcon Lodge, even...

Trying to locate Phil Ward who attended Arthur Terry School 1980-85 by Neil D (Member 10308104) on 17-Sep-2016

i am trying to locate/make contact with Phil Ward who lived in Worcester Lane Mere Green and went to Arthur Terry approx between 1980-1985. He later went on to study at Matthew Boulton Technical college and beyond that worked for Honeywell Bull in Erdington.

Does anyone remember Phil or know whereabouts he is now living..

RedLeb by Alan Ingram (Member 10307148) on 13-Aug-2016
Does any remember RedLeb? They lived in Victoria Road and played there in the basement. The only gig in Sutton was at a School Fest, can't remember the name.
The Band consisted of Nick, Denny, John, Greg and Alan (me).
I also played often in the Folk clubs in Sutton. The Three Tuns every Wednesday or Thursday night around 1972.
Would like to contact old Friends!
Joshua Ward abt 1900 by paul bennett (Member 10301107) on 30-Jul-2015
Looking for any one who might have known Joshua Ward in Mamoral Cottage Worcester Lane Four Oaks Sutton Coldfield, passed away in 1980 at St Marys Hospital Selly Oak, looking also for His Daughter Violet Johns
Paul Bennett
Ley Hill Middle School Mere Green 1972 - 1976 by Ian Bradbury (Nick) (Member 10300980) on 18-Jul-2015
Hi, I would be interested to hear from past pupils from Ley Hill between 1972 and 1976, in my class were four Ian’s- Ian Surage who I believe now lives in Bristol, Ian West or Weston-Ian Bytherway and myself Ian Bradbury.
Also other names include- Keith Miller last known to be in Minworth – Andrew Edwards – Neil Warrington last seen in Pool Dorset, I just happened to bump in to him in the s... more >>
  • Re: Ley Hill Middle School Mere Green 1972 - 1976 by Mandy (Member 10304092) on 19-Mar-2016
    I went to Ley Hill roundabout that time (Amanda Trilloe) recognised the name Keith Miller he was in the opposite class to me. The head teacher then was Mr Reid who constantly chained smoked even in assembly.
    The names I remember are Rebecca Lord, Julie Essex, Samantha Hartley, Martin Allen, martyn Guest, Jonathon Cutler, Jonathon Stanley, Morris Graham, Wayne Moult, Tracey Ford, Sarah Britton to name but a few

person trace by malcolm tucker (Member 10299875) on 17-Apr-2015
anyone out ther remember Janet Knightley of wylde green. Knew here in the 1960s . Last I heard she went to London to train as a nurse and then she went to south africa
malc t
Violet Johns by william ward (Member 10299632) on 22-Mar-2015
Does anyone have any information on this lady who used to reside at the Memorial Cottage in Worcester Lane Four Oaks Sutton Coldfield,circa 1970-1980
She was the daughter of my grandfather Joshua William Ward who I believe also lived here.

Thanks for any assistance
  • Re: Violet Johns by paul bennett (Member 10301107) on 30-Jul-2015
    Hi I am looking for this Lady to
    Paul Bennett see you soon

Searching For Peter Wooldridge by mrsboop (Member 10299579) on 18-Mar-2015
Hi I am searching for Peter wooldrige from four oaks in Sutton Coldfield born about 1945. I believe he may have changed his name to Peter Brown. His mom and dad lived in four oaks in the 1960's/1970's. Peter also had a sister called jane who was about 6/7 years younger than him.

I would be greatful for any help to find him or his sister

Please email me at
Play Games, View Ads, Listen To The Radio - Make Money - See My Blog by jerome sky (Member 10282652) on 9-Feb-2013

They are free, and there are no hidden catches. They pay in full and on time. One of them even pays you to play games :) and another pays you to listen to the radio!

Just like many people nowadays I've been looking for ways to make extra money. Importantly, ways which don't require me to leave the house or think t... more >>
Little Sutton School Worcester Lane Four Oaks by Christine Heckel (Member 10277840) on 3-Sep-2012
Did anyone go to little sutton, I was there from when it opened to 1970. I then left to go to Riland Bedford, I remember names such as Jill Tolley, Hanna Davis, Janette Poole, Carol Pagett, Keith Mitchelle, Paul Trollop and Mark Hemingway or Green I think. If you remember any of these names or any others please get in touch.   
Robert Archer 1940's grocer by David Nisbet (Member 10267123) on 4-Nov-2011
I'm looking for information about my grandfather Robert Archer he lived in or near Sutton Coldfield and owned a grocers there. Would really appreciate any information about his shop or hear from people who knew him.   
Joan Chapman by Wendy (Member 10230364) on 31-Mar-2011
Happy 70th. birthday on 30 March to Joan, nee Chapman, formerly of Coleshill Street, Sutton Coldfield, from Wendy, nee Cross.   
Daron Griffiths by Bronwen Irene Williams (Member 10240143) on 2-Oct-2009
Daron went to Arthur Terry school initially then Riland Bedford after we moved to a flat in Four Oaks. Daron learned hairdressing at Ian McLeods in Mere Green then became under manager at Clippers later before moving to Burton On Trent Staffs. He has the big 40 next year which I would like to make a memorable occasion shared by everyone. Get in touch with his mother on 07951118417   
trying to find childhood sweetheart by Paul Riley (Member 10240562) on 12-Sep-2009
can anybody help me locate JANE PAGE used to go to arthur terry in four oaks ,had two sisters joanne and sharron having trouble finding her i know she is married and has kids useed to live near burntwood i think ,her family still live in four oaks any help finding her would be much appreciated   
New Inns Four Oaks by Stephen walton (Member 10239464) on 5-Aug-2009
Can anyone please tell me if this place is still going. I played for the bowls club there for a couple of years and played against them for many more. Is it still called The new Inns or has it changed its name.

Looking for old Art friend by Sue Hudson (Member 10238753) on 7-Jul-2009
This is Sue Gamson (now Hudson) who is wondering about Pru French last seen mid 60's at Sutton Art School, Sutton Coldfield.   
  • Re: Looking for old Art friend by philip watts (Member 10301204) on 8-Aug-2015
    I was sorry to hear of sue gamson death 17 may 2015

  • Re: Looking for old Art friend by philip watts (Member 10301204) on 8-Aug-2015
    and also written by doris Clarke

  • Re: Looking for old Art friend by Sue Hudson (Member 10238753) on 26-Aug-2015
    Paul Hudson here, just noticed this comment. Yes Sue struggled with Alzheimer's for a number of years, losing her art and then speech and finally mobility. A very nasty illness for Sue a 'happy' release.

  • Re: Looking for old Art friend by Doris clark (Member 10301491) on 3-Sep-2015
    Sorry to hear that sue gamson had so much suffering. Before she died. I used to listen to her father. At Streetly and I have a full size picture of him from the 1940 April daily sketch my mother knew him and sue and gave paul piano lessons

  • Re: Looking for old Art friend by Doris clark (Member 10301491) on 4-Sep-2015
    We watch paul hudson with p levy like me he often gets. It wrong

1980's supermarket by sarah hayward (Member 10238557) on 29-Jun-2009
can anyone tell me the name of the supermarket that was where laura ashleys is now. I think it shut down in about 85/86 thanks   
  • Re: 1980's supermarket by Stephen walton (Member 10239464) on 5-Aug-2009
    I think it was called Mac market but I may be wrong as there was also a supermarket where Argos is

  • Re: 1980's supermarket by sarah hayward (Member 10238557) on 6-Oct-2009
    it was international

Qualified Plumber with a Water Mark - new to the area by P Bradburn (Member 10237218) on 3-May-2009
Clear Flow Plumbing has arrived in Sutton Coldfield. A small business where our qualified plumber works hard to give the highest quality workmanship and a price you can afford in these uncertain times. Our qualified plumber operates a 24hr Emergency Call Out Service on (07951) 674 295 but you can call with general queries and to book our plumber for routine work on (0121) 378 3194. Alternatively... more >>   
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