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Time Travel? by Girlofyourdreams (Member 10318647) on 18-Jan-2018
Is time travel possible?
Laser Sniper by wayne (Member 10309614) on 15-Nov-2016
Hi to the incredibly accurately wielded sniper who nearly succeeded in bringing down an air ambulance helo (hopefully this has got your attention to read further). I purposely started this in your praise.
Got your attention?, good, What is wrong with you? you brainless Retard? wouldn't it have been fun if you had painted the pilot instead of the medic? wouldn't have been more fun if there had bee... more >>
Finding an old friend by Ron Flynn (Member 10306371) on 6-Jul-2016
Back in the early 1970s,I knew a guy "Len Plucknet"
len had an old van from which he sold fruit and veg
etc, len lived at 40 morriston common,but does not live there now, I would like to meet len again, hope someone may know of him,
missing friends by ali hollis (Member 10299538) on 15-Mar-2015
We are trying to trace the following people, Debbie,Malcolm and Pete Redman (Reedman), who used to live in the Nottingham area East Midlands but moved to Swansea a few years ago. They did run or helped in a shop near the ski slope and lived at the top of a hill.
They have a friend called Sue who has a daughter.
Please if anyone knows where they are. Please get them to email qossaab65@sky.com or ... more >>
Tracing by SUE BASKETT (Member 10208606) on 13-Jun-2013
Does anyone know where the owners of THE MANSEL GUEST HOUSE have gone, they were there in the 1990`s, I think their name was Emmert,the daughter and husband took over from her parents.
Such lovely people, I recently recomended their guest house to a friend,only to find it under new managerment.IF anyone knows them tell them Sue who used to go to David Essex concerts was asking. I am on Facebook,w... more >>
looking for by Ian Morrison (Member 10278411) on 28-Sep-2012
Ruth Asals[maiden name] left horsham late 50s early 60s,have carried a torch all the past 50 years.Just like to know how things turnes out. Thankyou.   
Seeking male partner by gilf (Member 10245596) on 16-Mar-2010
I am an adventurous widow in my early sixties, and I am still young at heart. I am looking for a local man to satisfy me and keep me warm at night. Nothing long term though. The best way to find me is via www dateagranny dot com web site - I would rather you find me there than me put up my email here - I hope you understand. Sylvia x   
Looking for someone - please help by tim hayman (Member 10160953) on 26-Sep-2009
Im looking for Anita Mellor, could be mellar or meller. She could also have the surname Stuart or Berry. I was married to her and she got in touch with me about 12 months ago but lost her number and we're now out of contact again.
If anyone has any info or can help in any way i would be eternally grateful.

  • Re: Looking for someone - please help by tim hayman (Member 10160953) on 26-Sep-2009
    Just to add to this. The last time we spoke, she was living in the Swansea area and driving a black BMW!

  • Re: Looking for someone - please help by mike hunt (Member 10207314) on 10-Oct-2009
    yes i know anita she is still taking it up the arse for a few quid just like her mother did,take no notice of tim he is a homosexual,hope this info helps kindest regards mike x x

  • Re: Looking for someone - please help by tim hayman (Member 10160953) on 11-Oct-2009
    Youre a bit of a cock arent you Mike!

  • Re: Looking for someone - please help by thebull (Member 10206106) on 20-Oct-2009
    Hey tim i'm shagging Anita Mellor now so back off buddy or things will get nasty. She want's nothing to do with you as you have a tiny penis resembling an acorn.

  • Re: Looking for someone - please help by mike hunt (Member 10207314) on 24-Oct-2009
    sorry tim but the truth sometimes is not what you like to hear,but she gives a mean suck on a big cock tim

  • Re: Looking for someone - please help by thebull (Member 10206106) on 18-Jan-2010
    correct Mike

WILL LUKE BAND - MAESTEG TRUMPET PLAYER by Stephen Luke (Member 10194772) on 11-May-2009
Hello all,

I'm looking for any information on my Grandfather Bill Luke who used to play trumpet all across south Wales years ago. He died in 1981.

He started playing in the Hibernian Brass Band in Maesteg in the 1920's, then Dooner's Cinema, before moving on to running his own bands including the Bill Luke Band, The Geriatric Five etc for many many years. I believe he played anywhere betwee... more >>
  • Re: WILL LUKE BAND - MAESTEG TRUMPET PLAYER by mike hunt (Member 10207314) on 11-May-2009
    hi steven i remember the will luke band,but the last time i heard is that he was in jail for tossing a horse off and bumming a chicken,i hope this info assists you in your quest,if i can be of further assistance just let me know regards mike,oh bye the way does your mam still tek it up the shitter.

Would Extra Income Make A Diiference to Your Life in 2009? by David Taylor (Member 10103609) on 1-Jan-2009

Many people are worried about the coming year with redundancy, Credit Crunch etc. Would you like to join a business part/full time where these difficult times make your services even more attractive?

We are a Footsie 250 P L C Company and our distributors get paid for reccommending their services, not just omce, but ever... more >>
Start Testing for Scoliosis in Schools Petition by Ab Fab (Member 10048437) on 2-Jun-2008
10 year old Emma has had surgery for Scoliosis and is now campaigning to raise awareness of the condition and for all children in the UK to have the very simple 'bend forward' test to get an early diagnosis of Scoliosis. She has an online petition at http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/start-testing-for-scoliosis-in-schools.

Emma is aiming for 1000 signatures and currently has just short of 300...... more >>
old pentrechwyth infant school bonymaen by susanjay (Member 10219725) on 16-Jan-2008
hi i am 42yrs and hopeing to here from anyone who went to old Pentrechwyth school Iwas then sue mitchell   
  • Re: old pentrechwyth infant school bonymaen by Frederick Williams (Member 10191529) on 16-Apr-2009
    She is working at Studio 95 in Swansea now!

12th MAY 1956 Birth Name Brian James Bain by Patty Cosby (Member 10093938) on 15-Jan-2008
Searching for my brother whose name before adoption was Brian James Bain dob 12th May 1956 born Doncaster Street Maryhill Glasgow Scotland.
Mother Mary McLeod (middle name) Barclay (Maiden name) Bain dob 18th August 1931.
Any information would be grateful. Thanks Patty
DAVE BARRY BIG BAND by Stephen Luke (Member 10194772) on 28-Dec-2007
The Dave Barry Big Band is THE band to book for any sort of function in the south Wales area - from weddings to parties and corporate events. We can play a range of music to suit all tastes and ages - from classic big band to modern upbeat pop numbers. Give us a call about your event now!

Website: www.davebarrybigband.co.uk

Dave Singleton - 01443 430570 / 0779... more >>
Jeff Pacey by michael pacey (Member 10214719) on 7-Oct-2007
Looking for any friends or relatives of the late Jeff Pacey who died in Sept 2006 in Swansea, as I think he was my dad who I lost contact with about 25 years ago.
Just found this posting on 'Lasting Tribute.co.uk' PACEY Jeff Peacefully on 2nd September at his home, Jeff. Beloved partner of Glenys. Jeff will be sad... more >>
Madonna Tribute Night by Lava Lounge (Member 10207616) on 3-Oct-2007
Debbie Nunn is Madonna, Live : Lava Lounge on Tuesday 9th October 2007 @ 10pm.

With Chris the DJ kicking the evening off at 8pm with the best music in town.

It's a night not to be ... more >>
Wellesley Nautical School Blyth by william (Member 10022301) on 8-Jul-2007
Did you, your father go to Wellesley Nautical School Blyth? I was there from 1960 to 1963 everyone knew me as Chalky White the boiler boy and I was in Drake division.

Please get in touch if you can we have our own site just for ex boys and there families.

email me monitor_man17@hotmail.com
Condoms On-Line by Dinner_Trolley (Member 10101301) on 27-May-2007
Condoms....Condoms....and More condoms. Purchase your favorite brands on-line at CONDOMSWEST.COM.

The site is based in Canada...but shipment to the UK is easy, with Small-Package Air Post. Secure ordering process too with your VISA/Mastercard.

Get a FREE pack of Trojans with some O'My Fruit-Flavored Lubricant with ANY order. See the products at .
Protection....Planning ... more >>
  • Re: Condoms On-Line by Adrian Davies (Member 10000789) on 16-May-2008
    I wouldn't trust 'em. Probably all got holes in them. Dastardly government sponsored plan to expand the tax base........

swansea by kermit (Member 10028714) on 12-May-2007
hello u bunch of incestuous retarded all called jones'. How are you all this piss wet shitty day?

(dylan thomas)
George S Osborne by June Bristow (Member 10207773) on 8-May-2007
Looking for any relatives of George S Osborne born 1889 Northamptonshire, lived near Swansea. June   
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