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Bicycle Shops, Bike Sales and Repairs
  • the best shops have sadly closed due to those shit bin walmart type toy bikes that dont last a summer. said shops were "Express cycles manchester road and The cycling centre in ferndale road" remember the guy who used to work at both of them called steve, the one who used to go the extra mile for the street crews, and he actually rode a bike as well, dude you rocked, as did leon and sam, and then there was that twat ....."brian" or bfl for short,.......loadsa people figured john the owner was a mong , but dudes , he was the nicest straightest guy you would ever meet, if he was gonna rip you off ..........he at least had the decency to tell you. the same guy from express worked at ferndale road as well, with those two groovy dudes ,"chris and dean" and then there was the miserable tosser called henry hahahahah love him huh. not forgetting dave " the yellow coward " large he took everyone for a ride , made a fortune and pissed off while he had the chance. ( well he still owns the lauderette ) so give him some grief about the the dryer times, and the washing powder machine ( it is allways lite by around 25 - 30 %)
  • Total Fitness does not exist in Swindon , it has been Total Bike for the last 4 years, it has been under new management for the last year and a half, it caters for Road,Xc,Dh,FR, Time Trial,Track and Cyclo-x. They also cater for women with a massive range of women specific clothing, cycles and acessories. They also have a massive range of spares on the shelf and Swindons largest selection of clothing. Bikes stocked are Specialized ,Trek and Pinarello, Clothing from Assos , Giordana, Nike, Specialized and Thor.They also have a DH race team and Road cycling team.
  • red planet
  • red planet bikes, old town, is easily the best bike shop in swindon. pop up there for whatever parts or bits you need and grab an awesome cup of coffee too. they sell merlin, santa-cruz, on-one, litespeed, scott, orange, quintana roo, tomac and nicolai.
  • mitchells, express cycles, dans bike bits.
  • swindon cycles is a good shops then you got mitchells cycles by the county ground and then express cycles on manny road.
  • Bargain Bikes in Wootton Bassett is alright.
  • Farringdon Road, toward the slot machine arcade.
  • yes near county ground
  • George Whites for the petrol powered variety
  • Manchester Road has a good choice and the people know what they're on about. However, not too sure about the 'Jesus Is Lord' sign which adorns the side of the building. Didn't convert me!
  • Petrol Powered - For intelligent,,, knowledgeable motorcycle stuff try DMA at Brinkworth, small shop but owner actually cares about bikes and bikers and will offer you coffee. Better still it is not actually in Swindon.
  • Total is good but're better off going all the way to Cheltenham to Leisure Lakes for all your pedalling needs, at reasonable prices.
  • Total Fitnesson Comercial Road is a well-know traithlete type shop. Not very cheap but the staff *really* know about bikes.
  • I wanted to disgree with the comments made about George Whites Superbike Centre (Petrol). I am shortly going to take Motorcycle lessons, and I found the saleswoman in the shop very helful, when deciding which Helmet to buy. Even though I didn't actually buy anything on that occasion, she still wished me good luck with my bike test ! (I would definately go back there).
  • Fowlers are OK for ordering parts for motorbikes.
  • Mitchells is a great bicycle shop, although they are a bit stingy. Nice-ish people and a good stock of stuff, especially kids bikes. George Whites is a TERRIBLE motorbike shop! Poor sefvice, poor sales staff and rude shop floor and parts staff.
  • Fowlers, great, petrol-powered
  • George White Motors - The Wiltshire Superbike Centre
  • Motorbikes - George Whites, Fowlers and Taylors.
  • The Cycling centre - Ferndale Rd. (person) Fowlers Motorcycles - Rodbourne Rd. (petrol) George Whites - Manchester Rd. (petrol)

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