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Cheap Food
  • The ground floor of Duckson and Pinkers has been taken over by Subway. They are OK. There is a very good Mexican take-away place in Theatre Square (by the Wyvern theatre) called Best Burritoz. Tel. 01793 484847
  • John Street Fish & Chip Shop (just off Fleet Street, handy for pubs)
  • kebab shop on vic hill, chip shop down the road from the castle
  • Efes Keebabs Old Town!!!
  • thai orchid Fabios
  • loads of indian takeaway services and chinese and plenty of pizza restaurants and takeaways aswell
  • Too many to list.
  • Many of the bars in Bridge Street do food from lunchtime. Trawlerman Fish and Chips, West Swindon Centre, next to ASDA and the Link. The best in town. The walls are covered with awards. Chinese Experience next to Peatmoor Lake (it's been renamed 'Lakeside Pagoda, I think). Marios, Fabios, Mackenzies, all in Wood Street. La Dolca Vita, Regent Cirucs/County Road corner.
  • Pickle Johns is old town, Wood street. Amazing indian food cooked in an open plan kitchen with top quality chefs from india. The modern/sexy resturant/pub has a great atmosphere and seriously the food is outstanding! a definate must in swindon if you want quality food.
  • Burger King; just don't have the Mayo; Marios Italian restaurant is refreshingly excellent
  • Food? I eat dirt.
  • Anyone who wants to taste real Indian food should check out Picklejohns in Old Town. it's the best Indian that i have ever tasted and the beers not bad either.
  • I have just discovered the Best Indian Restaurant in the World and can you believe it, that it is in Swindon!! I thought that i knew about currys and had tasted the best down Victoria Road. After eating at Picklejohns in Wood Street i realised what a real curry tastes like. God the curry was fantastic.
  • in all my time of being in swindon fleets kebabs outside edwards wine bar has got to be the best kebabs i have evr tasted in my life.
  • Frankie and Bennies...i had a lush meal there...shame about the company i was with! nice musik as u leave the cinema! :D and thanks for the italian lessons while we pee! Mcdonalds if u like being served by kids with BLUE hair! Yes swindon ppl have an obsession wit being original to the point of insane.
  • i dont usually like to eat out but one night i was very hungry that i had a kebab from fleets kebabs which is outside edwards and they are very very very very yummy i would like to recommend this kebab van to a very very hungry person great for food and to meet nice men and a very dishy chick who serves you.
  • Pizza box has the best takeaway pizza without a doubt. Theyre tasty and cheap AND within staggering distance of all the best night spots in Old Town. For a nice meal Capricornos is a nice Italian its not expensive and has a nice atmosphere. The staff are all smiley and friendly.
  • Devon Savouries, Marios (old town, Rafus (swindon,highworth,shrivenham)
  • MacDonalds, Burger King. Only top quality cuisine! Actually, Swindon does have some cracking Curry parlours (Gulshan / Biplob) and the one or two decent Chinese (Rendevouz / Connies) and Italian (Il Capricorno) restaurants.
  • Old Town Restraunts are always good... Il capricorno any day... lush food!!
  • pizza hut ummmmm yummy! also dodgy mccdonalds & that 1 on the bottom of vic hill begins wiv k yea u know the nice 1.
  • Best Italian by far is Gaetanos on Vic Hill, best Pizza = Pizza Express, Wednesday nights they used to have some cool live jazz, and it's coming back (apparently).
  • Central fish fry on John Stret in the town centre (by Mondo Mondo) is an excellent good old fashioned British chippy.
  • Central fish fry on John Stret in the town centre (by Mondo Mondo) is an excellent good old fashioned British chippy.
  • Never, ever buy anything from the Hing Hong Chinese takeaway/chippy in Curtis Street, Old Town. I have suffered two severe bouts of stomach cramps/sh**s after foolishly (the first time) and drunkenly (the second time)indulging in the fayre from this legendary place.
  • The Abbey Meads does some good food and it won't cost you much.
  • hidden away in wroughton's ellendune centre is the ellendune chinese takeaway. i found the food excellent and the service was really quick, friendly and efficient. they also have a comprehensive menu & are always there to help... i think they're in the phone book! i tried mr mok's once and found the food really bad although quick!
  • Rosemary's restaurant near the Honda plant serves Japanse food, and it is excellent value for money. 99% of the patrons are Japanese and drive Honda's. Pity the Japanese smoke quite a lot and there is no non-smoking section, but the quality of the food more than makes up for it!
  • CAKE HOLE!!!!
  • Marios kebab van with his disco ball.
  • Sammys Kebab shop...Brilliant. Large kebab = enough food for a family of four for a week !!! on Clive Parade on the crossroads bus stop (near Moonies)
  • The Eastern Eye = Indian food heaven, simple as that. If you go there say 'Hi' to the owner, Kaz. He is a top bloke and the curries are unbeatable, even in Old 'Three curry houses per square yard' Town. La Casita mexican restaurant is just awesome, the best nacho platter this side of El Paso.
  • The Atrium is the best shopping area eatery.
  • Fantastic Indian food in the Lalbagh restaurant in Rodbourne
  • HK97 in the West Swindon Centre. Excellent Chinese takeaway. A kebab van on the Wooton Bassett road was usually quite good. The Chinese Experience was always OK if you liked taking out a Second Morgage in order to afford a meal
  • If you like Curry , Italian or Chinese Food your ok not many good place's though. I recommend The Golshan in Old Town or the Jewel in the Crown for Curry and that about covers it. If you are looking for much else go somewhere else.
  • Sammys Kebab House in Pinehurst opposit the moonrakers is the best kebab in town.
  • chameleon bar lunchtimes is great proper food cheap prices well worth a look in
  • Is Connie's still going in the Old Town, that was always excellent.
  • Mario's is a good italian. Curry garden is very good. Subway sells food a little better than McD's, although that's not saying much.
  • Jewel In The Crown is good!
  • The Curry triangle - loads of Indians. Fabios, great Italian. Central Fish Fry
  • The Curry Garden, Victoria Hill - Listed in the 1998 Good Curry Guide
  • The kebab vendors are more hazardous than Reading's so stay with what you know. The Khyber is good entertainment (supplied by the local newts) as well as a good-value Indian. Rule of thumb : the further you go down the hill from Old Town, the dodgier the food is.
  • McD's, Burger King, Starburger. All in town centre. They are not very cheap, but they are the only places.
  • Lot's of take-aways in Gorse Hill, opposite the College at Regent Circus are Indian Restaurants, The Friary- Abbeymeads, Pizza Hut-West Swindon I could go one but I won't. KFC, at the Crossroads, but soon to have a Drive Thru at Greenbridge.
  • Megabites - Cheapest snacks in Old Town, served to you by the amusing comedy waiter

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