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Hookup Spots
  • the skatepark in woodsifde is full of hooligans
  • the skatepark in woodsifde is full of hooligans
  • Ice rink man
  • ok, DONNINGTON parade seems to be they place to be to chuck pennies at cars,spit on passers by, and try to bum fags off drunken skinheads leavin the CHAPION JOCKEY almost any night of the week!oh, white lightenin is available from the offy on the parade at a price of 1.99. knock yaselves out!
  • great place to drink in telford is the park hotel in wellington cross from the red lion, very freindly no trouble sat usually good night so give it a go what av you to loose!! :-)
  • no where been here 20 years no women worth bothering with all slags
  • colins barbers in madeley always some one to talk to
  • If you're a muso, Turn up, Plug in rehearsal rooms is a really cool place to hang out.
  • courts are full of fit skaters :p
  • just to let you know the music shop is still in spencers mall its called the sound division and george is still there. regards tim
  • brookside shops no matter what the weather!
  • Unit B4, Stafford Park 11 oppostie Kwik Fit and Hymix ! It is of course Sk8mental Telfords Indoor Skate Park!!!
  • st georges square, whats the point? wait outside any school gates in a rusty nova with a loud exhaust and soon enough a load of 14-16 year old tjs will get in da bak!!
  • The town park- just about any bench/play equipment will be occupied by some under-age folk.
  • If you try and find "Telford" you will not because it is really a group of small towns circled by endless roundabouts and motorways. The nearest thing to a town or city centre is a shopping mall which has most of the major chain stores.
  • hadley centre
  • The busiest place i have found is the job centre, always full of people signing on go figure!...
  • Around any bus stop, or bench or one metre square area that happens to be spare is where all the loudmouth little gits meet up. slappers and beer heads tend to meet at the cally
  • The problem with most of the kids that have posted on this bit are the people who give this town a reputation, Telford is a good, large, clean, safe town with great potential. Stop sniffing glue and do somthing with your lives and maybe you wont be so bored.
  • Well sugar rays in wellington and the "cally" in oakengates are current "half dressed, under aged, over made up " slapper hangout, very sad, good for a fight tho
  • Near the old railway bridges in Town Park, always full of underage turds sniffing glue.
  • Outside Magistrate's Court and Southwater Square. Both good for street. Undercover banks at Oakengates.
  • Kappa Slappas congregate around the fountain in the shopping centre opposite WHSmiths and Next-avoid at all cost, especially on a Saturday!
  • Well, bottom of Station Hill if you are a sad teenager with nothing else to spend money buy booze
  • telford town park also ice rink and meeting point house for coffee

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