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The Worst Things
  • Ironbridge Gorge is one of the worst tourist attractions in the UK. You see people get off the bus and walk the 400 yards past the crystal shops and candle shops and crystallised candle shops and the shop where you can buy your own name pressed into the top of a stale pork pie. You see them get to the bridge. You see them look at they bridge. You see them walk back to their car. And the whole fucking time they frown. Why? Because its shit. There is nothing to do here, the pubs are all grotesque, the people are sulky and miserable. The museums are extraordinary - hideously expensive and like the sort of thing that in the 1970s you would have visited on a school trip. All in all its a shit hole.
  • still better than wolves and derby to be honest
  • still better than wolves and derby to be honest
  • Where do I start? - The benefits culture, the large percentage of people who have never even had a job. The drug dealers, the theives, the vandalism, the fact that we can't keep anything nice for more than five minutes. The lack of community spirit. The parking costs, the kids everywhere.
  • The abundance of social housing and associated problems. Whilst there are many many decent folk living on these estates (Sutton Hill, Woodside, Brookside, etc), there is an underclass of what can only be called 'scum' that spoil it with what's known as 'anti-social' behaviour, but I call it 'Crime.' I have sympathy with the innocent people on these estates who have to put up with this underclass. Telford lacks an identity, with no real centre (the actual centre of Telford is Wellington, but it's a run-down market town that, like many other towns, has become the victim of shopping malls). Telford's PR and marketing is not very good. Telford and Wrekin Council are trying to address this, however. So, don't run Telford down until you've tried it for yourself. Despite this list, it has more pro's than con's.
  • Thats easy.. The Duke of York in Trench.. Think about the most horrible experience of your life..and then times it by 10. That pretty much sums up a visit to this ghastly place. Very poor beer. Not a place for families. Just a bar full of thugs and bullies.
  • hfdhfdhfdhfdhfd
  • the most unfriendly place in the whole country.I lived there for a whole year and never have i felt so lonely and so depressed.The bad attitude of all the one time Brummies many of whom were forced here when the old slums there were demolished,and who have passed on their resentment of being sent here down the generations.truly an appalling place!!!
  • good looking lady's
  • Matt Joyce lives there!
  • waiting to move, very inconsiderate people noisy, with bad attitudes believe I would not give anyone the time of day in this place Dawley Webb Crescent has the worst tennants druggies prostitutes slags, bad mannered kids who spend nine till five playing kerbie five years on and it never stops, like it the only thing in life to them. drives you mad! Its rained today, stopped at 5pm playing kerbie 5.17! even when they come home from school they play it all night, all week end none stop. bastards in Telford.
  • Poorly though out for walking anywhere. The way the Train station is 1/2 muile form the bus station! Why?
  • The 1970's estates, which made'Telford'. They are confusing to get in and out of and the houses squashed in. But in patches there is a good 'community' feel, everyone is in the same boat is suppose. Mostly people accept you for what you are- they don't mind were you are from.
  • There are no decent shops for people that want to dress alternatively to slappers or chavs! I mean, everywear only does trendy clothing. Where is the variation!? I want to see a bit more variations.
  • Dawley.
  • * The people. Iíve never lived anywhere including London that is so unfriendly.
  • transport is shite... no buses on sunday (the day wen i can never get a lift) also i agree about the roundabouts - way too many
  • The ammount of "Trendies". Scum bags who yell abuse at everybody and always try to pick fights.
  • all the men and BOYS!!!! who think they are gods gift to women ( you really aren`t!) And why so many mini islands we only drive over them any way!
  • nobheads who ride around in fucking novas thikin their soooo baddd, people in priorslee! oh yeah and yobs, especially people thinkin their so bad
  • The endless Trevs, Kevs, Townies and Stoats that roam the land in zooped up Escorts
  • saturday mornings
  • Rumours
  • 1, Majority of the people 2, Can't go out alone after 7:00
  • The sheman of a Youth Worker(WHO GAVE HER A JOB!!??) That runs Fusion & gets pissed, sweats like a dont know, shouts & swears at kids at The Music Project, Great example!! Im a bit of a nutter do y think I could get the job!! Get her out the place will BUZZ!!!!
  • The scallies (TJs). Absolute scum of the earth, bring the whole town down.
  • We couldn't find "WONDERLAND" on your site to find out if it was open today. So we're going somewhere else. Sorry
  • Traffic lights, round abouts, dog shit problem. kevins in there novas! slappas starting on u all the time!old people who just cant drive!
  • The biggest hole north of the Serengeti!. Do not ever visit unless you have to.
  • Dawley, web-footed inbred freaks.
  • The telford rude boys. and the kappa slappas. They really don't have a clue that they are really all inbred morons with no brain cells, they think they're so important etc etc... Oh, and the roundabouts. i mean really, more roundabouts per square mile than anywhere else in europe. there is NO NEED TO PUT A ROUNDABOUT ON A T-JUNCTION. (i like the comedy "Please join our photographic society" that has been stuck in this worst bit section. ho ho ho. :))
  • the TJ's (Telford Jippos)...... girls, please buy some clothes.... New Look is cheap enough.... buy one thing get one for a £1.... actually thinking about it thats probably where you shop!
  • the local bus company, the time tables are the best bit of fiction i have ever read,
  • 90% of it's inhabitants have a severe attitude problem, possibly coupled with some sort of mental deficiency. And roundabouts, Telford has more roundabouts than people, and it really isn't helpfull if you get travel sick, this is particularly pointless as half of them don't have any roads going off them.
  • even the dogs wont go out alone in telford
  • Not enough night life to keep everyone happy, very spead out - need a car, Thick as pig shit bad boys who bring this towns reputation down. SHREWSBURY round the corner always waiting for Telford to prove itself, shrewsbury has had a 1000 years to prove itself, Telford is a mere 3 years old - give it a chance man.
  • the telford town centre island, the scutty little kids that gob off and trash everything, gobby tarts, nightlife is poo, too many new houses, too many traffic islands(mini islands breed rapidly),
  • Inbred shockingly ugly yocals.
  • what the hell has knights night club got to do with telford, knights is in an entirely different county, you webmasters are idiots
  • Dull & boring, impossible without a car
  • The people who have always lived in the towns which have been absorbed by Telford. They still refuse to aknowledge the prescence of Telford despite the fact it has done nothing but good for the finances and well being of the area. And also Brookside.
  • The People Are strange, they all feel they have got something to prove, yet none of them can seem to prove whatever it is!!!
  • Wrekin Arts Photographic Club, meets every Friday night at the Prince`s Street Arts Centre Wellington at 8.00pm. We cater for all aspects of photography new members and visitors are always welcome whether they be new to the hobby or active professionals. There is a comprehensive programme of events, lectures, demonstrations and displays from some of the countries top photographers. There are in addition highly enjoyable members evenings which tend to have a lighter touch. We have our own permanent club room, fully equipped studio and darkroom available for members use. For more information telephone 01952 273931 or email
  • Complete lack of interesting, individual people with lives.
  • Quite spread out so you need a car as the public transport system is crap
  • Brainless morons walking at a snails pace everywhere during daylight hours

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