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The Worst Things
  • the worst thing about thetford is all gay boys who think they are hard it piss me off hanging round town im always down town and they think they own town its all shitt :) yehh
  • the worst thing is not being with her x:(
  • the worst thing is being in school for 6 hours but its alrighht with my best mate shannon loving it large in DT yehh boyy love youu shannon :D
  • Abbey Farm IS the Best For mates cOZ wE aRE aLL MATEYS Soo Up Uurs Mateyy xxxx
  • Chelsea Suprs HaHa sLag
  • Abbey farm anit that bad bladd soo dont tke the mick you fanny xxxxxxxx
  • muska (school) (Y) init blad xx st, john`s blad xx love you :) dani and shan
  • when we find out who wright that comment about abbey farm im gonna ..........................
  • schools
  • my sister she's a dope
  • oh cmon wat place doesnt hav its bad bits!
  • The town council, whichever party. they simply don't listen to the public, especially the youth. The youth just want somewhere safe to skateboard, the council have several buildings that are suitable for this but are not willing to invest either the time or money needed. A local church Liberty Christian Family Centre, put on an youth event and are prepared to run a skate park, but know its down to the council.
  • This whole town is the worst thing
  • the red lion! if ur english you wont get in
  • Grebos like whoeva writ that bout ross palmer dan powell and that. GREEBOS R GAY!
  • Abbey Farm, the mini ghetto of norfolk
  • Though I wasn't born in Thetford, I grew-up there. What sticks in my mind was the racism of people who I considered my friends. It has affected my views on living in the country and my personality for the worst. I will never forget it as long as I live.
  • The townies like ross palmer and shaun paige and...danny powell...etc.
  • Thetford now seems to be a suburb of portugal
  • It's in the middle of nowhere and has nothing to do. 30 miles to Norwich, 35 miles to Ipswich, 40 miles to Cambridge. I suppose bury is only 10 miles away but its no better than Thetford.
  • There is know night club, cinema. mall. bowling alley. You name it Thetford has not got it, down to a minority group who find it fun to vandalise it, and then are the first to moan when theres nothing to do. (Usually those who sit down Abbey Farm or Pine Close shops.) Lack of community spirit.
  • I lived near Thetford between 1979 and 1983, at that time I considered it to be a nice rural town. Earlier this year I returned for a flying visit and was appalled at how the place has deteriorated. I walked into the Angel (my old local) and found a group of young single mothers on the piss with their children running wild. It also looked like the place hadn't been cleaned for years. I don't think I'll be coming back again. (before I get a reply saying "We don't want you back" I doubt if I'm the only one.
  • ammount of trouble caused by mindless idiots who cannot handle their drink followe by vandalism, car crime, burglary
  • everybody knowing your business small mindedpeople kidding themselves that their lives really matter

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Last updated: 2009-02-10

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