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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • Russell Osman no longer lives in Tockington, having moved to Bristol in 2005
  • Didn't John Craven live in the corner house at the end of streamside walk near Bluebell wood?
  • Russell Osman was in "Escape to Victory" with Pele, Sly Stallone and bobby Moore et al
  • Srewart Barrowclough ex Rovers player lived in Chatsworth Park
  • Andrew Marr lived up near milbury heath, not far from Wyevale garden centre.
  • Tony Britton the actor had a house in Stone. Russel Osman (football manager and star of that hit film 'Escape from Athena'!) actually lived and still is living in Tockington as far as I am aware. Lovejoy ( alias Ian Mc Shane) filmed the series around Dunmow ,Saffron Walden area of Essex. I was living in Essex at the time and he was filming in my local pub , I dont tink he ever filmed or stayed in Thornbury , may be wrong. I also stayed in a caravan in Devon last year and his chaufeur/ driver from the series was staying in the caravan next door!(wow).Nicholas Witchell went to school in Thornbury.
  • I used to see the Lovejoy character a lot. Brilliant lookalike, brilliant dressalike, but not - I suspect - the real thing. In fact I think he something to do with the sports shop in St.Mary's Arcade. The "Open all Hours" bit appears to be true but was it not when the Two Ronnies were filming "the Worm that Turned" with Diana Dors ? Some of it was filmed in Worthingtons and elsewhere in Thornbury, Dursley, Slimbridge and around. Rumour was that Riddifords opening hours cracked Ronnie Barker up (as well as the rest of us)and set the idea in motion.
  • The shop on the TV show "Open All Hours" with Ronnie Barker is said to be based on L.E. Riddiford's, a shop on the high street. Apparently Mr Barker was staying in the castle at the time, and went for a walk at some god-awful time in the morning, discovering that Riddiford's is regularly open into the wee small hours. Riddiford's has a website if you're interested, just google for riddifords thornbury.
  • Martin Blunos now owns a restaurant in Bath which is in the Michelin Guide. He has been on TV regularly as a judge on the food programme Master Chef and other food programmes. He lived in Thornbury and attended the Castle School 1971-1976.
  • I once saw richard wilson in a land rover, and my mate chased the manager of birmingham city FC up the high street a coupla months ago!
  • Kermit the frog was to be seen staggering from the white lion
  • Princess Diana came to Thornbury and Michaela Strachan got married at Thornbury Castle, also Henry the 8th and one of his wives stayed at the castle to Escape the Black Plague so there!
  • What about John Craven. He used to live in Thornbury.
  • Angus Deaton once came to Thornbury Castle. And apparently he liked it too.
  • I think Rob was a bit harsh about the poor show of celebrities in Thornbury. For one thing, TV detective/antique dealer Lovejoy used to regularly purchase a whole range of sandwiches from the local bakery, and I'm sure I saw Sean Connery walking his dog just metres from where Rob lives. Also, walking back from the pub one night I heard the Cockney tones of "Open the bloody door, woman!", obviously Michael Cane. Ex-English Teacher and now (rumoured) NCP Car Park attendent Mr Quaz, is close, as he looks kinda like Tony Target off News West. And, actor Tony Britton used to go to the local secondary school, "The Castle School", and that bits true! I think.
  • None. Ex-Bristol City manager (and complete defensively obsessed moron) Russell Osman lives in the nearby village of Tortworth and has been seen in Thornbury on several occasions. Apart from him, and Mrs E.M. Stuart (mad religious woman, see above) Thornbury has no famous residents, and never has.

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