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Marlwood School Reunion Class of 74 (76 6th form) by Judy DUNKLEY (Member 10320596) on 17-Apr-2018
Trying to find ex pupils of Marlwood School who started at Thornbury Grammar School in 1969 and transferred to Marlwood when it was new.

We have a Facebook group 'Swinging Towards Our 60's' or you can e mail me Judy Dunkley (nee Witchell)

We have a room booked at The Ship Inn, Alveston on Sat 29th Sept 6-11pm
Scotland by mar barnes (Member 10303219) on 5-Feb-2016
Love Scotland   
is this site still working??? by Hugo (Member 10284120) on 3-Mar-2014
I would like to know if people still post reply or whatever on here or am I wasting my time??   
Save Money or Make Money with the Utilities Warehouse by David Taylor (Member 10103609) on 5-May-2013
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David Taylor.
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Play Games, View Ads, Listen To The Radio - Make Money - See My Blog by jerome sky (Member 10282652) on 6-Feb-2013

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oldbury on seven by andrew brooks (Member 10172106) on 1-Jun-2011
any one that lived in oldbury 27 years ago help   
anne clarke by john (Member 10253514) on 26-Oct-2010
I worked thornbury in summer 1973 for 3 months, with georgie macenzie-smith. I became friendly with a girl known as Anne Clarke (Nee Lees I think) of Hollytree farm. The reason I need to contact her is to return something that belongs to her.   
Looking for James Webb and Sharon Cullum by michelle (Member 10214514) on 22-Jan-2009
i know they lived in thornbury, its where i was born. James used to work at the childrens home for a short while and sharon used to live there, i think james, known as jamie is still there but i dont know how to find them, sharon has 2 children called kayleigh and karl if that helps. and jamie used to live at hamble close,? i would really like to find them as im their daughter.

michelle watkins.
  • Re: Looking for James Webb and Sharon Cullum by andrew brooks (Member 10172106) on 23-Jan-2009
    if its the same Jame webb i know just look at the bottom of hamble clouse his mum still lives at the top of the clouse about 4 to 5 houses in on the left next to the start of the car ports

Do You Want to Increase Your Income in 2009 ? by David Taylor (Member 10103609) on 31-Dec-2008

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New Chat Room by Qtip (Member 10136528) on 22-Aug-2008   
  • Re: New Chat Room by Qtip (Member 10136528) on 22-Aug-2008

Cathy Johnson (maiden name) by ian mckenzie (Member 10229718) on 12-Aug-2008
looking for Cathy johnson she lived with her parents in millbury heath opposite the in the pub mid seventies she had 2 sisters Sue and avril they both went to castle school in Thornbury Cathy would probably be in her mid to late forties if anyone knows her or of her whereabouts let her know that Ian McKenzie was looking for her an old freind.   
more old friends. by ian mckenzie (Member 10229718) on 11-Aug-2008
does any one know enus nee blunos lived in Thornbury in the mid seventies we used to hang out down at the windbound at the discos Roger savery was the landlord back then if anyone knows where she is tell her to leave a reply on this site.
Ian McKenzie.
old friend by ian mckenzie (Member 10229718) on 11-Aug-2008
looking for Gloria nee clemens lived in Thornbury in the early seventies she had a brother steve if any one knows of her where abouts let her know that Ian McKenzie was trying to get in touch.   
denise walker by ian mckenzie (Member 10229718) on 6-Aug-2008
looking for Denise Walker (maiden name) used to work in the nat west bank in the main street in the earley seventies lived in Stone on the A 38 had 2 brothers the eldest name was pete her dad was a warder at the detension centre in Falfield and her mum was a nurse loking to talk over old times if anyone knows of her whereabuots tell her that Ian McKenzie is trying to cntact her.   
  • Re: denise walker by dave francis (Member 10261810) on 28-May-2011
    i used to live in woodford and i went to school with roland walker who lived in court mead,stone about 1970..i moved and lost contact with roland until we both recently met on facebook, not sure if he had a sister though but i'll ask him

  • Re: denise walker by ian mckenzie (Member 10229718) on 24-Oct-2013
    Hi Dave Francis I know it took all long time to to read you message but I haven't been on that sight forever and I gave up as I didn't think anyone would answer me, but your are right Roland Walker is the Brother of Denise Walker, Ive tried to find Roland on FB without any luck I've also tried to find you on FB, If you happen to see this message I'm on FB look for Ian McKenzie I live in London Ont... more >>

looking for a friend by Liz Chandler (Member 10228681) on 6-Jul-2008
I am looking to contact an ex colleague of mine, Colin Care, who I believe lives (or used to) in Primrose Drive or thereabouts - he has a young family - we worked together a few years back (Bristol City Council) - Most helpful if anyone has any contact details. Thanks. Liz   
  • Re: looking for a friend by andrew brooks (Member 10172106) on 1-Jun-2011
    half you found them

Modern Jive /WCSwing Workshops and Competitions 2008 by S.B (Member 10184513) on 1-Jul-2008
Dancers from across the Globe will descend on Cheshire to compete at the 'UK Star Studded Championships held at Northwich Memorial Hall on the 1st,2nd & 3rd of August.

This is the first time this venue will be used to hold this event, the Saturday evening includes a Modern Jive & West Coast Swing Freestyle.

The competition for the first time will have a Modern Jive category, 'UK Modern Jive ... more >>
WARZONE BRITAIN by Shelly (Member 10226895) on 29-May-2008
Hi guys, fed up of hearing about murders, needless murders, lobby your MPs or Gordon Brown.
Holiday Breaks 2008 by KEITH NODDINGS (Member 10006943) on 25-Feb-2008
Take a Holiday break with the whole family at Marton mere Holiday Village, Blackpool.Privately owned Luxury Holiday Homes for hire on a "Haven british Holiday run Campsite".....Visit ....for more details.   
Hi by steven wormstrup (Member 10147905) on 23-Nov-2007
I went to Castle School college looking for Juliette Rowntree anybody?   
Invite To Bristol Social Forum by munkeeunit (Member 10166886) on 22-Nov-2007

This is an invitation to join the Bristol Social Forum egroup. As a subscriber you will receive an average of 2 digests of regional group emails per week, so as not to overload your inbox, as well as being able to email your events, news, or resource requests and offers to all 1,000+ subscribers.

To join our egroup please send a blank email to the address below and then wait for, and ... more >>
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