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The Worst Things
  • So I think it should be that type of person to get the s*@t to be honest
  • My guess is these kids are getting people into fights and maybe messing people up to murder people 3 people in one year in the proximity of tipton. Yeah aren't these kids correct NOT. There aware of all there actions.
  • HaHa you all make me laugh. Juveniles
  • "That number plate better not be mine".. what? Is that some kind of threat? lol. If you're not acting like a moron, why does it even bother you? Oh and for the record this a) nowhere near a green light and b) there were no mountain bikes blocking your way. Just so you know, it's legal for a mountain bike to be in front of you; if you can't respect that and if you intent to mouth of at people, then quite frankly I think you deserve to be lawfully filmed in a public place doing it. You're the kind of mentality the people here are talking about: selfish, stupid, arrogant and altogether narrow-minded. In short, quit while you think you're ahead? You're making a fool of yourself? Seems Tipton's very own strain of 'Little man Syndrome' strikes again..
  • Meow Meow LOL
  • The Olaf's think there good talking about illegal drugs. The fact of the matter is they have said and are guilty of it drug dealer. You know who has allerted the police THEY HAVE they should know zippy and stop anti social behaviour as well as the rest. LOL they are so scruffy.
  • regarding the link below, or is it that the anti sociology kids, teenagers and adults do it to claim on there life insurance or work insurance the sc amming fraudsters.
  • the things I have noticed about the tipton area is the people are really anti social thugs who like to use violence against victims of crime. This is how they all like to be it life. They do not like to use the police because you get sectioned like a inmate in prison. I Myself a victim of crime have know decided to take it upon myself to find and start kicking the shit out of the peoples fathers, grandfathers, brothers,mothers, sisters and children for there anti social behaviour, and for the polices shit way of doing things. So we'll done Tipton crew you all deserve nothing but hell.
  • Immature teenagers and adults I'm glad the Mosk in Dudley was declined religious indeed, they don't even abide by the law
  • The employment agencies and employers in the West Midlands p like to employ illegal drug takers. Or should I say do employ them.
  • That number plate better not be mine because when the lights on green the lights on green. And mountain bikers get in your way. And if it is me be prepared for a verbal argument. If your man enough.
  • It's full of immature adolescent racists, who have always got something to say about people, and cause violence, the women are just as bad as the men, they give the jobs to anti social kids or there parents who have no skills in bringing up there kids to be normal to people. You ask me they should sack the parents and don't give them work until they grow up. See how they like Christmas and there fancy house then, when they have nothing. Half of the people deserve to get robbed, assaulted, attacked verbally and physically for the things they do and say about people. There all a bunch of little shits there parents as well. And there god damb noisey violent thugs. Who should get what they give and more.
  • It's full of immature adolescent racists, who have always got something to say about people, and cause violence, the women are just as bad as the men, they give the jobs to anti social kids or there parents who have no skills in bringing up there kids to be normal to people. You ask me they should sack the parents and don't give them work until they grow up. See how they like Christmas and there fancy house then, when they have nothing. Half of the people deserve to get robbed, assaulted, attacked verbally and physically for the things they do and say about people. There all a bunch of little shits there parents as well. And there god damb noisey violent thugs.
  • It's full of immature adolescent racists, who have always got something to say about people, and cause violence, the women are just as bad as the men, they give the jobs to anti social kids or there parents who have no skills in bringing up there kids to be normal to people. You ask me they should sack the parents and don't give them work until they grow up. See how they like Christmas and there fancy house then, when they have nothing. Half of the people deserve to get robbed, assaulted, attacked verbally and physically for the things they do and say about people. There all a bunch of little shits there parents as well.
  • Tipton is over-crowded, which is made worse by the ill-mannered, aggressive people. Over-crowding is made even worse by people that insist on having children; all you see if pram after pram year after year. Property prices are also notoriously expensive and sub-standard. Most people live in crap-holes surrounding by human garbage and their ball-bashing off-spring. The local roads are crowded and in a terrible state, and there’s always idiots creating a danger to others in one form or another. Pavements are often blighted by dog-shit as well as other annoyances such as gangs marauding through the streets like they have no particular place to go, deliberately blocking people’s way. You see this every day when the local comp kicks them out. Many in Tipton are are just plain rude, and will scout at people who dare look at them especially if they think the onlookers are richer, smarter or happier than they are. This includes those in employment, who seldom have the ability to communicate using anything other than grunts and moans. People will just ignore manners like they’re offended by them. All in all Tipton is to culture what slop bins are to rubbish: a dumping ground for all the crap!
  • Chavs in cars. Every single time you go out here you see this social slime. I encountered one such specimen this afternoon (16-04-2011), whilst driving near Bulldog in Great Bridge. He was near us, screaming like a baby and shouting abuse at pedestrians and cyclists. People just look at him for what he was: a cowardly chicken who should have his number license revoked and be made to see a shrink/drug dog whatever. If I see said specimen again I'm half a mind to post their number plate. Chicken boy: go to your room and stand against the wall. You fear us. Now wait until the grown-ups have finished speaking.
  • Crime and anti-social behaviour. Despite the scale of the problem there is effectively no law and order in this town. Forces have to come from other areas. I cannot believe in this day and age how TPTB can think this is acceptable.
  • The worst thing for me is the chavs, and being associated with that element just because I live here. The abuse of these people is simply off the scale; yet it's not them who end up on New Deal employment schemes, it's the decent people (if you're unemployed here and have aspirations you know what I am talking about). The area around Tipton's police station is also bad because the station doesn't open a lot (much to the anger of the local people). Despite this there are CSO's seen walking the streets but if you want to witness just what it's like try walking Lower Church Lane especially of an afternoon. You're not dealing with sane, rational human beings in Tipton - you're dealing with people in their 20's, 30's and 40's who act like demented children, people who have no social skills. As the older generation die out this becomes ever-more apparent. Why do you think there are so few positive video's on you tube, about Tipton? Why do you think newspapers routinely put it at the bottom of or near, every league table? Because what I say here is true: the place has NOTHING going for it, and doesn't want to change. But if you think it's bad now, wait until the economic downturn REALLY kicks in. I grew up in this town and there is few things in life I hate more..I just want to get away from it and so many other people I have met feel the same way. You really have to see this place to believe it, and trust me, you will not like what you find. all you will end up with is reasons not to live here.
  • Tipton is a place you have to see to believe. Although I shall say this- don't bother visiting. It is infested with young chavs. I say young, ranging from around 8 years of age on the street, to those around 27 (the idiots who are still as immature as the day they walked into high school), sporting a baseball cap and tracksuit, if not riding a ridiculously small BMX bike. Visit the Tibbington or "Tibby" Estate, along with "The Lost City", and you will realise how many 3rd generation dole dossers we have here. Yes THREE GENERATIONS of a family who haven't worked a day in their life. Those who look to achieve something usually get abuse from the chavs and dole dossers, its a town where the scum who occupy it are happy to live in a shithole and have no desire to improve either the place or their life. Small town attitude, it sucks.
  • Having lived in Tipton my whole life its sadly depressing to see its decline. Yes there are new houses going up left right and centre (but who can afford to buy them?) The only good thing about them is that hopefully when things pick back up economy wise, house prices will rise and hopefully start forcing the lazy, the stupid, the work shy, the fake disabled, the dole dossing, the career single moms, the junkies and any other low life that ive forgotten to mention to up sticks and piss off away from here as they find there dole money doesn't stretch quiet as far as it used to. The local police station is a joke. Not that im slagging all police off, when weve had to call them the West Bromwich police were very helpfull and came in a relativly short time. What is the point of a brand new multi million pound police station when it is never open? Yes it looks very nice so how about some nice new plods to go inside it? Fat chance. The cracker which used to be a nice walk as a cut through to the canals now looks like a giant dirt pile. That is assuming you can get to there what with the considerate horse owners tying there animals right on to the footpaths. Ive lost count now of how many times one particular horse has bloody charged me. Once you get past the assult couse of horses theres the next obstacle of the yobs on motorbikes. Although on one occassion there was one who had some manners and actually shouted an apology as he nearly ran me and my dog down on the footpath. Can't comment on owen street and victoria park as I avoid both like the plague. Accept at rememberence sunday when I will do the annual trek to the park, and as its a sunday morning most of the inbred dicks who live in the area are still sleeping off the drink/drug binge of the night before. I wont use public transport as its like the biggest meet of inbred fucks youll ever see. I prefer my car despite having to battle with the boy racers and 4x4 drivers who all think they own the roads. I still question on a daily basis why the hell im still here. Unlike most people my age im not a dole dosser, I dont have 7 kids with 7 different dads of varying ethnicity, im not a chav, I actually have qualifications that are usefull, I have respect for people and am polite (a big thank you to my parents who brought me up and didn't drag me up), I work full time and always have same as everyone else in my family. But then I think that if everyone who was decent, hard working and human left then Tipton would be a hell of a lot worse than it already is. And besides, things can only get better :) Yes im an optimist XD
  • The worst thing about Tipton is that there are a lot of strange/cruel people living here. One person I know, who lived over the lost city in Tipton, told me that his dad used to castrate peoples horses at night for fun. He would sneak up behind the horse, trap the beasts testicles in an elastic band then hit em with a hammer! It made me feel sick when he told me, the thing is, is that this sort of sick behavior is normal in Tipton, and would be laughed about in a pub!
  • Definatley the violent culture in Tipton. Once my bus broke down in owen street Tipton and while I was waiting for the next bus to arrive I decided to tie my shoes, next thing I know I'm waking up in hospital. Apparantly some horrible thug thought it would be fun to run up and kick my head like a football and knockout me out. What sort of place could create people like this!
  • The local yocals, Idiotic, violent, unnemployable, drug addicted, alcoholic yobs and proud of it for some unknown reason.Bizzare.
  • As a Tiptonian born and bred I have to admit the place is quite depressing. The Ridgeway Road and Rushmere Road area, where the council insist on housing vulnerable senior citizens next to drug dealing, meths swigging dead beats. There's REAL care in the community for you.
  • Coming back Tipton. Namely, coming back to the place when you've been away even for a short while, even just across the border to other areas - themselves not nationally renowned for their splendour. The worst part is coming back at night - the cold, dark, evil stares. The endless streams of morons declaring even minor roads, yob stomping grounds. The arrogance and complete lack of intelligence of local drivers when confronted with someone not breaking the speed limit. The foul-mouthed, insular and offish attitude of the locals who seem to lack even the most basic manners; a "good evening" or "hi there" is often met with looks that could kill or in general cases, complete ignorance. The fact that more people graduate from jail that college, and even those who have educated themselves are forced to work in sweatshops. Didn't anyone think they could raise their expectations higher than this? It's almost as though living here is a perpetual prison sentence; the crime on the part of the accused is not lowering their standards and wishing to better themselves. The only resolution to the young growing up in Tipton - the minority of that group who have reached graduation without some inbred chip on their shoulder, is to leave. The moment one instils some sense of morals, attempts to try and reside in this town, everything becomes a problem - from the daily, endless traffic jams affecting virtually every road, to the attitude of the locals. One of the most overcrowded, dirty, arrogant places on earth. There is nothing here for anyone unless they are prepared to stick their head in the sand and let a bunch of morons dictate to them what life is about. I am referring to the employers, the council, the entire social structure in this area. It is beyond contempt. Why is everything that is considered straightforward in a civilised society, such a problem for this town? It really needs to take a good hard look at itself because from any angle the place has had it and the most depressing thing is, most of the inhabitants are perfectly happy with it. Thank God the new world isn't like Tipton.
  • The sea gets a little crowded on hot days. The beer is too expensive in the beach bars (98 a pint).
  • The pig-headed attitude of the locals in their acceptance of life in Tipton, if you can call it that. Low wages, long hours, air pollution, voilent crime, yobbism, traffic congestion, low educational achievements - you name it, Tipton always seems to come off worse. In fact the air of failure is so prominent anyone with any manners or sense quickly realises the fact that they simply don't belong here; sticking your head in the sand and never questioning the order of things is the life led in Tipton - followers, never leaders. If more people stood up for themselves and started to raise their expectations then Tipton wouldn't be the pig-sty it is. Maybe then it might start attracting the right people instead of generations of backwater thugs who expect everyone to lower themselves to their level of philosphy.
  • The local Council
  • Owen Street. Dirty, tacky and let down by Sandwell Coundil. Infested with drugs, thuggery and vandalism. Are you listening, Tipton police?? The local people have given up on this once-great town; they can't even drive through it without it's level crossings being down 45 mins in every hour. Money is shifting out of Titon like a rat from a sinking ship. We have the council to thank for that. Nobody else.
  • The road system around Tipton. Insane level crossings in the yob-infested Own Street; perpetually gridlocked Dudley Port area; free-for-all at the island near Great Bridge; speed humps constructed with the thoughtfulness of Hitler's henchman. Would you beleive it..people actually QUE to see this sh*thole.. The council, for not preserving Tipton's Library, even though it is a listed building. Instead they turn their back on our history and let the yobs have their way with society. Try visiting the nearby park after 6pm; the writing's (or should that be warning's) on the wall.
  • the people if your on the wrong side can b horrible. its rather scruffy n can get mega borin.
  • The area surrounding Tipton Library. Why? Well it's become nothing short of a racial stomping-ground. Too many small-minded idiots trying to stir up racial tension via whatever means they see neccessary (they have a lot of time on their hands to decide on tactics). We're not talking about the majority of the people that live here. We're talking about groups trying to stir up racial hatred towards others for the yobbish hell of it. Not everyone, just a small number of idiots.. Tipton policing in this area is virtually non-existent; people have been attacked and nothing has been done. Ask anyone that lives near the Library. In one instance a young innocent male had part of his ear bitten off, just for being in the park at the back of the Library at the wrong time. The people will not use shops because they're too afriad. The same goes for the local canal, where some of these cowards congregate and target potential victims - the latest incident where I saw a man shielding his BABY from brick-throwing yobs shouting abuse, again because he was just minding his own business. They nearly blinded the kid. Call the police? What police?! They, like the council, ignore the situation because of it's 'tentative' nature and would rather turn their backs. This has been going on for years and makes you sick. I never ever saw this kind of thing when I was a young lad in the 40's and I never will again; save yourself the bother and live somewhere else like I plan to do.
  • Vicrotia Park - yes, it is a nice place but I'm afriad there's an element who live here in Tipton who have respect for themselves and others, hence their feeble attempts to turn this park into a "no-go" area. These people know who they are..and they know they're being wathced by informants who have eyes everywhere; just because the police havn't got the resources to patrol this park as much as they would like to, doesn't mean to say there arn't "eyes and ears" everywhere - ESPECIALLY along the road adjacent to the vandalised community centre near the library. A few years ago this Park really was a sanctuary for all things Tipton - you could play Cricket in peace or take the kids fishing, or just forget your troubles for a few moments and meet other people. Alas unfortunatley the "yob" element - thanks to their school summer holiday itenerary - are intend on winding up as many people as possible via whatever means. Still. What goes around comes around I guess... Also, the Dudley Port Area is what I'd consider to be one of the worst things about Tipton: Loads of muggings, abuse, attacks and vandalism near the Train station and along the canal (e.g. throwing stones at a man holding his 1-yr-old child, after surrounding him). Consequently Park Lane East is turning into the Bronx thanks the same mindless scum. But also as bad as these things is the fact that a lot of people from Tipton arn't prepared to do anything about them..
  • in reply to the person who describes Tiptonians as "fucking shit thick Midlanders" should really learn how to spell correctly,so much for us being thick!
  • The COMPLETE IDIOTS who decide it would be fun to ride up and down the canal twopath near Dupley port, on ILLEGAL motorbikes - deliberatly causing anti-social nuisance to legitimate canal users and kids on bikes. The police were supposed to have a scrambler to stop such things, but it still continues to this day. The culprits - who live in Tividale - deserve a bit of public justice.. Of course Tipton police could help by not turning their backs on people when they need help i.e. shutting people outside their station af night..
  • The graffiti in the underpass under the Railway Station is a bit grim. 'bout time they sorted that out. Waiting for hours until the barriers go up at the station!
  • Fucking shit thick Mdlanders and their annoying whinning thck accent.No wonder we have to ut up with these shit on holiday in the south west!Tipton is so shit that its residents LiKe minhead as a holiday resort!Do us all a favor by never coming futher south west of Bristol
  • Tipton itself. The whole places seems to be persistently "grim", as though it were revelling in its own stupidity; stand anywhere for more than a few moments and you can guarantee you'll be attactched, "cheeked" by virmin or given a dirty glance by people with little intelligence. Decent people are in a minority catergory here - surrounded by small-minded idiots afraid of anyone diffrerent from themselves (ie smart, well-spoken, non-voilebt). I jnow this - Iv'e lived here all my life. The best advice I can give is to get out. The place just depresses to the extreme..
  • My sister's cross-country train stopped just outside Tipton station, waiting for the level-crossing to open. She looked out and saw the large hoarding proclaiming that 110 million of City Challenge money was being pumped into the area. "Won't it look nice when it's all refurbished" she said to me later (she's never actually visited here and was just passing thru). I told her it's finished, the money's spent, been and gone years ago - they just forgot to take down that hoarding - and so the view from her train was looking out on the 'new improved' Tipton. "Oh" she said. Says it all, really. The HQ for City Challenge is now all boarded up and arson-stuck. Most of the money seems to have gone into the pockets of consultants and managers, and their final report admitted they had hardly managed to create any new jobs.
  • The Lack of a ramp like that which can be found at comberton road kidderminster

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