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Cheap Food
  • Samrat near Tooting Railway Station 30 years of the best curry in Tooting.
  • Lahore Karahi - simply the best. Lighthoue fish bar - awesome fish n chips.
  • curry express, you cannot lie. 3.50 all you can eat or 2.50 takeaway.
  • Rick's Cafe is a good place to take parents for Sunday lunch - not that cheap but really nice food and a good wine list. Best to book as it gets busy.
  • Sette Bello -pure class food
  • Bucci pizza place (it's almost Balham) The new Noodle Place on Trinity Road
  • Ricks
  • Clemenzo's is a fairly new (2004) cafe and takeaway on Tooting Bec Road. Also does delivery of some fancy meals. Did some home catering for me and it was top notch.
  • The best Chinese restaurant outside China Town is David Wongs really nice food! and NEW NANDOS HAS OPENED THE BEST CHICKEN EVER!
  • Mirsh Masala, Lahore khari. An italian place near argos 9i think its called ferrari) not forgetting chicken cottage, Mc d and kfc.
  • cafe in tooting market,down the side of marks and sparks past the fruit and veg stall in the market nice grub and friendly service
  • Rick's and Sila. Nuff said.
  • It's all about Dallas Chicket near Tooting Broadway, it's at the end of Franciscan Rd, perfect place to go when coming out of Jack Beards or one of the pubs in staggering distance!
  • Tooting is very well known for its fantastic Indian restaurants, but I've never seen anyhing written about some other excellent places like Ciullo's (soon to be renamed Il Teatro) in Tooting Bec Road, a cosy Italian offering lovely food with a homely feeling. In Balham RD we have Ferrari's, a modern Italian Brasserie; The Fort, both wine bar and restaurant, serving delicious modern French-British dishes, and Fujisan, a recently opened Japanese restaurant which also offers a take away service. Who said we weren't spoilt for choice?
  • Opposite Smith Bros in Mitcham Rd you have possibly the best choice of restaurents in Sth London.David Wongs,the Indian next to it then just joining them in the next block Ricks Cafe serving possibly the best most inventive food you'll ever have with a different menu daily,Puccini II is right next door.
  • Best Italian is easily Cuilos by near Tooting Bec Station (towards the common), much better than Puccinis, great food, not expensive, genuinely friendly. Boon and Thai Buffalo both great for Thai, Japanese restaurant has just opened up by Tooting Bec (Balham High Rd) also very good (Wagamama style). The 2 veggie Indians are great as are Kastoori / Lahore / Peacock Tandoori but the best one by a mile is the new one down past Spirit (can't remember name). Amazing food. Rosie Lee's on Garrett Lane for best breakfasts.
  • david wongs,gone there since the day it opened ahhhhhh.
  • On weekends, spend lunch time at Abbey Mills opposite Sainsbury Savacentre (not the tiny one at Tooting Broadway) and stuff yourself silly with Thai Fried Rice with King Prawns, spicy Indonesian Beef Rendang, Chinese Spring Rolls. Dishes at two or three pounds each. Walk through the short tunnel under the road and you are already at the Savacentre basement carpark.
  • avoid the kastoori. i went in there for a pleasent dinner, and was startled to find hair in my food. when i complained to the manager, he didn't seem to care, just taking the hair out and handing the dish back to me. the service that i received was appalling, and in the light of my experience, i don't recommend the place to anyone.
  • A vast array on Indian sweetie shops. Barfi, jaleebi, the lot. I didn't know what life was about until I moved to Tooting.
  • Ditto the comments below about Lahore Karahi.
  • Brilliant Italian on Amen corner not sure of name cant miss it.La puccini was the best but struggles to hold a candle to this new kid on the block. More Indians then Deli itself.Lahorie karali is constantly packed out, nice food no frills which must be a good sign
  • Pizza Hut, KFC And McDonalds all near Tooting Broadway Station The best place is a little italian cafe, on Tooting Bec road on the first stretch after coming out of the tube station
  • If u like curry's, chicken or kebabs then u r ok. If your veggie like me then your a bit buggered at 3 in the morning unless u like chips.
  • There is a Fish n Chips place opposite M&S. I can't remember its name, and the food was nothing special, but it was im front of there that I first told my girlfriend I love her.
  • * Your readers should be aware that in the past 6 months, the Sree Krishna has changed ownership with the original (and superb) chef decamping to the nearby Vijayna Krishna (owned by the original family). This is now the Tooting crowd's Indian of choice (round corner from Mitre). The original Sree is now largely empty, trading on past reputation and patronised only by out-of-towners who are in for a severe (and overpriced) culinary disappointment. * Check out the longest established restaurant in Tooting, Puccini's (opposite Mitre pub) for consistently superb and great value Italian food. Atmosphere is very relaxed and the place is favoured as an "I-can't-be-bothered-to-cook-let's-Puccini-it!" by a regular crowd. Booking at weekends is essential, but midweek Tony will send you over to the Mitre for 10 minutes and then come and grab you when the table's ready. A real find in London!
  • The Fiorentina pizzeria, on the High Street near Spirit, is the best non-curry house in Tooting. Cheap, excellent pizza and nice waitresses.
  • Sree Krishna, best South Indian food in London
  • Chatkara by Tooting Bec tube is good, spicier than Lahore's and not as greasy.
  • Go to Tooting market at get some rice and peas to take away - yummy!
  • For a good fry up after a big Friday night, try Disottos Grill on Upper Tooting Road. Cheap, cheerful, and they've got a fruit machine so you can win back your brekkie money.
  • Masaledar & Lahore Karahi, cheapm unpretentious, good food, no flock wallpaper or drunk lager louts David Wongs chinese - excellent!
  • Never mind the curry houses. By far the best place to eat in Tooting is "Boon" (a Thai restaurant on Mitchem Rd). The ambience may be somewhat lacking, but the food is as good as any Thai restuarant in London. Try the squid or the red curry.
  • Lots of good Indian food - the Lahore Karahi is highly recommended (take-away and sit-down), also try popping over to Sarkhel's in nearby Southfields
  • David Wongs - Turn right out of Tooting Broadway tube, 5 mins walk is the best Chinese food in South London, and is more relaxed and classier than most of Chinatown. Indian - you are so spoiled for choice. These are the best Indian restaurants in the UK, plus they are in a permanent price war with each other. The Milan, 10 mins walk from Tooting Broadway tube up Upper Tooting Road serves really authentic Indian food. No drinks license but you really don't care (I care normally)Kastori, also Upper Tooting Road is justly famous. Shree Krisna is south indian vegetarian, perhaps a tad overated. Kebab shop near Tooting Broadway tube is good. Don't touch the chinese takeway on Longley Road with a bargepole. Tops Pizza is good too.
  • Tumbleweeds, near Tooting Bec, has now closed down!
  • Over priced, quickly rushed through, full of ponse from out of tooting who want the 'best veg indian in South London Darling' Kastoori
  • The Conservatory - not really Tooting, more Wandsworth Common, but good and excellent for kids. Probably the best Indian is Sree Krishna at the south end of Tooting High Road _ very cheap, authentic South Indian vegetarian dishes and thalis, popular with Indians, south Londoners and those in the know.
  • ethnic trash.FRIENDLY SERVICE

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