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  • The Rose and Crown - brilliant!
  • Hello, i like Hoochi Mummas - not in the day mind (bit shabby) but come the evening nice and friendly, bit busy and they serve nice beer (wine not great). ALSO if you are there towards the end of the night you get free food! Amazing and has certainly won me over, free pizza, dough balls etc and another time i went we got free cocktails cos they were trying them out! YAY!
  • Trafalgar
  • Smoke (on Trinity Road)- surprisingly quite good
  • The pubs in Tooting are OK. Kings Head on Upper Tooting Road is has a conservation order on the internal glass screens. My favourites are The Gorringe Park a nice (if smokey) local and The Leather Bottle, both Youngs. JJ Moons is so cheap it's almost reverse robbery.
  • Frog and ForgetMeNot now The Selkirk, Selkirk road. New owners etc. refurbished. bit pricy, but keeps the scumbags out. beer garden rocks. bar chicks extremely hot.
  • The Ramble Inn at Amen Corner. Friendly staff who pull a great pint of Guiness, bring your drinks to the table and ask if you want another before you'd even thought of going to the bar (great way to sell more beer!)
  • The Ramble
  • Tramshed attracts a fresh faced crowd and A bar 2 far is a lovely chilled out place with good food and nice friendly service! Jack Beards and Wheatshef are the best Irish pubs in Tooting! Spirit is for students and posh people (this does not belong in Tooting)
  • I have to say after hearing all the talk of pubs the George (formarly freedom and Firkin) is one of the best places to drink in tooting. The regulars are a happy bouncy crowd and look out for jimmy he's always got a tale to tell.
  • hardys for food and chat with mates,the tooting tav was the best pub for football but sadly no more.i reccomend the castle now not much atmosphere but you can see the game and bar staff are nice
  • Bar too Far is great,four different areas for whatever mood your in and good grub and kiddie friendly.
  • mitre good local pub ,wot more could i say. tramshed aimed that the bit younger type but worth going to ,good fun and two pool tables.
  • I'm shocked no-one has mentioned the FROG AND FORGET-ME-NOT. It's the only really decent pub in Tooting Broadway (tramshed has its uses occasionally). Great Thai food, attractive waitresses who balance the few local large-boys (1 guy fell off his chair into a Thai curry because he was sooooo coked up) with veiled flirting, most of all THE COUCHES have saved many a life on Sunday, Lots of ozzies if that bothers you but I'm ozzy so fuck it. Check it out.
  • tram shed, gordon bennet, nice youthful crowd
  • The Trafalgar between Tooting Bwy and Colliers Wood tubes. Large but cosy,tasteful decor, candles, 20s-40s trendy crowd, food available, lots of outside (heated!) seating and gay friendly (you can pick up your copy of Pink Paper and Boyz, no worries).
  • some alright pubs such as Gordon Bennetts,but none can compare to the HORSE & GROOM maybe be delapidated now since the Hickeys have left, but in its prime without doubt the best pub in South London
  • The mitre 'hotel' is at the end of Church lane. THe caste is by the NATWEST and pizza hut, down by the 2 Markets
  • JJ Moons, it's a weathers and is CHEAP, great for those of us on student loans. As it is the Frog and Forget me not is the best place to chill,with friendly/fit bar staff and comfy sofas...
  • We don't agree about the Freedom & Firkin - you have to be a regular to be loved, tendered and cared for (just like Tooting as a whole!) The nasty Aussies are quite nice but the best is Scary John - sex on legs!!!! Even if you're not gay, there's even chicks, sometimes... Failing that, go to HARDY'S - Tooting's first GAY PUB - and it's FAB! And let me say, Tooting's finest pub... see you there!
  • The Castle is great for watching Scottish football. A lot of the staff and punters are Scots or Irish. Anytime all the other pubs are showing England but you fancy watching Scotland, come here for a friendly atmosphere. The Euro 2000 England-Scotland playoffs were fantastic, and Rangers-Celtic games are usually pretty good too, with a good mix of the two sets of fans.
  • In refrence to the "new scream pub, the Tramshed", I found it too large and almost totally empty. The drinks seemed over priced (Even after presenting a 'Scream' card) and the staff were confused by the simplest of questions. I'd sugest exiting and taking a sharp left into Gordon Bennets.
  • Queen Vctoria a.k.a the little-house near St georges hospital- come down if you think your hard enough. Wheatsheaf opposite Tooting is a good local and the manager Paddy is a diamond geezer
  • Seem quite safe cf.Ealing,but boring "Tracy and Dave"type clientele.
  • OK, the Freedom & Firkin isn't the most civilised of pubs (short measures, dodgy Aussie staff etc) BUT it is at least Gay Friendly! The Railway Bell in Mitcham road has just been re-furbished - nice'n'comfy (good lighting, staff etc) and spacious BUT does have a sporty element.
  • The Freedom & Firkin has become like one of the inner rings of Hell - probably the one where the souls of the damned wade around neck deep in shit - except Lord Satan's little helpers have all transmuted into ignorant tossers from Australia who serve you short measures and get the change wrong. Come back Trish, the animals and the TOOTING TAVERN R.I.P.
  • spirit bar on tooting high street is alright - they play a leftfield selection of dance music serve reasonably priced bottles of beer and serve food - saves you getting the tube to clapham in the week
  • Kings Head is the best pub in London. Excellent for sport on TV, big enough to ignore it if sport aint your thing, pool tables in seperate bar.
  • Kings Arms, Tooting High Street. Good for live football!
  • I'm struggling to believe that noone has mentioned "Spirit" on the High Street. It is an oasis in the pub wilderness that is Tooting.
  • The King's Head up towards Tooting Bec - at last, a pub where the music is low enough that you don't have to wear ear protectors.
  • The Mitre has a lovely beer gardn, but is a bit grotty inside. Freedom and Firkin is always packed and a bit of a cheesy nightmare. Horse and groom is either really authentic or really rough, depending on your point of view. The castle over the road from Tooting Broadway tube is where they filmed the pub bits of Citizen Smith and has great pictures of the Queen Mum pulling pints.
  • The Castle Pub on the corner with Tooting Broadway was used for filming the Citizen Smith comedy series, starring Robert Lindsay!
  • Brand new Scream pub The Tramshed beats anything Clapham has to offer.

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