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How much longer by zap (Member 10216554) on 28-Aug-2016
Before robinsons are prosecuted under the Trad3s Description Act? Todays offer "Hartleys Cumbria way, Lakeland Golden Ale". Its not Hartleys, certainly not "cumbrian" and its manufactered in Stockport. Wrong all round   
Holidays in Barrovia ! by early doors (Member 10235862) on 19-Aug-2016
Holiday Inn Express to be built on the site of the former Barrow Police station. Glad to see something being built in the centre of Barrow rather than on the retail parks.
Premier Inn opening in Ulverston too. The area seems to be slowly catching up with the rest of the known world.
Meanwhile we still await our new supermarket..........
  • Re: Holidays in Barrovia ! by redneck rampage (Member 10241019) on 19-Aug-2016
    Ah, the supermarket. Now there`s a topic that died the death. The newfangled Co-op hasn`t really improved things, it`s still a bit of a squeeze getting past other shoppers in the isles. I suppose we will have to wait until national trends indicate that shoppers are favouring big supermarkets once again. Robinsons don`t seem in any hurry to do owt else with the place.

A590 -WTF ??? by early doors (Member 10235862) on 17-Aug-2016
Phantom traffic lights at Newlands garage ,one empty pick-up ,no workmen . WTF goes on ? Traffic right through to Lindal ,neatly joining up with the next roadworks.   
  • Re: A590 -WTF ??? by redneck rampage (Member 10241019) on 17-Aug-2016
    Absolutely outrageous, I got jammed coming into town from Carnforth. I was initially stuck behind a mobile crane, got past and thought "Good, I can get going now" no such bloody luck, crawled into town and had a look into the cordoned off area just by Newlands Farm, couldn`t see owt to justify the lights, no excavation, no workmen, no subsidence, nowt. Answers needed.

  • Re: A590 -WTF ??? by early doors (Member 10235862) on 19-Aug-2016
    Apparently the problem is now a collapsed manhole. Not going that way today Friday.

  • Re: A590 -WTF ??? by redneck rampage (Member 10241019) on 19-Aug-2016
    The retards over on the Wezzie Gazette seem to be happy with the A590, at least some of `em think the road is ok but the drivers using it are not ok. All I know is one set of traffic lights and it took me an hour from Bouth turning to Oostun. A dual carriageway would have handled the traffic a lot better.

  • Re: A590 -WTF ??? by early doors (Member 10235862) on 20-Aug-2016
    It's like a permanent roadworks exhibition . Highways England don't give a fuck about causing delays ,put lights up and piss off

  • Re: A590 -WTF ??? by redneck rampage (Member 10241019) on 20-Aug-2016
    Lindal dip flooded again today. I suppose the same couldn`t care less pillocks are in charge of this as well as the phantom roadworks.

  • Re: A590 -WTF ??? by early doors (Member 10235862) on 20-Aug-2016

Lynda Andrews by The Log Ladies Log (Member 10307113) on 11-Aug-2016
If anybody knows Lynda Andrews ex Almond Rd,please be so kind to see she sees this.
Still remember your Birthday after all these years.

Happy Birthday Lynda.

Hope you got out of that hick town and found somebody that treats ... more >>
Poofters by redneck rampage (Member 10241019) on 2-Aug-2016
So we have to fund queers to the tune of £400 a month `cos they want to bare back ride? I don`t honestly know what the world is coming to. I had to attend FGH recently and the fruit flavoured drink previously available has been economised out, plain water only now. Not a problem you might think, except you need to drink two pints prior to a scan.   
  • Re: Poofters by early doors (Member 10235862) on 2-Aug-2016
    You're not allowed to say 'poofters' . It's arse-bandits.

  • Re: Poofters by zap (Member 10216554) on 2-Aug-2016
    Spot on. You want to avoid aids, stop "shagging" minus condoms. Simples. Its not rocket science FFS, In another world..you don't want to get pregnant...use said condoms or go on the pill. But like I said earlier, vocal minorities will get whatever they want because they scream the loudest.

New co-op by redneck rampage (Member 10241019) on 29-Jul-2016
Same as the old co-op, bit disappointed really, hoped it would somehow utilise space better and create a bit more room in the aisles. Just a bit of a tart up, corporate identity is it called?   
  • Re: New co-op by early doors (Member 10235862) on 30-Jul-2016
    The Coop missed the boat when Woolys closed . I like Tesco stores but the Ulverston one is just shite ,poor selection ,dopey staff ,dirty floor usually.

  • Re: New co-op by early doors (Member 10235862) on 1-Aug-2016
    called in tonight ,better lighting etc. and good stock levels . Busy but got served quickly. better than Tesco anyway.

  • Re: New co-op by redneck rampage (Member 10241019) on 1-Aug-2016
    Oh yes, much better than Tesco,

Fireman Sam by redneck rampage (Member 10241019) on 27-Jul-2016
These muzzies, so sensitive. A page falls on the floor, a page from a novel, and someone accidentally stands on it. A vigilant muzzie spots it and the episode gets withdrawn. Pathetic. Could we have expected the same response if it had been a page from The Bible or a Buddist publication?   
  • Re: Fireman Sam by zap (Member 10216554) on 27-Jul-2016
    Indeed not Sir. Cos every loud mouthed and "entitled" minority who shouts, screams and stamps their feet loud enough gets their own way. Witness gay "marriage" and tne right on fuckwits who wanted Golliwogs banned.

Drug Couriers by redneck rampage (Member 10241019) on 15-Jul-2016
Just looking at the addresses given for these four bozo`s they were hardly living the high life were they? Ah well, they all have the same address now.   
  • Re: Drug Couriers by early doors (Member 10235862) on 15-Jul-2016
    These lads get into it and can't get out - until they get caught and jailed. As soon as they are free again the same gangs will be back on their case.It's the people higher up the ladder who never get nicked.

  • Re: Drug Couriers by early doors (Member 10235862) on 16-Jul-2016
    ...........not that I'm defending them like but I've seen what these people are capable of.

Starbucks Drive-thru by early doors (Member 10235862) on 14-Jul-2016
Don't panic it's not here . It's opened up in Cockermouth of all places. just imagine the fume from certain quarters if they dared to open here in 'the festival town '.
And while I'm having a rant WTF is happening at the old brewery ? Answers on a postcard.
  • Re: Starbucks Drive-thru by redneck rampage (Member 10241019) on 14-Jul-2016
    As we are now (temporarily) Co-opless, it just serves to illustrate how unjust it all is. There`s Dalton with a flagship Co-op and the festival town, even after the alterations, with a cramped and claustrophobic store. And just down the road a derelict brewery with all the planning permissions in place and nowt happening.As for the coffee shops in the shire, I don`t use them, I can make better cof... more >>

  • Re: Starbucks Drive-thru by early doors (Member 10235862) on 14-Jul-2016
    ..bloody 'ell mate ,I didn't realise you had a posh coffee machine. We bought one but only used it once ,can't be arsed washing it after.

  • Re: Starbucks Drive-thru by redneck rampage (Member 10241019) on 14-Jul-2016
    Perhaps I should have said it`s an espresso machine, not a filter machine. Espresso machines (proper ones) have a pump capable of at least 35bar which makes them pretty expensive. You can still get respectable results with a Gaggia machine, you just need to learn the technique. It is a bit messy, grinding beans makes a mess and disposing of the spent grounds is messy too. There are self cleaning m... more >>

Hoad Lighting by redneck rampage (Member 10241019) on 6-Jul-2016
Crikey ! £22,352, to light up the monument. could keep the bogs open for a bit longer with that money.   
Going equipped by redneck rampage (Member 10241019) on 29-Jun-2016
With tinfoil ? my sheltered upbringing is showing, anyone know what you would need tinfoil for?   
  • Re: Going equipped by early doors (Member 10235862) on 29-Jun-2016
    ..used to mean a packet of johnnies in my youth .haha

  • Re: Going equipped by early doors (Member 10235862) on 3-Jul-2016
    ........some young lad accused of stealing 2 bottles of Pimms from Booths . Pimms ? fucking Pimms ? The youth of today FFS.

  • Re: Going equipped by redneck rampage (Member 10241019) on 3-Jul-2016
    lol @ E.D.

Lindal again by early doors (Member 10235862) on 28-Jun-2016
Didn't they say they had done a temporary fix ? Blocked again today - massive queues.   
  • Re: Lindal again by redneck rampage (Member 10241019) on 29-Jun-2016
    Could be more spectacular today, looking out the window.

R.I.P. Dapper by redneck rampage (Member 10241019) on 22-Jun-2016
So long old friend, thanks for the music and entertainment down the years. God bless you.   
  • Re: R.I.P. Dapper by zap (Member 10216554) on 22-Jun-2016
    Encore! A great ulverston man.

  • Re: R.I.P. Dapper by early doors (Member 10235862) on 23-Jun-2016

  • Re: R.I.P. Dapper by ilikeeatingthings (Member 10161876) on 28-Jun-2016

stone cross by zap (Member 10216554) on 15-Jun-2016
Will anybody on here be purchasing one of the 45 Persimmon properties planned...or will it just be another phase in Oooston's metamorphosis into Wimbledon, Basingstoke and Esher?!   
  • Re: stone cross by redneck rampage (Member 10241019) on 15-Jun-2016
    I can`t see me moving in up there, perhaps the developer is pinning his hopes on a big influx of workers as the projected Glaxo expansion gets under way. I don`t know if any figures are available but once the construction is over Glaxo have a habit of only employing low numbers of staff, plant is designed to be as automatic and computer controlled as possible.

  • Re: stone cross by early doors (Member 10235862) on 15-Jun-2016
    I don't think Persimmon are 'pinning their hopes ' on any particular group of people. Ulverston is perceived as a desirable place to live /retire/invest and is relatively cheap compared to the Lakes.
    GSK job levels post-construction will be quite low ,as you say ,and mostly high-end jobs.

Fire last night by redneck rampage (Member 10241019) on 8-Jun-2016
Why does the liar report on this fire but not say exactly where it was? "A three storey building in New Market st." that narrows it down then.   
Food Fest by redneck rampage (Member 10241019) on 27-May-2016
It`s the food fest tomorrow chaps so don`t have a big breakfast !   
  • Re: Food Fest by zap (Member 10216554) on 28-May-2016
    Have they been flogging vodka sausages? Artisan brandy butties? Needless to say the town tonight is shite. Lager fuelled tattoo-proud simpletons, fat tarts who really need to buy mirrors, oafs who don't mind showing the world they are several brain cells less than monkeys. And nobody seems to have any control. The path of least resistance leads to our traditional innes and ancient hostelries. All ... more >>

  • Re: Food Fest by redneck rampage (Member 10241019) on 29-May-2016
    Very disappointing, only half the size of last year`s. Gradely sausage buttie off Pepsi though.

Sainsbury`s by redneck rampage (Member 10241019) on 24-May-2016
Sainsbury`s are going to open in Windermere. Meanwhile, back in oostun, er , well , nowt . Well done that council. Pack of retards.   
  • Re: Sainsbury`s by early doors (Member 10235862) on 24-May-2016
    It's just a Sainsburys Local and I think it used to be a Morrisons Local ,before that older readers will remember it as a garage.
    By the way ,in recent weeks I have called in Tesco inRawlinson St. Barrovia and Tesco Metro by Roose station. Both are excellent and much better than the Ulverston branch which is usually shit up and you can't get served.

  • Re: Sainsbury`s by redneck rampage (Member 10241019) on 25-May-2016
    Yeah, I use Tesco Roose Metro quite a bit, one that size would probably be ok for Ulverston but I am still holding out for a large value supermarket , possibly from those nice Germans !

suicide by dog by redneck rampage (Member 10241019) on 23-May-2016
Something strangely satisfying when an owner of a dangerous dog is attacked and killed by it. I will never understand the compulsion to own a notoriously dangerous dog, even for someone from Cleator Moor it should be a no brainer. Just glad it wasn`t an innocent passer by, or even worse, a child. To attempt to circumnavigate the law by breeding dogs that are of mixed parentage but still fatally ag... more >>   
Ralph`s fry up by ilikeeatingthings (Member 10161876) on 21-May-2016
Nice to hear Ralph sticking by his mate Alan Fry the convicted sex offender   
  • Re: Ralph`s fry up by ilikeeatingthings (Member 10161876) on 21-May-2016
    Ralph also stood by his mate from Kings Deli who got done for rape, real chap.

Ralphie`s rose tinted goggles by redneck rampage (Member 10241019) on 20-May-2016
...Market day is getting back to how it used to be is it Ralph? Well I was perambulating around the village and didn`t see anything like the market as was. I remember stalls right down New Market street, Brogden street and both sides of Market street, I remember packed pubs ( lile pig day ) with rich affluent farmers slowly getting pissed int` Sun, all the while bemoaning the prices at the auction... more >>   
  • Re: Ralphie`s rose tinted goggles by early doors (Member 10235862) on 20-May-2016
    Aye I remember all that too ,pubs open for a few hours did attract a few Barrovians such as myself. The old cattle market on Victoria Road etc. and farmers wives selling eggs and stuff . Good days.

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