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Clothes Shops, Shoe Shops, Fashion and Bargains
  • Anyone remember the madhouse?
  • Debenhams has to be the best shop!!! Also, topshop and h & m are good!
  • Go To Camden
  • THE CHIMES: most if not all the goos shops are in there, but whether the collections are any good inside, are a different story. There mostly ok, just the odd occasion you wont find anything you like-especially when you need a new outfit the most, so try looking in advance also.I find it's better than watford for sure!
  • The working class in Uxbridge buy matching fake tracksuits from the market inside the Pavilion. The middle class all buy matching outfits from TopShop on FCUK. How original.
  • USC. best for siesel. i love it so much!!!
  • All the main high street brands and thats about it no alternative wear here although the chimes does hold a madhouse which is good sometimes but oyu are within an hour of london get yourself up to camden godammit!
  • Skate stuff at Steeze Skateshop, Cowley Road, Uxbridge.
  • lots since the Chimes opened, but they all seem to sell identicle looking (i.e. townie) clothes.
  • plenty in the new shopping centre called the chimes, most post in her are very old and neglected the fact ux has changed alot
  • Baron Jon, they will hook you up with many fine garms and threads. Ask for Trevor
  • So many in the Chimes - Top Shop, H & M, River Island, Debenhams, USC, Next, Dorothy Perkins, Monsoon. And outside is Tammy Girl and Etam and Woolies and West One. And there's the Brand Centre if you can be bothered to walk. Millions of shops! But no MISS SELFRIDGE WHY?!?!?!
  • top shop and west one they are sum wiked clothes shops west one is very high priced but it sells sum really nice clothes
  • In The Chimes, there's Gap, Topshop, River Island, fcuk, monsoon.
  • new look, top shop, west one, krisp and arc
  • quite a few for women, but not a great selection for men. top shop, h&m, debenhams, french connection and gap R a few. loads of sports shops, all selling the same thing
  • new look and top shop
  • If you think the gear from The Brand Centre is genuine - think again.
  • The Chimes & The Pavillion have the usual brands, GAP, Next, All:sport, H&M and a few decent other ones. There's a few charity shops to pick up comedy clothes.
  • the chimes uxbridge with shops like-usc,gap,french connection, next,topshop,and loads more
  • rebel staus designer clothing shop is a good shop to get all of those posh clothes that you might wanna wear out when you go to royales at reasonable prices!
  • a brand new shopping centre-the chimes- has just opened with about 72 new shops and outside the chimes are several new eating places
  • GAP, NEXT, FCUK, H&M, BURTONS, M&S, DEBENAMS, BHS, TOPHOP and not forgetting the oversized JJB sports store that is huge bcos of the huge demand for tracksuits from teenagers. Reminiscent of 1996 when sportswear was considered a fashionable thing.
  • The Brand Centre is pretty good for designer gear at good prices. It's not a cheap warehouse please either.
  • Yarns. Interesting little bits in there.
  • This category is surely an oxymoron in the town that style forgot!
  • you have to try out Q&S best shop of the street if you like wearing rags.
  • Not a great choice, best is New Look & Reason.
  • A nearby shop in a place called West Drayton is a pretty good shop for getting trendy clothes. It's called Gordons and is the place to go if you cant find anything in the ...what 4 clothes shops that there are in Uxbridge!!
  • sod all - unless your fashion tastes are restricted to oxfam and QS
  • Rebel Status (jeans, etc..), Marks and Spencer, the Pavillons Market (good belt stall, near the AA shop)

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