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  • Hi, Uxbridge Folk Club here. Our website can now be found at Also our prices are now non-members £12, members: £10 NUS: £4 Thanks
  • Hi, Uxbridge Folk Club here. Our website can now be found at Also our prices are now non-members £12, members: £10 NUS: £4 Thanks
  • Paddington Packet Boat Address High road Cowley, Peachy, Cowley Peachy, London UB8 2HT
  • Uxbridge Folk Club twice a month on Thursdays - all sorts of acoustic and roots music. All welcome, spots for floor singers. generally £8.00 (Students free at first gig then £5)
  • The Crown, The Hut, The Angel
  • The Crown and Treaty... Without a doubt, I think it's the only one isn't it??
  • live bands weekly at THE BROOK HOUSE AND THE HEATH TAVERN
  • The SU at Brunel University have a few bands playing there.
  • FOUNTAINS MILL, Kicks ass
  • The Beck Theatre has bands on - ok so it may be tribute bands but they are professional like queen, pink floyd. Also they have bands like Slade and Elvis nights. Also if your looking for comedy Jack Dee and Jimmy Carr play here among others.
  • Nowhere to speak of, surprise surprise. Wembley Arena is probably the nearest large music venue without going into central London.
  • Crown & Treaty presents The Treaty of Rock The Infidels + Sone Rock Night DJ's & Special Guest Saturday 21 Aug 6-2am
  • uxfest every year!!! lost prophets played there before they were famous.
  • The mill is the only place really although i am sure brunel sometimes get bands no big ones though but in the summer you should check out uxfest - it is a charity event run by volunteers for unsigned bands and we have seen the likes of lostprophets, sikth, funeralforafrien and raging speedhorn in our line up before they were big and we have stampin' ground for our entertainment this year - check out their album in HMV today!
  • Steer clear of Uxbridge and it's bands as they're mostly metal or luther vandross and that as we all know is just depressing. There is a very good Uxbridge band called 'Starky' who you can find out more about here - they play in and around London and Oxford mostly but they are from Uxbridge so they will understand. Still only young and very brilliant, this is the band to seek out if you need help escaping the flying bottles of Uxbridge. I do understand why most people are into metal around here as it is very depressing and you would definitely feel alienated if you have a brain.
  • If your in to funk and Hip Hop and are sick to death of R&B, then Hot Buttered Soul at Zanzibar on Thursday nights from 8pm is where you need to be. Also the promoters are having a New Years Eve party at the Academy night club (BRUNEL UNI).
  • fountain mills for the grungers
  • Fountains Mill, and Wembley Rugby Club in Harrow
  • Crown & Treaty, Royales
  • DISCOTHEQUE ROYALES - Great promotion on a thursday night.10 entry with 5 free drinks exept 2 of the 4 bars dont exept the tickets the other 2 bars have only 1 staff member serving on each.A good half hours wait to get served.End up with 2 or 3 tickets left at the end of a night spent queing - great
  • Fountain's mill no longer has band nights on fridays. We still hold Uxfest, a festival for unsigned and underground bands, on the first saturday of August.
  • The Civic Centre has rooms for parties.
  • erm. Yes. Brunel Uni had Chesney Hawkes over christmas. MACLUSKY also played in Dec2001, apparently they're very good.
  • Dont even think about it, unless you like folk, in which case, check ou the Load of Hay.. off the greenway.
  • No, don't be silly
  • Brunel University (at least they used to have music)
  • None that I know of.
  • fountains mill - is the music on the stage or in your head? if youve been there you know what i mean!
  • FOuntain's Mill (Youth club) every Friday (kind - of) 5.30-10.30
  • The Carpenters Arms, Uxbridge Rd, Hayes End,Thursday night. Colin Kingwell's Jazz Bandits. Country music at big pub Oxford Road, Uxbridge. Various folk venus - pub via Villiers Street opp. Brunel. Beck Theatre, Uxbridge Road, Hayes, 10 mins by bus from Uxbridge. All listed in The Informer, The Leader and The Gazette

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