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Clubs (Dance Music) and Music Bars in Viewpark, North Lanarkshire*

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Clubs (Dance Music) and Music Bars
  • Laughing Buddha, Tannochside Minors, Rolling Barrel
  • how come the sherwood shut down?
  • focus, bomb the place fs
  • None they're all shut down.
  • None they're all shut down.
  • capos but they let too many people inside now
  • the stables the barrel
  • The boys club disco & Big Pat's disco!!!
  • barrel
  • stables bar
  • The Stables will have u bustin a move!!
  • The Stables, an take from me you'll find alot more than horses in there at the weekend, plenty of gas flat cows too!!
  • Alas, the great Sherwood aka shitwood, sherrie, house of pain, sticky carpet etc. has now closed it's doors for what is (hopefully) the last time! You know you miss it though! There's always charlies!!!
  • the ashley if you want injured
  • sherrieokie
  • The Sherwood - whit a place! and they doormen, what age are they? Is there no anybody younger tae take over?
  • The sherwood its g8 sit back and watch the glasses fly
  • The sherwood and sometimes the Thorniewood.
  • Ashley House Hotel, Sherwood (aka House of Pain, shitwood etc) Have never seen so many slappers in my life until viviting sherwood!
  • the ashley {hypodrome } house hotel.the thorniewood for a'' the auld dears
  • the hypodrome (the ashley}
  • thorniewood
  • the sherwood or bothwell park hotel along with capos make for an entirely interesting friday night out where the patrons of these fine establishment do make legal tender
  • The Sherwood (Chateau, House of Pain etc) or the Ashley for old slappers
  • Capos on a Friday Night Sherwood Ashley All good guranteed safe fun

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Last updated: 2016-10-21

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