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Local Bands
  • I saw a young busker the other day in Wakefield.Really nice voice and great Performer.The sign on his guitar said J K Simpson. I have looked him up on the net and he performs all over the country by the looks of it. Hes very good. I stopped to listen to the Bob Dylan Mix he did. Ken, Wakefield
  • The Cribs are still here!... Skinny Living are amazing and really making a name for themselves. Milloy, Clown, So many good bands coming out of Wakey now
  • WAREHOUSE 23 - I have herd it is back on track with some amazing bands on the line up for this and next year 2013/2014.also can use room for practice if you speak with the Manager DAZ
  • WAREHOUSE 23 - I have herd it is back on track with some amazing bands on the line up for this and next year 2013/2014.also can use room for practice if you speak with the Manager DAZ
  • Local band "Obvious Pseudonym" wrote a song called 'Keith Chegwin For A Day' which was on Never Mind The Buzzcocks and Have I Got News For You - they perform fairly frequently around the area.
  • The Cribs. Plenty of unsigned; Jonny d'Pedalo, Jason Wakefield, New Vinyl, Tres Macacos, The LAbels - Myspace them all, some are pretty good!
  • Wakefield novelty band Obvious Pseudonym, who wrote a song called 'Keith Chegwin For A Day' (and was heard on 'Have I Got News For You'!). Shrood - sorta like a cross between Red Hot Chilli Peppers and The Commitments. Dr Blue - fantastic blues band, heard a lot at O'Donoghues and Talbot & Falcon.
  • new vinyl or left side open, both are good
  • Primitive Echo
  • kiss the dawn pretty good
  • Harry Coffey Band - excellent blues rock band!!!!

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