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The Best Things
  • Still officially part of Lancashire : tough unpretentious not like soft weak puffy Cheshire
  • We all join together in a crisis The scruffs are just druggies and thieves and the good working people to have a good laugh and party:) don't like warrington? Fuck off up your own end because face it, we probably wouldn't like your shit hole either :) a good drink and a laugh anyday over snobby stuck up pricks who only slate this place because they're home town is a fucking dive to :) ciao! P's..people from warrington have a warringtonian accent, we're not scouse or mancs you thicko's...trod off up your own shitty street and leave us to do what the hell we like :)!
  • Majority are Good, friendly people.
  • Does anybody know what happened to Walkers Pie Shop on Pinmill Brow Warrington they made the best pies ever
  • life are free! Sankey Valley Park - great for young kids (kickabout, cycling, walking the cat). Improved College, Bus Station, Rugby Ground.
  • gimps
  • town is cheap, funny and chearful
  • Us Warringtonians :) We're friendly enough.
  • Chavs sometimes hunt each other round town-tons of em...about 50 chavs were involved in a massive brawl a few weeks ago-Padgate versus Woolston I think!
  • Legends
  • night life in warrington has improved in leaps and bounds.lots of pubs all within staggering distance of eachother and tons of readily available junk food
  • night life in warrington has improved in leaps and bounds.lots of pubs all within staggering distance of eachother and tons of readily available junk food
  • compact town centre,hate walking miles round shops
  • Chester Road, 'cos it takes you out of Warrington towards Wales. Bennetts of Warrington - probably the only decent bus company in Warrington
  • HMV in Golden Square, Casi Club on Mersey Street, Space 5 and Parr Hall, Attic Studios. Eating out in Stockton Heath.
  • Pizza's from Star
  • the world nightclub no longer there now
  • 24 hour tesco
  • Being so close to Liverpool and Manchester! Oh and thew fact thaty it's always gridlocked when heading over the bridge into town!
  • lots ov worm indoor placeis to go
  • The best thing is the road to my mums in nearby Lowton, where I can usually find me dad hiding behind the curtains wiping the end of his nob as he watch's me mates give it to me mum up the ars*........ After that I can go to my girlfriends and help my mate Grinch give her one by pushing his ars* hard as he takes her from behind.........Then I can giv Mozza a lift to the red light district where on a Friday and Saturday he is a rent boy.................
  • the skate spots...contary to common belief there's quite alot of decent spots, be creative!
  • Mostly friendly, loads of jobs, the women are cool!
  • The people - not scouse, not mancs. Just regular good people
  • Easy to get beer, and stolen shit n stuff u wudnt normally talk about.
  • being punk
  • The lack of good places. It broadens your imagination, you have to imagine you're somewhere else.
  • Growing up in Warrington - the motivation it gives you to get out of there and live somewhere decent.
  • the sexy door man on postern gate!!!!!!
  • erm...running round in the hail
  • the best things bout warrington must be the clubs cos its the most exciting things here! 53 and mr smiths are the best and maybe eddisons on a tuesday!also the fountain that is near maccies that is dedicated to tim parry and jonathan ball.also the peace centre in sankey!
  • how u love every1 wen u see them in town and all us cool kids at priestley
  • For the individual - nostalgia. For the individual moving forward - nothing.
  • Music shops
  • Northern spirit and friendliness (although you only miss it when you're gone!)
  • town is great! the best thing is that we are under age and we get in so what's that bout the person who sed people trying to look older dont do a very good job?
  • town is great! the best thing is that we are under age and we get in so what's that bout the person who sed people trying to look older dont do a very good job?
  • cool people
  • Salsa, the market has a few cool stalls (when i say market I mean cheap fake designer clothes, not a nice market), erm, that's it. Oh, and there are soem amusing rivalries between the Dallamers and ppl from Westbrook.
  • Warrington is an ok base lets face it where else can you get to manchester or liverpool within 30 mins. The people are great (except those who say it's s**t p**s off if that is what you think) and if all else fails you can always get a cheap bottle of wine get bladdered and laugh at all the scantily clad tweenies trying not to freeze in the queue at smiths on a friday night! wasn't it great when you realised that you were old enough to wear a coat and trousers!
  • sankey vally park
  • Aardvark music Rhoade island cafe shop
  • There are an enormous selection of high speed roads and motorways that take you out of this dump. Just dont choose the wrong time to leave, you might die of DVT in your car before you get out of town.
  • The town shares its name with a seaside resort in New Zealand
  •'s not Liverpool ?????
  • me and bacon man
  • The Penketh & Sankey Sports and Social Club is a very nice place to meet friends and has a FREE 100 seat FUNCTION ROOM. Call 01925 722523/482448 or go to
  • Proximity to Manchester and Liverpool.
  • Hard to think- If I were a scally or a slag Id love the place.
  • the birds at priestley college are top wack.(most of 'em anyway
  • Smoking at Hill Cliff Cemetary, where you can see all the lights in warrington, Runcorn and Chester.
  • Replying to the person about Wally Barnes, he was a very close friend of my grandad's who died a few years back, my sister has 2 of his books but there are 3 and seem to be totally impossible to get hold of.
  • its only half an hour down the M62 from the trafford centre
  • the best thing about warrington is i used to live there and desperately want to return. any offers see council exchange book or homes exchange register
  • Winwick Park-come on bring it on!abit of class on warrington+very nice cars.really funny 2 c all the scruffs gawping on the bus.the very reliable 19 bus route.the people i dont care when anyone says there are some gr8 ppl-accent can be pretty proud 2 B warringtonian lots of shops(all u need+more)gr8 nightlife if u know where 2 go.gr8 places 2 eat(once again if u know them)gorgeous little villages. IKEA!!!!!!yay!gr8 m-way links.lots of jobs.loads of stuff 2 do.good schools-excluding beaumont-hehehe!great places like orford ful of luvly ppl trying 2 do the best by their kids.Lots of celeb ex-residents.Posh places,scally places-u need a balance.its a pretty safe unintimidating place 4 a 16-yr old girl even in the worst parts u cant say that about many places. even blackbrook(scallyville)has improved recently.ur never far from a caring grandmother willing 2 invite u in 4 a cuppa.Yeh its a typical northern town but whats wrong with that weve got prospects!theres plenty worse places!Be proud of warrington and itL only get better and better.
  • The M6 outward bound, the M56 outward bound, The M62 outward bound, all roads leading out of Warrington
  • the women, easily the randiest bunch of easy to pull slappers on earth, if ya want an easy (very) lay - go to warrington!
  • Girls are up for a laugh (but so are the girls in every other northern town/city). Liverpool is nearby.
  • ermmmmmm, i just like the whole warringtonness (does that make sense??).
  • Motorways close by to get out the damn place!!!
  • The joke that is doing the rounds about possible "city status"
  • warrington is gr8 so if you don't like it f**k off.fair enough sum people are ignorant and start fights, but arn't they like that everywhere.i am a single mum there is nothing wrong with that but i am not easy and i go to college full time.i like warrington because i like the shops and the bars and the lads are sexy as f** leave warrington alone!
  • The best thing about Warrington is SOUTH warrington. Its funny driving home after being away, to watch the scallies of town race beside me untill you eventually escape it all and drive alongside the purring porsches, mercedes and recentally ferraris that grace our streets in Stockton Heath and Appleton ;-) Although most people cant comment as they are originally from the inner warrington slums..... foregtting youre roots ;-) ?? By the way, you are all asking where all the scousers and scallies came from, it was the overspill from Liverpool that produced them all and as that happened north Warrington plummetted and South warrington sky rocketed on wealth. Basics - you live in south warrington if you shop in wilmslow and the rest of cheshire and North Warrington if your into cider on street corners ! oh dear !
  • good nightlife, friendly people always good night out.
  • St Elphins scouts (13th Warrington), Howley, Woolston
  • Friendly people, lots to see and do, getting bigger and more popular by the day...
  • beer, and all the local riders.
  • THE WARRINGTON WOLVES ( the wire )
  • easy women
  • Appleton and Stockton Heath
  • Some (not many and most are taken!!) Cute lads!!!
  • Bars can be good on certain nights when the fools are away. Good bus service if you're into that kinda thing (it is!). Come on, it isnt that bad really! I quite like it...put it this way, compare it Runcorn!...............Widness, Wigan, St Helens, Kosovo. Plus, there's a nice selection of BMW M5's, TVR Chimera's,Accord Type R's,Vectra GSi's, Porsche's, Impreza's, Lancers etc etc doing the rounds.
  • In between two major cities and surrounded by Motorways! No wonder we've all got breathing difficulties
  • The Blue Bell - best night out in town
  • sexy blokes, mentioning no names (Stan the Man)- Give it to me baby!!!!!!
  • The M6 outa here
  • You can go back to Warrington after spending years away, walk down the high street in the town centre and you still know everybody and say hi
  • All of my friends the skaters and jessica.
  • There is a Weatherspoons pub being built! AT LAST
  • Thats a hard one, there is a good atmosphere in the town centre at the weekends, most of the time, but thats about it.oh yes lots of idiots to laugh at in the pubs and clubs.
  • Unemployment is 3%. Lots of green space eg Sankey Valley Park. Good takeaways
  • the slapper there is no where else in the world with easier girls
  • The best thing about Warrington is the roads out. Also my mum still living there I can go back and have a laugh at all the locals. They are all stuck in a time warp .Although the council estates have all had new windows. You know the saying you can change the buildings but not the people who live in them.
  • The Central Kebab house in town for its amazing half pound cheeseburgers....
  • Central Kebab House
  • the night life and the rugby league team
  • I'm vaguely certain Warrington is the reason I'm a manic depressant
  • The fields/trees/flowers/birds/worms & cemetary.
  • The Best thing about warrington is that there is no football team which mens that there is never no football holaganism.
  • The Town Hall Gates were made at a foundry in nearby Widnes
  • There are plenty of Motorways to get away quickly.
  • The friendly people. and the Guardian which helped me find my relatives still living in Warrington. I loved being there.
  • The village of Penketh (

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