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Montford County High School Orford by Gary Shaw (Member 10014254) on 7-Aug-2000
Hiya anyone out there used to go to Montford County High School during 1978-1983 ???   
  • Re: Montford County High School Orford by d (Member 10020580) on 21-Nov-2000
    Yes i went to this school and left in 1982. I was in Mr Kerkffs form in my last year. Please e-mail me .

  • Re: Montford County High School Orford by Gary Shaw (Member 10014254) on 30-Nov-2000
    Hiya thanks for the message

    Yeah Mr Kerkoff was the art teacher if i remember rightly .. you know i can not remember my last year form tutor .. think it might of been Mr Wharf the geography teacher ... so where are you now are you still living in Warrington ??? do you see anyone from our old school ??

Burtonwood & BBc2 by Don Konley (Member 10000591) on 9-Jul-2000
For anyone interested the tape of the Burtonwood reunion from 2000 will be shown july11at 7:30pm   
www.planetwarrington.co.uk by dave (Member 10013829) on 22-Jun-2000
check out www.planetwarrington.co.uk, a new comedy
style site for warrington currently under construction.
Not for the easily offended!!
Closure of St Werburgh's Primary School by saveourschool (Member 10008858) on 1-Jun-2000
The people of Warrington are being grossly mislead by their Education Chiefs. Inaccurate figures, illogical arguments and broken promises have lead to the victimisation of children and parents. Ever wondered how far some people in power will go to get what they want, even if no one else wants it? Then visit: http://www.saveourschool.freewire.co.uk/
and find out.
Remember, it could be Your way of life next...
Dublin Weekend 12/5/00 - 14/5/00 by Rebecca Webb-Heath (Member 10011967) on 15-May-2000
I am trying to track down somebody I met at the weekend in Dublin. Unfortunately I have very limited information about him. All I know is that his name is Nathan, about 6ft with dark hair.
He was in Dublin on a football trip.
We met in Fitzsimmons (a bar in the Temple Bar area of Dublin). I was with a group of girls.
Please e-mail me if you know who I am talking about or if you are Nathan. Please. Thanks.
PARENTS OF TEENAGERS by Emma Louhichi (Member 10011115) on 13-May-2000
I would like to hear from anyone who has the same concern about the under age drinking sessions that our children like to indulge in on Friday nights on the street corners. I feel that there is very little being done about it am I the only one? I would love any advice you may have or to hear your veiws   
Warrington Grammar School by Tim Gray (Member 10011474) on 5-May-2000
I am trying to locate friends or family members of my great-uncle Rev.Horace Gray who was Head Master of Warrington Grammar School from 1907 to 1932. Any assistance greatly appreciated.   
Bargain day trip to London this Saturday April 29th by nigel (Member 10010794) on 27-Apr-2000
Rail tickets - Depart Liverpool Lime St. 6:45, Depart London Euston 16:50;

4 tickets available, £10 each or all 4 for £30, or make me an offer;

0845 333 6085 (Birkenhead)
St.Aelreds by Stuart Davies (Member 10011043) on 26-Apr-2000
If you know, let me know   
  • Re: St.Aelreds by sarah (Member 10011103) on 27-Apr-2000
    what is it u wanted to know about st aelreds, what year r u in, i left there 2 years ago

  • Re: St.Aelreds by Andy (Member 10110006) on 12-Nov-2003
    I know, I work there!

    take a look at the newly designed (by yours truly) website!


Closure of St Werburgh's Primary School, Warrington by saveourschool (Member 10008858) on 10-Mar-2000
Do you know that councillors who had never visited St Werburgh's Primary School in Warrington (and openly confused it with another school) voted to close it recently?
If this is democracy in a modern town, then your elected representatives are a disgrace!
Find out the truth about how and why this decision was made at:
Thankyou for your time.
Boteler Grammar School by nick carroll (Member 10008209) on 24-Feb-2000
Any ex pupils out there ? Especially 76 - 81. The time of Fud, Squid, Sucker,Percy and Stan Odgen. Who was the smelly PE teacher with the fat son ? Remember Miss Something or other - the fittest PE teacher ever.   
  • Re: Boteler Grammar School by Angela Hayes (Member 10010796) on 21-Apr-2000
    Nick Carroll - are you the Nick Carroll that used to work at Martin Dawes?! I thought you went to work in Lanzarote!!! If this is you e-mail me at angelhid@hotmail.com

  • Re: Boteler Grammar School by Stuart Davies (Member 10011043) on 26-Apr-2000
    Do either of you know a guy called Andrew Dean, he used to work at M.Dawes

  • Re: Boteler Grammar School by Gary Shaw (Member 10014254) on 10-Jul-2000
    You cant be the same Nick Carrol that used to live near me ... you used to knock around with my brother Eric Shaw (he went to Boteler as well)
    if so e-mail me at gazmanchester@hotmail.com (no prizes for guessing where i live now) see ya

  • Re: Boteler Grammar School by PaulIrwin (Member 10014753) on 23-Jul-2000
    I was at Boteler 79 - 84........and is Nick Caroll Ians brother...........if so I was in your brothers year:}
    anyone know of what happened to Stanlast I heard he was in Gateshead or some other remote part of the world!!!!!!!!!
    and I also remember the pe teacher...........her first name was heather ..........I think.......not sure bout surname........platt or something

  • Re: Boteler Grammar School by stephen murphy (Member 10017727) on 29-Sep-2000
    I seem to remember that there were a couple of cracking PE teachers one after the other. First there was the delectable Mrs. Foxley (who I'm sure Dave Clifton,rugby playing history teacher, fancied), then there was the nubile, sexy Miss Platt (England national hurdler), who I think Clifton ended up marrying..lucky *** I remember pretending to have hurt my ankle once so that Mrs. Foxley would help ... more >>

  • Re: Boteler Grammar School by dave lawton (Member 10017979) on 4-Oct-2000
    i went to the boteler 78 - 83. the pe teacher was called thompson , or better known as boff . unfortunatley he died a while ago. the pe teacher was called platt , and i was talking to di spitt or mr reece the biology teacher not too long ago in wilkinsons store , and now he isnt teaching me he is a nice plesent gentleman , not the way i thought at school!!!remember him?? remember fud with his piec... more >>

  • Re: Boteler Grammar School by Tony McNevin (Member 10020076) on 12-Nov-2000
    I was at Boteler from 71-76. I remember all those mentioned above, Thommo (PE) Fud (complete with bunsen burner tube!!) Sucker (certainly straightened me out with Maths...teach by fear method ). Once you got around him though, he was dead easy to sidetrack. Just mention Leeds United and he'd be off on one! Does anyone remember Jim Ryan, English teacher who was probably the best teacher in the s... more >>

  • Re: Boteler Grammar School by Gary Welsby (Member 10025527) on 7-Feb-2001
    I was at Boteler from 73-78. One of my funniest memories is when I was in the 5th form and some of the more musically inclined people in our year decided to enter the music competition of the Warrington Festival. Come the night of the competition we went to the Parr Hall to watch them. The rest of the schools had sent pupils who were playing violins and trumpets etc. and the judges were 3 sweet ol... more >>

  • Re: Boteler Grammar School by Kevin Lawton (Member 10025534) on 7-Feb-2001
    I went to Boteler between 1973 and 1980 and so remember all these teachers. What memories! To answer Dave Lawton’s query, I think the PE teacher that used to “warm your bottom” (to use his words!) was Don Stobbs. I remember he often forget names – he used to call everyone whose name he’d forgotten “Jackson”. I also remember Fud used to go for a sly puff of his pipe in the chemistry lab stock room ... more >>

  • Re: Boteler Grammar School by Gary Welsby (Member 10025527) on 7-Feb-2001
    Here is another name from the past...Happy Harry (Mr Harrison the maths teacher)He taught those of us that Sucker Smith had washed his hands of. ie set 4. I still feel bad about the way we would act up in his class. His was our next set after biology and he would often come into our class to find on his seat the remains of whatever we had discected in biology. In one class I remember Mike Solan wh... more >>

  • Re: Boteler Grammar School by Gary Welsby (Member 10025527) on 7-Feb-2001
    Other teachers I remember from the 7o's were:
    FagAsh Lill the French teacher don't remember her real name...Doc Elliot the coolest woodwork teacher...Pin Head the German Teacher again don't know his real name. I also remember a geography teacher whos name I don't remember, not Thommo but the other one who was always going fell walking and drove the school mini-busses.His name could have been Stan... more >>

  • Re: Boteler Grammar School by dave lawton (Member 10017979) on 12-Mar-2001
    just a few names of teachers that were at the latest reunion ( i wasnt there live in perth!!) but thoses who were there included stan ogden geography , percival deputy head , harry livesey history , bill oxley physcis , dave shade biology ,pinhead phoenix french. anyone remember the tuck shop where you could buy 10 mars bars and get change for 20 pence as it was all your mates behind the counter!!!!!!!!!

  • Re: Boteler Grammar School by dave lawton (Member 10017979) on 12-Mar-2001
    who was the woodwork teacher who used to look the spitting image of gerry adams, and remember boring brien glover??

  • Re: Boteler Grammar School by Kevin Lawton (Member 10025534) on 12-Mar-2001
    How did you find out about the reunion, Dave? Would love to attend any future ones if poss. I remember the tuck shop well but you had to avoid trying to pass any foreign coins in your handful of loose change when Babs Walton was serving because she had eyes like a hawk. I also remember Brian Glover (Goldfinger), the English teacher, too. It wasn’t that he was boring (I went on a school trip to Aus... more >>

  • Re: Boteler Grammar School by dave lawton (Member 10017979) on 13-Mar-2001
    i will find out about the next reunion for you kev and let you know.another question for you, who was the art teacher we used to call stavros , a big guy with bushy hair???

  • Re: Boteler Grammar School by Greg Millar (Member 10032409) on 7-May-2001
    I attended Boteler from '76-'81, I remember Nicky Carroll and all the teachers mentioned. My daughter goes there now, only Hugh Chambers left from our days. Don't see much of anyone else from our year, where are they now??

  • Re: Boteler Grammar School by Michael Gabriel (Member 10040975) on 14-Aug-2001
    Still trying to take all the nostalgia in from the message board - brilliant! Was lucky enough to attend a reunion a couple of years ago for '78 & '79 1st year pupils but haven't heard of any more. Pam Jones organised that particular one but I'm not sure if she's planning a re-match!?
    I can remember most of the teachers; Thomason the ozone-unfriendly and, sadly, deceased PE teacher (does anyone ... more >>

  • Re: Boteler Grammar School by Michael Gabriel (Member 10040975) on 14-Aug-2001
    I'm here again. Have lost the best part of a working day going back over some of the times of my life and wondered if anyone still has any old photos? I have lost every photograph or artefact associated with my Boteler-days and would be grateful if anyone could mail something to me at the address shown. Especially welcome would be pictures from the '78-'83 years but anything would be gratefully received!

  • Re: Boteler Grammar School by Kevin Lawton (Member 10025534) on 5-Nov-2001
    I have a scanned photo of the staff of 1976. If you’d like the memories to come flooding back, especially of Stavros with his amazing hair and jacket, email me and I’ll reply with the photo attched to it.

  • Re: Boteler Grammar School by janet man (Member 10060674) on 27-Feb-2002
    my brother billy brown went to the school, but left to go to south africa in 1975, his uncle edward brown left the school in 1976 but now lives in the states does anybody remember them??? billy played soccer for the school.

  • Re: Boteler Grammar School by Mark Livesey (Member 10108205) on 21-Oct-2003
    Is this the same Kevin Lawton who used to live in Statham Avenue?

  • Re: Boteler Grammar School by Kevin Lawton (Member 10025534) on 18-Nov-2003
    Sure is! Next door to you, in fact, Mark!

  • Re: Boteler Grammar School by Mark Livesey (Member 10108205) on 18-Nov-2003
    So Kevin, where do you live now? I think the last I heard you were around the Bristol area. I just came across this board by chance when I was searching Google for anything about Boteler. Guess I am becoming nostalgic in my old age.

  • Re: Boteler Grammar School by Kevin Lawton (Member 10025534) on 19-Nov-2003
    Mark, please drop me an email at kevinl_61@hotmail.com.

Skate Spots by Rick (Member 10008182) on 24-Feb-2000
All Warrington skaters out there - where are the best skate spots in warrington and where do the most skaters tend to hook up on sundays? Increase the warrington skate scene!!!!!   
  • Re: Skate Spots by Pam (Member 10009513) on 23-Mar-2000
    Can anyone tell me what the fibreglass surface is like? How does it wear and what it is like to skate on. Thanks

ISO Sister, Anita Dinsdale/Fletcher by Patrick Vasquez (Member 10000192) on 23-Feb-2000
On Dec 9, 1999, I located my brother, Darren Stott, in Durham, UK during my search for my biological mother, Sylvia Dinsdale nee Ingram.
Also during my search, I learned that I have a sister named Anita Dinsdale who is now married to Kenneth Fletcher.
I am arriving in England on 18 March 2000 to unit with my brother and my Uncle Roy Ingram, and I would like to see her also.
PS She probably doe... more >>
Old friend by Karl Hewitt (Member 10006591) on 13-Jan-2000
This has to be the closest site to Widnes...Looking for an old mate I aint seen or heard of since Wymott in 1987/1988...his name is Peter Noone of Widnes (no this aint a joke)...Taff wants a word...   
School!!!! by Victoria Lowe (Member 10006135) on 1-Jan-2000
I went to Gorse Covert Primary School from about 1989 till 1991 when we moved to Staffordshire, I'd love to get in touch with my old school friends, the closer ones being:
Donna Jevans
Leanne Shaw
Cheryl Hill
and many others you know who you are, you will all be about 15 ... more >>
Jason Paul Brown by hans (Member 10005341) on 4-Dec-1999
I am looking for Jason Paul Brown.
Do someone know how I can contact him.
I am trying everything but nothing works.
Thanks,Hans from the Netherlands.
  • Re: Jason Paul Brown by Victoria Lowe (Member 10006135) on 2-Jan-2000
    Jasons Family now live in Wales.
    Stop hounding the poor bloke he has a right to privacy!!

  • Re: Jason Paul Brown by nick carroll (Member 10008209) on 24-Feb-2000
    I heard he moved up to Scotland after the RSPCA| were tipped off by a vet about his strange hobby

Jason Paul Brown by Hans (Member 10004978) on 21-Nov-1999
I am in search of Jason from 5ive.
Is there someone who know how I in contact can come with him.
Thanks from Hans out of the Netherlands
Looking for people I used to know by Adam Buckle (Member 10004724) on 14-Nov-1999
My name is Adam Buckle, I went to Gorse Covert Primary School from 1987-1991. I found this page, and I was looking for people who may have gone there who might remember me (even though it has been 9 years), just thought it might be cool to talk to them. Looking for people like Stuart Carter, Michael Rimmington, anyone thow them? If you do, have them drop me a line. Anyway, if you know anyone wh... more >>   
looking for old school friends by Vyvyan Baxter (Member 10004355) on 2-Nov-1999
Is there anyone out there who went to Woolston High School around 1962-1964. I particularly would like to contact Christine Challinor, anyone know her whereabouts?   
  • Re: looking for old school friends by Emily Grimshaw (Member 10002970) on 5-Nov-1999
    Hi, My mum went to Woolson high around that time. Her name would have been Sandra Isherwood back then. I'll ask her if she knows who you mean.

  • Re: looking for old school friends by Vyvyan Baxter (Member 10004355) on 29-Mar-2000
    Thanks for taking the trouble, I don't remember your mum but who knows she may know someone i do after all it's a small world

SALTLEY COLLEGE, Birmingham by Roy Smith (Member 10000619) on 23-Oct-1999
Saltley College, Birmingham. Hoping to contact anyone who trained at this
teachers'college, especially 1961-64. Greetings from Vancouver, Canada.
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