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  • Riverside and the village only places to go really
  • the vic is the best pub in washy by miles nowt better on a Saturday getting pissed watching the footie sunland..!! then rollin out for some of the best grub around,staggs for ya pizza,bobbys for ya Chinese and asian delight for ya indians then of home haha mint..!!
  • The cherry tree, quizes on tues & thurs. Bikini girls on a friday night, monster sunday lunches.
  • The woodlands
  • Chevvies, is now a sports bar. Beer is a lot better than days gone by.
  • Washington is best on a Friday night (saturdays are quieter) The Oasis, The Riverbar, The Cross Keys are all pretty decent bars and have an ok atmosphere...most of the other commerical bars around Washington (In paticular Concord) are where you are likely to get into some random pointless fight with a total stranger over nothing.
  • Rickleton Arms is now The Woodlands (again). New owners, good food menu and best Sunday dinner in Washington. Kids play area all new and lush
  • Chevy's is brilliant but avoid the Highwayman in Lambton Centre. It's like the island of Dr Moreau in there.
  • The Ranch as everyone calls it is a pile ov shit ppl r right u stick to the floor coz its that needs to be done out make it a better place to go its full ov numptys.
  • spoons is a good place to meet up, then get out of concord. but if your a dope smoker, the spec is always an option
  • any where ya can get pissed but my favs are piccadilly bar and Spoons and now the footy club. The cross keys is gud if a ya wanna see some fit chicks.
  • riverbar is great on a saturday night. a good laugh and the drinks quite cheap too - doubles!!!
  • Lots of em, lots of moron filled shit houses.
  • The Tavern in Concord is good at the weekend with DJ'S pumping out 'choons' till 1am.
  • sandpiper is quiet, but nice for a quiet beer, quiz nights good on tuesday nights. chevies is fun, oasis is awful, the village is better for more partyish nights but if you wanna get shitfaced get to the riverside everyone else does!
  • The crummy places in the Galleries
  • Hmm... Well, I can't believe no one has metioned 'Spoons in Concord. C'mon people!
  • Chevies is mint cheep drink, good music & lush toasties The Cherry Tree is alright for a laugh does a lush sunday dinner
  • the havlock and river bar fatfield riverside!!!!!
  • the ox and plough, the honest boy
  • the vic and the sandy
  • The Riverside Bar, near Fatfield Bridge. Recently refurbished, looks nice. Has free internet use and 'happy-hour' push button thingy.
  • The famed inn between has now gone, replaced by a new fangled, more relaxed cyber cafe sort of affair. Loads of old folks and lots of chat and comfy chairs.No more loud music and pulling slappers all weekend. I should know, I was the DJ for 9 years. gone on to pastures new. someone liven up Fatfield!!
  • All the pus in washington will serve you as long as you are tall enough to reach the bar, and if you can't they will give you a high chair so you can.
  • Best pub is the Oddfellows Arms. Check out the karaoke on a Wed and Sat night. p.s it's at Cox Green on the other side of the river next to the footbridge.
  • CHEVEYS is getting canny good and the cherry Tree. CASSIDYS,(dont belive the storys, its really good..... THE RICKLETON ARMS(ex woodlands)...I WOULD NOT DARE,BUT DEAD ENOUGH TO TAKE A UGLY BIRD OUT AND NOT WORRY ABOUT BEEN SEEN BY YOUR MATES!!!!p.s. THE POOL TABLES(2)ARE 50p A GO, AND TOTALLY SHIT...(lets hope the rumours of a takover are true...)
  • Go down thhe newly refurbished Rvier Bar and HAvelock in for a bit of class and a lot of dirty schoolgirls. The Oasis is ok as well which in in the Galleries. Not forgetting the village
  • sandpiper ,glebe, ox and plough, cherry tree, oasis , washigton arms , poachers pocketand the cross keys and the victoria
  • The Rickleton Arms has a great jukebox, even has some metallica on it! Chevies happy hour is sooooo cheap - you can get wrecked on snakeys in no time!
  • The Riverbar (formerly the innbetween) it is now very classy and fun after the referbishment (and the manager is lush)
  • The Sandpiper is the best pub. Ever. However, it could be made even better if some more fine phillies came over on Tuesday and Friday nights. Please.
  • The keys and the arms in th village.
  • washington is the mecca of the north
  • too many, it is like ibiza for pubs!!!
  • The Inbetween located down at the riverside. Mostly full of 16 year olds and boasts watered down Fosters lager ... guaranteed to take it's toll the next day!! Good for guys to go down and pick up some girls (mostly slappers) and have a good laugh with their mates. Some good music (sometimes) but when you're completely intoxicated you're guaranteed a good time.
  • Lots of Pubs to suti all tastes. The very young choose the riverside,three pubs in a row within easy walking distance, loud music but beware buses stop running to and from there around 6 on a weekend so BOOK a Taxi. THe village suits a slightly older "twenty - thirty somethings" type. Three pubs in a row (again) Taxi rank and Chip shop The sandpiper - real ale - example bishops finger, christas pud, old peculiar
  • Two excelent areas to go for a drink in Washington are Washington Village and the riverside. Washington Village (not manic, but very busy on Fridays and Saturdays!): pubs are The Washington Arms, The Cross Keys and the Steppes. The riverside is very manic at weekends. Main pub there is the Inbetween.
  • Chevies Is an American Sixtys theme pub and has a great atmosphere especialy on a sunday.
  • The Sandpiper Biddick great for real ale
  • The Victoria pub on Biddick Lane is quite a lively place on weekends!!

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