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  • The Plough & Harrow really is one of the better Welling Pubs!!!Gradually getting rid of it past reputation! Give it a visit & make your own judgement!!
  • The Newcross Turnpike, Cheap drink but no music, it's ok to meet for lunch or before you go off out somewhere else
  • Infernos - normally over 25, but drop it to 18+ ecery other sunday for a rock nite - a local set of 3 or 4 bands, good mix of genre too.
  • Nag's Head - quiz nights on Tuesdays wit a a rele funny landlord who likes to repeat himself (number thirteen... number THIR-TEEN!)and cheap vodka shots
  • the moon and sixteen year olds. lol
  • anchor and hope could do with smartening up and new food menu - good place to take kids in summer but garden could do with tidy up!
  • The notorious one has to be The Station (now known as Moon & Sixpence) used to be a good pub but too many fresh faced crowds in there. Shame really just been done up again and is really nice in there and has good potential if the fresh faced crowds pissed off. The Nags Head has improved a bit as well but there is the good old Turnpike which is good for a cheap drink and something to eat, but the fresh faced crowds like to congregate upstairs
  • The Newcross Turnpike is cheap, has no music or pool tables, but its really big.
  • I feel I have to write something here Due to the fact that I was unhappy To see the pub I work in down as notorius. O.k. maybe in the past it deserved this tag but at present it is a freindly and lively place to come and enjoy a drink. Maybe we don't suit some of the Turnpikes customers but we are at the end of the day catering for the 18-30 year olds who want to have a good night out. As for the comment on fighting it is very rare that a fight will break out in the pub. Now we are being refurbished maybe some of the public who see the pub as being under a black cloud would like to come and really see what they are missing out on.
  • NEWCROSS the best pub in Welling
  • Bellgrove Social Club. Cheap beer. Full of Asphalters and builders
  • The notorius Moon and Sixpence.
  • New Cross Turnpike, good food and drink with promotions. Yet again another wetherspoons, do a good sunday lunch. Friday and Saturday night a good place to meet before going out Moon and Sixpence, good garage and house but prone to a good fight and lots of chucking up!

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