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Cheap Food
  • great food and cheap and better then Wetherspoons at the White Hart
  • McDonald's, KFC, Subway.
  • Remember getting a Tommy Burger and a free rear windscreen sticker " I've had Tommys whopper in my mouth" and " I've held Tommys sticky doughnuts in my hand". Had them on my company van for years, no-one in the rest of the U.K. knew what the **** they meant!
  • The Chinese takeaway on the seafront is brill
  • Scoffers for those with stomachs of iron. Surfside for a decent kebab or DFC if all else fails.
  • Smileys sandwich bar, superb "made to measure" sandwiches and other delights.
  • Lots .........
  • weymouth kebab house..*shudders
  • the local fish n' chips = BEAUTIFUL!
  • Gurkha Restaurant... all you can eat... mmm
  • bins
  • Cafe 21 - Veggie - East Street Weymouth - Now closed........
  • Tesco sandwhichs
  • SPAR!! by town bridge (next to golden lion). open from 6 am 7 days a week. perfect hangover cure of giant sausage and bacon roll- 1.99!! sells fags, biccies, beer, porn, choc, drinks, crisps. munchies heaven- open till 11 pm 7 days.
  • DFC (Dorset Fried Chicken! lol) yeh, it's good food.
  • Perry's What a perfect place to eat, drink and be merry! - Weymouth is full of fantastic restaurants - To suit anyones wallet!!
  • You must go to the GALLEY BISTRO in Hope Square. Went there on recommendation for birthday celebration with the girlies and the food was absolute fab and purse friendly leaving more room in the purse for beer(if your in a group go for the hot buffet - bargain)! Friendly staff, great food, music - made to feel very welcome.
  • Fish n Fritz, loads of lovely chips and its quite cheap
  • Perrys Resturant
  • michelangelo preston best pizzas I've ever tasted cheap nights wed& thurs
  • Beware the Chinese in Great George Street. Nuff said.
  • CAFE 21! 21 East St it's a fantastic veggie cafe, really great fresh home made food. THe best place to eat in town.
  • Best fish and chips from the marlboro. always a good sized portion!
  • Perry's on the Quay, yes I know it's expensive but it's worth it!
  • Mc Donalds. Fish and Fritz. That is about it.
  • Surf side Kebab in town...and really frendy staff.
  • The best Chippy is Fish 'n' Fritz. It's just won an award for best chippy i9n the south east apparently. Other than that I had a nice meal in the excise house or there's a place just over the bridge into town - The something I think it might be the fish. Careful if you are having Chilli Cheese fries at that all night place what's it called? Scoffers is it? I don't know but anyway the chilli is very hot and after a few bevvys it will almost certainly cause you to lose your insides.
  • Excellent Indian by the railway station opposite sex shop
  • It has to be the Spyglass Inn in Bowleaze Cove for me. A great start to the night is to be had by challenging yourself to one of their massive meals, healthy sized wine glasses, and helium balloons all ready for inhaling at the end of the evening!
  • Not Dorothy's, honest comment from the bloke who served us was 'we don;t often get asked for breakfast' and having eaten there I know why! The better option if significantly more seedy is the Cafe by the Ferry terminal, quick, cheap and far more 'real' if you know what I mean. The decor is almost worth the walk in itself (NOT!)
  • The dorothy inn on the esplanade!!!!! great food but not expencive it also has Great friendly staff. Go there, please!!!!!
  • The two rivaling McDonalds and Wimpy but the nicest is Scoffers.
  • Avoid the Ming Wah restaurant, Highly expensive and frugal portions. In summary, ARSE!
  • "Scoffers" wins the salmonella vulgaris award for naff after clubbing grubbing!!
  • Scoffers and Scoffers (order chips and cheese) only on a night when your drunk (that whole street is a food street where everyone meets after your night out. But DON'T go there in the daytime!!
  • King Balti, Park Street. Favourite with doormen and other assorted hard nuts. Free Delivery for over 10. Meal for 2, 10! Marlborough Fish n Chips, Town Bridge. Their faggots are a joy. Rossi's home made ice cream, by Jubilee Clock.
  • Weymouth Tandoori offers the usual well cooked Indian fare (as good as Exeter - and that's saying something!)

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