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Local Bands
  • He may be shy and hides away from time to time but when he is out and showing off his musical plumage you could do worse than see Huxley play a few tunes and regale you with poems and strange tales....
  • Balance of Power are a superb big haired rock covers band with light show to boot, a must see for stadium rock lovers.
  • Karl Weber does blues, rock, folk, irish, reggae, etc.
  • A/C Beebies are fab! The mad singer should be on medication (if he isn't already) and the lead guitarist wipes the floor with anyone else in the area. Highly entertaining and great quality rock music. Check them out!!
  • Paisley, you can never go wrong with them. Old rock and the punk stuff. Entity Who play in Finns mainly, tho im not sure their still together??
  • ah!! check out top popular beats group EMPHASIS featuring the overwhemingly handsome nick capaldi and the ever so cute jamie pinnow (you could take him home you REALY could!!) Emphasis have beaten EVERY local group in EVERY battle of the bands EVER! And that damn cute Pinnow boy is a regular feature in the local Gig Guide.
  • The Elfin- Dorset folk rock band, often seen at Finns.
  • Seritaph - influnace iron madien
  • The Sex Panthers - local legendary pop-punk band..a night of laffs.
  • P. J. Harvey, the great artist lives in Weymouth! She is so cool.

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