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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • Cheryl cole
  • It has been said tht Bengall is the New J.Decker....Jonny Decker 2.0 HOWEVER ...I contest this by saying-"Yeah, I'm Mad BUT, Can wor Decker play guitar+sing? IF Anything, it is Jonny Decker 5.0 Bengall!
  • magician & president of the newcastle magic circle dennis dillon AKA DILLINGER from whitley bay known for sticking cards to the ceiling's of pubs
  • The guy who invented windscreen wipers was head of the Whitley Bay Urban Council...
  • Dale winds everyone up but we all have to love him
  • Michael Bridges. Ex - mackem, Leeds and Toon striker.
  • STING lived close
  • John McLaughlin - guitarist lived in Whitley Bay for most of his childhood/teens. Played at Rex Hotel & Newcastle. Went to London in mid 1960s then to USA. Joined Miles Davis group for 'In a silent way' album (one of the most important jazz albums). Then formed Mahavishnu Orchestra. Now tours solo. Once considered 'The Best Guitar Player' on the planet. Apparently his mum lived in Marine Ave.
  • Dave Cook, went to Hillheads Secondary Modern and lived in Park Avenue in the sixties. Now a computer journalist and author of locally-based horror novel, A GIFT TO DIE FOR.
  • Stuart Ashing the dreamweaver lives here! he's a hypnotist, i went to see his show at sunderland empire it was really great! my best mate got up n did the craziest things! wot a laugh!
  • someone from emmerdale lives here!unfortunately its the best we have. jonny from big brother has been seen walking the streets also.
  • John Middleton, who plays Ashley the vicar in Emmerdale
  • lee hunter,the pissed bloke from steptoe & son still lives in whitley bay
  • this is the north east remember, although supergrab was filmed up the road in tyne mouth
  • Dozey Dave and Disco Tommy. To know them is to love them.
  • That asian guy that walks everywhere in his blue anorak and always has a foldy umbrella, there is an urban myth about this guy, have no idea whether its true or not, but here goes. It goes like this, He used to be a surgeon a good one by all accounts, until he had a car crash. Now he walks everywhere and has lost his job. ( I missed out some of the myth cos it may hurt innocents nowt dodgy tho) Oh and you have got to check out his garden on Seatonville road in West Monkseaton, this guy actually has a bath tub (with taps) in there and lots of magerine lids all over the place, dont ask me!
  • Michael Rod (screen test) lived in a flat in my in-laws house along Ilfracombe Gardens area during the late sixties.
  • My teacher Mr.Taylor
  • i dont think there is any!!!!! ooo micheal bridges lives round there sumwhere and robson green used to
  • MARK KNOPFLER of DIRE STRAIGHTS never went to Whitley Bay High School. He went to school in Tynemouth. He is too old to have ever attended the high school, which was a grammar school in his day, (till 1975 anyway) STING, played double bass with Newcastle Big Band (SWING/ JAZZ)and was a music teacher at Killingworth High School, circa 1973/5. He played electric bass in a jazz funk band called Last Exit who played at the Gosforth Hotel, High Street, Gosforth every Tuesday night. He never went to school in whitley Bay either, its just a viscious rumour. His dad was a milkman from Tynemouth, lived by the roundabout on The Broadway.
  • Wallsend has Sting
  • The Geordie bird off the Bill hangs around Park Ave with her mom
  • Supergrans houes is a few doors away from mine
  • Jack Hixon - who discovered Alan Shearer among others, lives next to juppy
  • last time I gazed up I saw the pearcing eyes of hypnotist Stuart Ashing a well known local in whitley bay
  • Hufty (the bald nutter from the word)
  • Apparently Spider Nugent lived on Cambridge avenue and went to Whitley Bay High School!?!
  • lisa and kerry naughton they are known quite well in whitley bay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (AND THATS NOT FOR THEIR CELEBRITY STATUS!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • Rowan Atkinson once stayed here for a while when he was performing at the play house.
  • JOHNNY DECKER, the man u have to look out for or he will ask u for a tab or 1. THE MAN WITH TWO HEADS, an old man with two heads. I tell u it is true LANCE, ask him to jump up and down and he will SMOKEY JOE, he also asks for tabs all the time POPEYE, he is a strange sort of bloke that looks like popeye STOMPER 1 & STOMPER 2, two funny old ladys that stomp BOOK READERS, they used to live in the high point but they now go to Cullercoats Cresent Club
  • michael bridges (leeds striker) jean-claude van dam has a holiday villa down the subway
  • The wonderful Tiz, who is cousin to the one and only Michael Owen.
  • The eternal wanderer who always carries an umbrella and a plastic bag
  • The blind guy with the afro. He has a guide dog
  • Mark Knoffler from Dire Straits went to Whitley Bay High School and mentioned Whitley Bay in a Song.
  • The beautiful and lovely Kath Rawe who at one point was best friends with Kathy Secca and Alan Shearer's dad. (She now only talks to them both when inviting them to crazy parties.)
  • Inventor of car windscreen wiper born in Station Road Also Iain le Frenais (Lilkely Lads, Porridge etc) from Monkseaton
  • The guy who started The Viz, loads of dodgy gangster families. Lee McCurry.
  • davie bell hodge the cowboy elvis ewan the palest man in the world johnny decker
  • Jon Pertwee
  • Bobby Thomson lived in W. Monkseaton
  • Fiona middleton out of corrie and ex lover Jambo out of Hollyoaks
  • Bob Langley visits his parents often and can be seen walking along the coast sometimes.
  • Alun Armstrong- always typecast as a Geordie(wonders why)! Sting & his brother Bing who had a bar on the prom called Dunes(after Stings flop film). Andy Taylor from Duran Duran, who opened a bar called Rio(wonder why) on the seafront with his mate Graham Jenkinson, but eventually sold out to Jenkinson 'cos he wanted to! Eighties rock band The Tygers Of Pan Tang all came from here, Robb Weir & Paul Irwin still live in the town.
  • The man who drew all those Guinness Toucan pictures. (There's an exhibition on at the moment in Newcastle).
  • Kurt Cobain, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Lighthouse Family (this one is true)
  • Paul McRoy, Wizard elect. Stevee. Theakstons drinker extraordinaire
  • Stings Brother owns DUNES bar on the lower Prom. Andy Taylor Formally of DURAN DURAN used to own RIOS bar at the bottom of South Parade, and Mark Knopfler on the Dire Straits somg TUNNEL of LOVE sings about going Crazy on the Waltzer in the Spanish City
  • Torvil and Dean had to stay here for six months when Dean hurt his ankle (the big girls blouse)

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