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  • Big up deep! This must av been written bliddy ages ago! No more rios... aruba is now down the bottom with cheap bottles! Deep has scrapped laydeez nite... Equality my foot! but the drinks are cheaper now so it works out okay..everyones happy! sylvies GONE Idons now Heat...Blue now trying to be classy as Eden.. I would personally only go to deep! Whitley Bay is deffo the place to be to pik up an easy lad or ladette! Have fun.....
  • right the comments before this are realy outa date for instance time n jimyz are now jimmyz its been done out and is very nice inside has a gr8 atmosphere on a thur nite wen alot of indie music is played and a sat nite is pretty dam gd too.y idols is getn done out n was very shit b4 its where all the scum went which aint a bad thing since it ment deep(which has also been done out) and eden (which used to be blue)and is now v smart inside and out had every other nice person inside at the end of the nite. for warm up bars i'd recommend starting at bannana joe's or bj's has alot of chesse music and a gr8 place to get u in the mood thn work ur way down the left hand side of the street stopping at havana for one thn envy ,vegas and styles btw styles has drinks offers on every thur n sat without fail so go for it. move onto breeze for abit which plays rnb abit of hip hop n sum dance v gd bar alot of the local lot up for a gd nite will be in there thn walk through to peir39 which is great on a bank holiday n gd the rest of the time it has a lil stage for ppl to strip off on if they wish but the dj must give the go ahead so no mingers are allowed THUR NITE AT ARUBA ALL DRINKS £1 BEFORE 11!!! before i forget to put that in plus aruba plays elctro house, house and dance on a thur. hope this helps u out
  • Got to be YIdols in whitley! or Beach (but its the same place really) from website
  • ritteee wellalot of u think whitleys a dive full of pissheads... fair anuff! but ppl come frm all 2 go clubbin in whitley n lets face it thers not a lot else whitley offers (not 2 mention how out of date sum things on this site is) but ppl think whitley is full onf snobs coz once upon a time it wer posh n ur jus provin tht ppl ere r up thm selves which tbh isnt tru so seriously get off whitley :)
  • best club in whitley has gotta b idols or deep. havana is good shaggies is the worst place ever!! so is the firestation it is so borin. vi's is canny nowt spesh tho!
  • Stay away from Whitley unless you want twats from Yorkshire and Scotland on hen nights and stag parties showing just why Whitley deserves to be on shows like Booze Britain. Head down the coast to Tynemouth to stay away from the total morons or ideally head into Newcastle - its really not far and theres loads of bars and clubs, some of which arent full of jokers.
  • Y-idols in whitley bay is the place 2 be on a thur fri and sat night it is the hottest night club in town and has women and men dancers and the women dress in hot pants and on a sat night there are free burgers and chips 4 all
  • Pier 39 is kool and the black DJ is one hot f*c*er and he is not a shit DJ and He is not a twat. anyone who says he is is just an ugly themselves and need a life.
  • whitley is just a good night out for a laugh even if the music not ur fave u cant fail but dance to the cheese played in idols and the 70s style in deep on ladies night!
  • DEEP
  • Blue its alreet cant quite rememba though its the last place i go on a night doon whitley!
  • best ones..Prague, havana, blue, 42nd street and easy street! worst...shaggies and rio's! just dont go there unless u like crap music, ugly people and people who have no personality!
  • i would not really know about dance music dont like it. however if you are after a good time there are nice pubs.and if you arnt into dance and are under age stage door in newcastle is great.
  • Mrs. Buist's lunchtime netball club
  • Go To TOWN the clubs in whitley are for charvers all in their little Burrbery and Ben Shermen checky shirts (Classy) not to mention the average age seems to be about 12 when your wandering through whitley on a night between pubs full of great conversation like What the f*uck are you looking? at and Can you go into the offy and bye me sum tabs Like! The answers are a chava and no go home your parents will be worried!
  • On the seafront
  • Bank Holidays are bizzeeeeeee in Whitley but be sure to take your water wings and inflatables if you expext to be caught short in Deep. The Lazeee Pig just reopened with a new face its now called the Beach and is V. expensive, Sylvesters is much better, prices are reasonable and its a cool place but its due a refurbishment.
  • Spent Xmas Eve in Deep. Had a great time until midnight when the music went seriously downhill. Records by Black Lace don't even get played at wedding discos anymore, so why did the DJ stick them on? As usual, the place was packed but there was no atmosphere that I could tell... I'm glad to be out of Whitley bay now :-)
  • down market for the less intellectual. desperate for recognition to boost tourism and profit, but all clubs and pubs aiming at the wrong markets.
  • again, no where good in whitley bay so head for newcastle
  • Deep has gone as bad as everywhere else now - the DJ used to be so nice to people all the time but now he just takes the p*** out of everyone on his microphone just like all the other whitley djs. I was totally offended when he said he'd only play robbie williams if i gave him a blow job, before saying he wouldn't let my dirty mouth anywhere near his c*ck anyway, so no dice. that ruined my night. Other people might be able to take it but not me. whitley bay is shite and full of ignorant p*ssheads who couldnt care about having a good time. drinking capital of the north east indeed. fecking shoite.
  • scotts, bar oz, 42nd street, deep, hairy lemon, prague, idols, jimmy'z, rios, time, loadz!!!!!the dome
  • Rockshots on Friday for Indie/Alternative Night
  • How, how, goin' down Whitley is a WICKED thing to do, liiiiike....
  • pier 39
  • The shieling
  • dance musinc clubs suck
  • Sly-vestas for random generations of degenerates. head to Baja in the toon on a monday night for large numbers of fit and loose, highly generate young girls.
  • Pier 39 is the best in Whitley Bay, Not every one can get in deep as it is over 21s only. Scotts is full over old charvas beginning to relize that they should have actually went to school and everywhere else it full of slappers, hen/stag nights and old people. If you want to have a decent night out go to PIER 39
  • Deep Club in Rex Hotel .seafront. bit pricy to get in but well worth it. bar staff are a bit of ok, glass collectors have nice bums, doormen always at the ready for any propersition
  • the places to visit in whitley bay on a thursday night cause of the extremely sexy 70's dancers in particular SIMON PICKERELL is DEEP!!!if you prefer mixing with children from nursery and coffin dodgers then we recommend..."PRAGUE" this dump provides good entertainment...the dancers HA HA HA HA!! now the most fantastic place to visit when you really want a decent night out in whitley bay is..."SCOTTS" venue offers the punters a taste of chava life mixed with minging men who oggle at anything with breasts!!
  • The report I've seen here is rubbish! The Royal is a dive full of slappers and is known throughout the region as such. Deep is ok for both clientele and music. The whole area is much better than described for a good "party" night out. The bar not to go to, as described, is probably Rio's and is accurate. LOTS of others to choose from.
  • Deep Club is the only one worth considering. Sylvester's (now the only other club open til the 'late' hour of 1 am) is too bad to even contemplate. It's quite cheap to get p*ssed in Deep these days (3.50 for double Smirnoff & Solstis!!). Music in Deep is mainly housey though trance fans will be disappointed with the music policy. NO TRANCE! Personally I thought it was really good to hear new house SONGS as well as older anthems from the 90s. One thing is their end of the night song "that's amore" by dean martin - WHY? I don't know what's going on there. Time to call a halt on that. Time bar next door does it too so maybe it's a company policy :-(
  • Yes used to be the good 'ol Rex drinks dungeon, complete with shellsuit tracka bottoms and ellesse shirt dress code situation. Grab a granny night at the Royal and thats it i'm afraid. Reports of Whitley being a cultural drinking mecca are well wide of the mark.
  • Deep is prob da best
  • There is one bar that I advise u not to go in. It is between Pier 39 and 42nd Street!!!!!!!
  • nowhere cool, although the Royal hotel has an excellent grab a granny night every friday.
  • Rockliffe Rugby club where the bar staff are of high quality and are always there to help in any way as long as you are polite and aren't underage (to drink)
  • The Royal, guaranteed a top quality night out with plenty of 1st class totty.
  • Fast Eddies has now closed down and turn into a music venue. Drinks are now more expensive and the atmosphere is definatly not as good.
  • Common misconception: the North East (eg. Whitley or Newcastle) has a wicked nightlife. Bollocks to that!!!!
  • new place called DEEP should really be called CRAP. Dance music does not really exist in a backward shithole. The kittiwake is the only place with at least a decent juke box and a quality atmosphere avoiding the scum that venture into the heart of the town.
  • Whitley was a poo place concerning clubs as Sly's just played the odd Ibiza hit and then it was back to good old Billie and Steps!! Now there is Time bar and Deep, which are brand new and look kany class. Pier 39 is good but the black DJ who is constantley whipping his kit off, is a right ugly twat and loves himself too much. His dancers are so thin it is unbelievable and should get some food down them!! The dancer with the brown shortish hair dances the smae thing over and over again and I'm sure she's on drugs or something coz she looks like she's having an eppilectic fit when 'struttin' her stuff'
  • Quite a few good ones but usually people end up whiteying in the streets
  • Not much to choose from at the moment but Bogarts (underneath the Rex Hotel) and Sylvesters are about as good as you're going to get!
  • You will have to go to The frontier (Batley) Club Barcelona (Birstall)or Leeds, Bradford and Huddersfield All on your doorstep.
  • "Sylvesters-gotta'dance" calls itself a club, about the best of the bunch, more like "Sylvesters-gotta'be stottin'"!
  • Light House Club, it is on the whitley bay Caravan Park. Cool compares, good bands, excellent bar staff. Decent prices for drinks etc.
  • Bogart's is no more , it has now been refurbished and has gone up market , it is now Jimmy's Bar Open to 12am , There is another bar under the same ownership about to open and a Night club to follow shortly ( with a 2am licence )
  • Go to Newcastle (or even further maybe?) Whitley Bay is good for -slappers -cheap beer -fights
  • All terrible - Infested with charvers trying to look hard/cool but failing miserably - People in the know leave em to it and head for the clubs of Newcastle ten minutes up the road

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