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Demolish It Now Building in Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear*

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Demolish It Now Building
  • Half of them
  • Whitley Bay
  • Valley Gardens Middle School (Its a complete hell hole that makes kids go nuts)
  • Valley Gardens Middle School
  • The Avenue pub
  • The Playhouse - rebuild it please, its dropping to bits.
  • the new flats (the Leas)
  • park view shopping centre
  • woolies, firestation in fact most of whitley road and south parade should be demolished
  • Monkseaton High they r all charvs!
  • shaggies!
  • all of the charva hang outs!hopefully they will go away.
  • whitley bay library
  • Marden Bridge middle school. wankers.
  • Oxford street the arcades next to the spana. Leave the chipies though I need my stoties.
  • All of the pubs and chaver spots infact if we demolish all charvers i would be happy!
  • none cas if we demolish any more then theres going to be no tourists after Spanish City was knocked down.
  • my x b/f house
  • Whitley Bay High school
  • the spanish city, the chips shops and all the amusement arcades
  • which one first...?
  • The Ice Rink needs flattening!
  • Scotts bar & Rios.
  • monkseaton community high school but wait til i leave 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!( he he its a good school really!!!!!)
  • Whitley Bay
  • Whitley bay planning office preferably with all the planning officers in it(nothing personal)(maybe)
  • Monkseaton high
  • Oxford street
  • SCOTTS!!! Before it demolishes itself!!!
  • Simon cookes cardboard box.
  • The entire of 'the bay' is pretty "A-Bombtastic"
  • Bideford Gardens, demolish it and its residents
  • all ov them
  • The bar in between pier 39 & 42nd street
  • Monkseaton High School- in a much worse state than Whitley High and it looks like a scummy factory polluting our skyline, or lack of it.
  • All the pointless trendy clubs and pubs down south parade, which are full of 12 years and big old fat slappas, in PVC.
  • Spanish City
  • all of south parade
  • Whitley Bay High School (with the teachers inside it).
  • Has to be the Spanish City
  • Basically all of the seafront around the Spanish City. The whole place looks as if nothing has been done to it since the 60's. Mostly closed up shop fronts and cheap and nasty shops. The now closed bus station The derelict fire station
  • The Whole of Ripley Road and The Windy Bank estate
  • Most of the arcades around the Spanish City
  • Whitley Bay Ice Rink of course, this tin shack should be torched & the local authority or some private investor should build a decent rink/snowdome/skatepark. Although this time not let it be run by hickey banjo playing sheep rustlers called Smith!
  • Spanish City
  • Old Bus Station
  • Whitley Bay High School, Spanish City
  • The playhouse!
  • The old fire station/bus station/ post office/ derelict restaurants on the front

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