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Paula Brown (Packman) by monica stafford (Packman) (Member 10300366) on 17-May-2015
Very sad news that Paula died suddenly last Thursday 14/05/15. Paula was a pupil at Whitley Bay grammar from mid 1960's to 1972, taking Art and History A Levels before going on to attend Art School and also train as a nurse.She has left a husband, Michael, (my brother) and 3 adult children. She will be sadly missed by all of us.   
Fiona Smith by Daniel Edwards (Member 10278547) on 26-Sep-2012
I'm trying to find out whatever happened to Fiona Smith at least that was her name when we went to Whitley bay High school back in the late 70's/80's.
I remember she did shorthand and typing at school and also had a sister.
She used to live on Haydon Drive in Monkseaton with her mum and dad, he was called Herman Smith and used to go to St Margarets Church on Whitley Road near Cullercoats.
We u... more >>
claire robinson by mark binks (Member 10271811) on 18-Mar-2012
hi looking to find claire robinson lived in kew gardens whitley bay i think married now she worked at the ministry in longbenton   
Trying to trace Rosalind Weaver or family by Phillip Wilkinson (Member 10260151) on 7-Apr-2011
Long shot this one. I am trying to trace Rosalind Weaver (Maiden name) If anyone knows of her or her
family then please email me. This lady is my mother. Well it says that on the birth certificate anyway! I know the family was large with connections to Spanish City through her father!

Please contact me at philwilki33@hotmail.com.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
ramsey family by shirley rose (Member 10230897) on 8-Jun-2010
my grandparents used to live in percy rd henry and maggie ramsey i know there house is made into a nursing homecould any one give me any more information as i was only 3 when we left to come to australia and now would like to trace the family tree thank you shirley iknow some but not a lot and not sure if its right or not
  • Re: ramsey family by jenny tills (Member 10247483) on 8-Jun-2010
    they are all in jail for sucking a donkeys cock,hope this info helps kind regards jenny

  • Re: ramsey family by shirley rose (Member 10230897) on 8-Jun-2010
    sorry there both dead and the family are not like that so you information is quite usless dont make acusations about people you dont know people have skeltons in their own closet from shirley

  • Re: ramsey family by jenny tills (Member 10247483) on 10-Jun-2010
    yes i remember you shirley,were you known as the village bike where all the lads could ride you

  • Re: ramsey family by shirley rose (Member 10230897) on 11-Jun-2010
    no because i never lived there and if theres people like you there im glad look at your self first not other people you dont know about

  • Re: ramsey family by jenny tills (Member 10247483) on 13-Jun-2010
    are you an old tart shirley???

brian quinn 2 vitoria ave 1950-71 by brian d quinn (Member 10247289) on 1-May-2010
hey from canada, my name is brian quinn i lived at 2 vitoria ave whitley bay from 1950-71 went to st edwards by the bus station..55-60..then st wilfreds in blyth...played in lots of bands in the 60-70s...then moved to canada..if you know me please email me at tictockswatch@hotmail.com.people of interest ian payton george bignel   
  • Re: brian quinn 2 vitoria ave 1950-71 by Dennis Roe (Member 10074145) on 6-May-2010
    My daughter lived at 2 Victoria Avenue till about two years ago!

  • Re: brian quinn 2 vitoria ave 1950-71 by jenny tills (Member 10247483) on 18-May-2010
    hello Dennis you want to stop conning people with your so called property repairs you old cunt i bet you were bumbed at your nautical school,i now know that you are not a bald headed cunt.

  • Re: brian quinn 2 vitoria ave 1950-71 by jenny tills (Member 10247483) on 2-Jun-2010
    yes i knew her dennis she was a bit of a bike,but i did not know it was your daughter,she was a nice kind girl who could suck a cock through a pickett fence.

  • Re: brian quinn 2 vitoria ave 1950-71 by brian d quinn (Member 10247289) on 30-Jul-2010

  • Re: brian quinn 2 vitoria ave 1950-71 by brian d quinn (Member 10247289) on 15-Aug-2010
    what fuckin wankas.....

  • Re: brian quinn 2 vitoria ave 1950-71 by jenny tills (Member 10247483) on 25-Aug-2010
    yep remember your wife we all shagged her up the arse when she lived here

  • Re: brian quinn 2 vitoria ave 1950-71 by Ted Rogers (Member 10276439) on 16-Jul-2012
    Alright Tills! I remember you when you were a bloke, you spunk guzzling shithouse.
    So, you're Jenny now. Have you gone the whole way, or are you still a tranny?

Family Holiday Breaks by KEITH NODDINGS (Member 10006943) on 13-Apr-2009
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Do You Want to Increase Your Income in 2009 ? by David Taylor (Member 10103609) on 1-Jan-2009

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peter booth by Gren (Member 10230852) on 22-Aug-2008
just read and replied to peter booths spanish city thread, anyone know how I can get in touch with him, must be over 20 years since I saw him, we worked together in spanish city.   
Trying to find someone by Joe Gibb (Member 10228244) on 27-Jun-2008
Does anyone know how I can get in touch with a Richard Allison sailed with him on the BP Tankers in 1967 would like to get in touch. He came fron Whitley Bay and if I remenber I think he said his sister had a boarding House ?   
Holiday Breaks 2008 by KEITH NODDINGS (Member 10006943) on 16-Feb-2008
Take a Holiday break with the whole family at Marton mere Holiday Village, Blackpool.Privately owned Luxury Holiday Homes for hire on a "Haven british Holiday run Campsite".....Visit www.l-k-holidayhomes.co.uk ....for more details.   
spanish city whitley bay by peter booth (Member 10221181) on 11-Feb-2008
hi who can remember me and my best mate gren i worked on the waltzer with big bill,and gren worked on dogems, best days of my life. from 1966 to1971 the music of this era was the best ever   
  • Re: spanish city whitley bay by Dennis Roe (Member 10074145) on 14-Feb-2008
    I remember big Bill Hunter!!

  • Re: spanish city whitley bay by david (Member 10225684) on 3-May-2008
    I enjoyed the 70's at the Spanish City.
    It was a great time, with Charles and Pop Beech -- the 'Tunnel of Love' (& Carol) and the stalls. Also Sharon Beech & Mike Miller. There nearly every day for 2 + years. There are some great memories that will be with me forever. Also Big Paul & Johnny --- and the Snells -- and Peters Cafe. (and the CROWDS) - What an environment - ("just like the Spanish Cit... more >>

  • Re: spanish city whitley bay by Gren (Member 10230852) on 22-Aug-2008
    Hi Peter, I am Gren and I remember you and big Bill [ blip] very well. I loved those days in the city. Where is John Hoadley, John Moore, Jonny Robinson and the rest of the city lads? Anyone any idea? Remember Billy Stokes in the box and Tommy on the waltzer?

  • Re: spanish city whitley bay by john robinson (Member 10236917) on 19-Apr-2009
    hi gren read your message hope your ok ..jonny

12th May 1956 Adopted Brian James Bain by Patty Cosby (Member 10093938) on 28-Sep-2007
Searching for my brother whose name before adoption was Brian James Bain dob 12th May 1956 born Doncaster Street Maryhill Glasgow. Mother Mary Mcleod Barclay (maiden name)Bain dob 18th August 1931 any information would be grateful.   
Ripon College 1971-1974 by steve (Member 10079952) on 25-Aug-2007
I know the college is now a condominium for rich Yorkshire folk BUT that does not mean us old students should forget the past. If anyone remembers me, Steve Pearce, please contact me on Bremner8@hotmail.com.......   
SEEKING JUDY CHAFFEY by maureen baugh (Member 10204462) on 17-Mar-2007
i would like to get in touch with an old friend JUDY CHAFFEY.
JUDY lives or used to live in park avenue which was quite close to the spanish city.i am wondering how you are JUDY and how life is treating you.
JUDY had 3/4 brothers,JIMMY,JOHN,BILLY,Iam sure there was another but i cannot remember his name.
her mums name was RITA.
If anyone knows of JUDY would you be kind enough to tell her ... more >>
macdonald by codge (Member 10191892) on 23-Dec-2006
any-one know fiona macdonald she must be about 48 now she used to live in sutton on sea went to tennyson school for awhile she had a sister but im not sure of her name could be eileen or elizibeth..............she moved to whitly bay when she was about 14.........nearly broke my heart   
  • Re: macdonald by Gay Network uk (Member 10201647) on 2-Feb-2007
    * WARNING * "Codge" is trawling this site, trying to meet up with Men and Women all over the country. Please, for your own safety and the safety of others, be careful of what information you give out.

night out in whitley bay by craig (Member 10198016) on 22-Nov-2006
i need some info on what the night clubs are like in whitley bay ,as me and some mate are coming there for new years eve thanxs craig   
  • Re: night out in whitley bay by craig (Member 10198016) on 22-Nov-2006
    if you have any info on night clubs or pubs to go to on new years eve please get back to me at craihalliday@hotmail.co.uk thanxs

Chat by creative1290 (Member 10116928) on 23-Sep-2006
MSN chat is closing on the 18th October 2006.
www.redfox.co.nr is a great replacement, even better than MSN chat was, faster loading rooms (loads instantly), friendlier hosts, and a nice fox logo! lol
Many rooms, come and join our England one and have fun!
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www.redfox.co.nr (formerly RedSquirrel).
Holiday Breaks in Blackpool by KEITH NODDINGS (Member 10006943) on 9-May-2006
Privately owned 6-berth Holiday homes available for hire on Marton mere Holiday Village, Blackpool. Visit www.l-k-holidayhomes.co.uk for more details.   
looking for anyone from 2002 whom i met while working there. by keith brown (Member 10183752) on 2-May-2006
was working in whitley bay,for gbh contractors water and gas utilities,based in south yorkshire.
met a few people and would like to get in touch with.so if you knew me ,get in touch.
  • Re: looking for anyone from 2002 whom i met while working there. by keith brown (Member 10183752) on 6-Oct-2006
    forgotten me so soon?

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