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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • No proper celebrity has come from widnes ,
  • donna summer and jessie j
  • Kim Catrall (sam from sex in the city) lived here till she was 3!!
  • UFC fighter Michael Bisping was born in Widnes
  • spice girl, and Paul Simon wrote a song about how desperately he missed home when there, so an inspiring place, all in all
  • reggie bowden.spit the dog,simon or garfunkles auntie
  • melanie c - from the spice girls
  • sean connolly muppet he is, nuff said
  • harry kewell, jennifer ellison
  • Pat and Jim Ledward from Kingsway who were the main leaders in Unitask Ltd , a community led group on Kingsway and has found funding for 100,000 for the Ball Park
  • the guy who invented the Lancaster bomber is from widnes but i dont know his name.
  • jennifer ellison lives in upton rocks and steven gerrards drinks in the tav
  • mel c from spice girls went to fairfield high in widnes n phil redmond ( man of grange hill, brookie and hollyoaks ) went the wad
  • A spice girl denies all knowledge of coming from widnes on tv, has a habit of buying her brother cars to smash up.
  • The Industrial Reveloution Started here making it the most poluted place ever!!
  • mikey reed, collin poole(pooley), david morris(mozz), Robert corkrin(corkey probably the funniest weirdest person to wlk this planet) and keiren walker known mainly because of his yellow seat ibiza (yellow submarine)
  • Johno the famous one
  • ian mccarthy LEGEND. john noone, resident piss ed, scotty whos dead now,
  • shames, the one and only sporty spice, mel c, used 2 live in widnes and went 2 fairfield high, also the ginger 1 frm girls aloud livd in runcorn. beatles played ther 1st gig outside of lpool in queens hall widnes
  • mel c purple acky
  • Tommy Glynn - Larger than life local poet and council agitator. Theres nothing this man cant tell you about the intricacies of council housing from 1800 to present day! Poems to order and an encyclopedic knowledge of dog fouling on the estates.
  • jonathon davies the rugby player lived ere for a while but was really a welsh wonder
  • Stuart Spruce aka 'sprogger' is a god he is woolyback born and serves widnes well in the superleague.
  • wes from widnes, what a super star!!
  • mel c, well she did make it big and no-one else has so its obviuos your all jelouse of her. all widnes rugby players, they have kept the team going on, well done to them all, and well done to big star mick adams we love and miss you loads.
  • Stan Herley what a character,or should i say LOONY!! This crazy chappie stood for the OFFICAL MONSTER RAVING LOONY PARTY in Halton many years ago. Its a pity he wasn't elected as an MP. Halton would be such a brighter place to live in. You could put a monkey up for election for the Labour party in Halton and it would get elected 'cos folk round here are that thick. Come back Stan lets have more LOONYISM!
  • Loads but I've forgotten.
  • Mel c lived here.
  • Sporty SPice
  • There are more than people think. The obvious one is Mel C. Half of the Rugby League players of England are from Widnes though none of them admit to being English let alone Widnesian. I think it is a disgusting insult to all of us. We should be proud to be from Widnes as I know a great deal of us are. We have had famous actors, sportsmen and women, soldiers, pilots and even Nobel Prize winners!
  • Mel C comes from Widnes!!
  • mel c (ugly spice) ireland street-bobby goulding ireland street nick barmby-outside the offy in chezzy lodge
  • Mel F**kin C???Sorry for the obvious lack of tolerance for the girl but if she says in one more interveiw she is from Merseyside, Widnes in in Cheshire and no-one else born here is a scouser. Come to think of it neither was she in school????
  • Mel C, even though she's a plastic scouser who tells everybody that she's from Liverpool.
  • Mel C of the spice girls is a big lying whore she says shes from liverpool but i know different shes from widnes.

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