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Musical Instrument Shops and DJ Gear
  • The Guy oin Widdy Market has a few Guitars harmonicas and book and little feckin else
  • New Street Music, theyve started doing Planet waves and Roland. Niiice. Theyre on Albert Square, and theres a recording studio and rehearsal space and lessons.
  • You wanna go Runcorn old town for music stuff, Ideal Sounds in Regent Street is so f***ing packed with stuff you have to shout through the door to get in sometimes- i've always picked up bargains there - they sell EVERYTHING!
  • Theres New Street Music which is the guitar shop in widnes. They have a good selection of guitars but they mainly only do fenders and gibsons.
  • Dead good shop on Widnes Road called New Street Music sells Everything!!!!!!!!
  • Dead good shop on Widnes Road, New Street Music, sells everything!!!!!
  • New Street Music, Widnes Road. Has F***kin everythin' and the fella knows his shit.
  • New Street Music
  • the little shit shop on the market.
  • the stall on the market is ok for crap stuff like strings and plecks and some instruments like mandolins but guitars and stuff there are cack.
  • Theres a stall on the market thats been selling dodgy leads since 1452.
  • FRAILER'S GUITAR SHOP in Runcorn Old Town has more new and collectors guitars and banjos than you can shake a sticky stick at!
  • Widnes Market
  • haha the market
  • There is a little music stall on widnes market but it is seriosly small. they sell strings, books and the odd electric guitar, but apart from that u hav 2 go into liverpool. Alis + Ema x
  • liverpool town and widnes in door market there is a good one where my brother gets all his guitars from because he is in a upcoming band called the infidels
  • theres one in the market but its shitty gotta go in to liverpool for that
  • the one in widnes market is good and the owner is 112years old and knows his shit
  • Again better to go out of town for any musical int equipment.
  • There's a good Stall in the Market!
  • One dinky market stall.
  • things of the past, like the crap shop in the market
  • dawsons maybe?
  • I got a dijeridoo in Lunar Sea and they have been known to stock a bongo or two but you will be lucky to find much else!
  • Little stall in Widnes market, sells cheap drumsticks.

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