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Musical Instrument Shops and DJ Gear
  • Symphony Music - Ashton. The largest guitar dealer in the Wigan region by far and able to supply almost anything musical. Tons of sheet-music and other stuff too.
  • music 90 is probably the best instrument shop in wigan and if they"ve not got it in they will get it for you.
  • haworth - classical & expensive music90 - expensive
  • haworth - classical & expensive music90 - expensive
  • not quite sure...oyes music 90
  • Howarth's, very friendly. Music 90, cooler, but pretentious pricks.
  • cryers
  • Music 90! as you come outta wigan town center past the new train station on ya left (wigan northwestern) its just down a lil bit before what use to be th'old B&Q
  • Music 90, is what you might call -wright up our street. If they haven't got it, they'll get it. They got me my mixer, in the blink of an eye. Cheers Guy's.
  • St Helens
  • Music 90 - for all your musicaaal needs!
  • MUSIC 90
  • music 90 is down near Wigan Pier where tile mart used to be. A totally rockin' shack.
  • Howarths but if you dont like being bombarded with jargon by a balding bloke who lives with his mum, try Music 90
  • Music 90
  • music 90 is good and howaths is good... guitars are good priced and strings and plecks arent too bad either
  • the music shop near to the baths in town has all the instruments you could ask for
  • howarth's music 90
  • Music 90(Across the road from wigan library)in wigan is a brilliant shop it has many electics, acoustics, basses, drums and all the other technical stuff. the staff there are really friendly at least they were from my experience. Howarths is just rubbish unless you have lots of money to spend they don't seem that all interested in what you like or what you're looking for.
  • Howarths music shop on Library Street sells run-of-the-mill instruments and run-of-the-mill sheet music. One of the owners is one of the most miserable gits ever and doesn't deserve to be in business. Unfortunately its the only shop of its kind in Wigan, so useful for buying the occasional violin string.
  • music 90 howarths cash converter
  • Howarths on Library street and Music90 up the side of Yates' - near Dixons.
  • 'Guitar City' just down from the Deanery has a selection of very cheap guitars especially Epiphones, for bands just starting out. You have to knock to get in now, but the staff are very helpful. Also cash converters opposite NW station sometimes gets good stuff in.
  • music 90
  • We bought all our stuff from Hawker and Howarth's (or Harkers, as I believe it is now called) and it was fine, although I remember the staff were a little grim and intimidating. But maybe that's cos I was a spotty little teenager not fit to be trusted!
  • Howarth's on library street - ace for drums and guitars, limited synth range though...
  • Dawsons of course, King Street
  • Music 90. I have spent over 7000 in there over the years!! Flat Price Music on Frog Lane, run by born again Christians but worth a visit!! One suspects that not ALL the merchandise is strictly kosher, but that's just a rumour- unsubstantiaited, of course!
  • Howarths
  • Howarths sells good guitars, but the best is Muisc World in Frog Lane, in a dingy little shop there are some treasures, and the staff are nice too
  • Dawsons... excellent staff and very helpful with a certain amount of bartering to be done....
  • Try Music 90 near Yates Wine Lodge. Don't bother with Howarths- theres nowt in!
  • Harker and Howarth have supplied my musical abilities for years!

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