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Sherlocks, What a NIGHT! http://clik.to/sherlocks by Dr. Trieda Hill (Member 10067805) on 9-May-2002
The other week my friends and I had the most delightful meal at Sherlocks in Wishaw. There was the greatest, friendliest atmosphere that we have had in a very long time. After our meal, we had a few drinks and latter went upstairs to Baker Street Disco. This was a great night. We all had fun and the stewards were very helpful. Not the usual gorillas. My jaws ached the next day because of all... more >>   
  • Re: Sherlocks, What a NIGHT! http://clik.to/sherlocks by Joseph Williams (Member 10104182) on 3-Jul-2004
    Well, ive been there a few times too, and all i can say is.... Its a wee bit better than the usual shite u get for a pub lunch. But this is Scotland no France , we dinny like crunchy veggies, we like em boiled to mush. Eh! no shit sherlock!!

SHORTLAND by Aileen Morris (Member 10066367) on 23-Apr-2002
I am researching my family history, and an ancestor of mine, James Shortland, had a Nail factory somewhere around the Wishaw area, does anyone know where the location of the factory was, or any other information about it.
Many thanks A Morris
  • Re: SHORTLAND by Brian Cunningham (Member 10070279) on 9-Jun-2002
    I asked my dad about the nail factory and he said it was on Dryburgh Road, off of Main Street at the bottom end of Wishaw. Hope this helps you.

  • Re: SHORTLAND by Aileen Morris (Member 10066367) on 24-Jun-2002
    Thanks Brian, your father's information is very helpful, as some of the Shortland family actually lived on Main Street, if your father can remember anything else about the nail factory, I would love to hear about it, thanks again Aileen.

  • Re: SHORTLAND by Arlene Holloway (Member 10127064) on 24-Jun-2004
    I lived in a house on Main Street directly across from Dryburgh Road, and I remember the nail works well. It was on the corner of the street by the entrance to the park. It was certainly still in operation when I was in high school, into the 1960s. I remember being taken into it as a child by someone my father knew who worked there, and being very impressed by the big machines that stamped out the... more >>

  • Re: SHORTLAND by Aileen Morris (Member 10066367) on 18-Aug-2004
    Hi Arlene
    Thaks very much for you interesting information

  • Re: SHORTLAND by Bill Thomson (Member 10212856) on 23-Aug-2007
    The Shortland Nail works was at the corner of Dryburg Rd and Glenpark St. The Glenpark St side was opposite Bellhaven Park.
    In the 1940's the Shortland family lived on Glen Rd. They had three children, Ian who served in the army ,Nancy and Connie.Connie died of TB about 1945. Ian went on to to become the Headmaster of Wishaw Academy.
    I hope this is of some help
    Bill T.

  • Re: SHORTLAND by Bill Thomson (Member 10212856) on 23-Aug-2007
    Correction to the message regarding Ian Shortland becoming Headmaster at Wishaw. It wasn't Ian Shortland it was Ian Sandilands who became the Headmaster.
    Sorry my memory payed tricks on me
    Bill T.

  • Re: SHORTLAND by Derek Lawson (Member 10221177) on 10-Feb-2008
    There was a James Shortland who lived at Calderwood, Glen Rd, Wishaw. This is just around the corner from the former nail factory on Glenpark Street.

    I believe I now live in his former house, and have found the lid from an old army crate in the loft which refers to him being a lieuftenant.

    We have also received correspondence from the local Council referring to a family lair at Cambusnethan Cemetry.

  • Re: SHORTLAND by Aileen Morris (Member 10066367) on 12-Feb-2008
    Hi Derek
    I would be very grateful for anymore information on the Shortlands. They lived at 92 94 and 96 Glen Road,I believe one of the houses was called Glengyle at one time. I visited Cambusnethan cemetery a few years ago but could not find anything, would love to hear from you.

  • Re: SHORTLAND by Derek Lawson (Member 10221177) on 14-Feb-2008
    Aileen, give me a call on 01698 351947.

    The recent letter from the Council refers to Lair no. 609, Section B of Cambusnethan Cemetery. It describes remedial work to be undertaken to make it safe.

    Loom forward to hearing from you.

The Gray Family by Laurence Douglas (Member 10063376) on 3-Apr-2002
My wife is looking for information about her grandfather John Gray. He lived at 57 Beechwood Crescent and had stables up behind Cambusnethan Cemetary where he killed himself in I think in 1947. He was married to Jemima (Russell) and had 6 kids, Gavin, Betty, Ellen, twins Jim and Josephine, Richard (my wifes father) and another son John who died around 1946. Any info would be appreciated.   
  • Re: The Gray Family by HELEN WYLIE (Member 10075708) on 16-Aug-2002
    My mother and aunt spent most of their childhood
    in Hawthorn Drive which is near Beechwood Cres.
    My aunt went to Cambusnethan Primary with your
    wifes aunt Ellen, and remembers her father going
    about with a horse and cart, around that area
    he was known as Auld Benny Grey.

boredom by peter (Member 10049653) on 6-Nov-2001
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looking for a crossdressing partner for fun/sex by barry (Member 10045268) on 24-Sep-2001
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  • Re: looking for a crossdressing partner for fun/sex by Tony Palmer (Member 10056059) on 30-Jun-2008
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letter of condolence to the American people by Dietmar F.G. Herrmann (Member 10009453) on 15-Sep-2001
Dear American friends, in this grief hour of horror we feel with you, the American people, and we're very much concerned about you. The German people are standing in close support to you, our American friends.

With our deepest sorrow for the killed and wounded people and there relatives.

Anja, Stefan and Dietmar F.G. Herrmann from Germany
Chirs Bowman by Gordon Scott (Member 10041729) on 21-Aug-2001
Does anyone have an e-mail address for Chris Bowman who used to live in Newmains? His father was Doctor Bowman, his brother, Paul.   
Crucial Xylophone by Gordon Scott (Member 10041729) on 21-Aug-2001
This band played in Lanarkshire in the 1980s. Members were Brendan Melvin, Tam Mc - something, Paul McAlorum, vocalist Gordon, and various guitarist. Brendan and the singer Gordon wrote the tunes. Does anyone have any information on current whereabouts or recordings?   
  • Re: Crucial Xylophone by Chris O'Reilly (Member 10092357) on 18-Mar-2003
    Is this the same Crucial Xylophone who used to play at the Tayside Bar in Dundee circa 1983?

Dr Barnardos home, Coltness Road?. by Graeme Munro (Member 10039066) on 26-Jul-2001
I used to work in the huge house on the Coltmess Road in the fifties, it was originally Major Stewarts home I believe.

I was wondering if the house is still there, or is it taken over by a housing scheme?. Maps show no indication of the house. It wasn't a happy period of my life, although I met some good people then.
I also attended the church there at one time.....All I intend to do, is lay ... more >>
  • Re: Dr Barnardos home, Coltness Road?. by Charlene Tait (Member 10040779) on 12-Aug-2001
    Hi unfortunatley most of the building is now gone. The coach house was converted into flats in fact my husband lived there when we first met. We are both from Wishaw and knew the home well. The main building is totally gone and is as you feared a housing estate. Good luck with the ghosts.

  • Re: Dr Barnardos home, Coltness Road?. by Hazel Mason (Member 10073161) on 14-Jul-2002
    Hi, my mother was born at the garage house, which was part of coltness house. Her father was chaffeur to col. houldsworth (1928-1953) then ambulance driver for dr barnardo. My mother her self eleanor ross also worked for dr barnardo looking after the children (1957-59). Coltness house was demolished sometime later, and the coach house and garage were converted into flats. Hope this helps you in any way.

  • Re: Dr Barnardos home, Coltness Road?. by Graeme Munro (Member 10039066) on 21-Sep-2002
    Many thanks to the good ladies who answered my message.

    Thanks, to Hazel Mason, my, it brought back memories of 'Daddy Ross' to me he was my mate and very kind to me. I got him to have his kidney stones removed, ha, and drove him and your mum to the hospital...and drove the ambulance when he was indisposed...Your mum was a nice lady Hazel and gave me cake and scones etc...God bless you...Graeme... more >>

  • Re: Dr Barnardos home, Coltness Road?. by ROBERT GILMOUR (Member 10108596) on 28-Nov-2003

  • Re: Dr Barnardos home, Coltness Road?. by Jim Blaber (Member 10121594) on 4-Apr-2004
    Does any one know who now owns cambusnethan priory? Also when was coltness house demolished? and finally why do council's let big house's go to rack an ruin so they can demolishe it build sometimes bad house's when these big one at worse can be split in to flat's? Or even the goverment stand in to do somthing better with the property. Lets see cambusnethan priory, or even Birkwood house could of b... more >>

  • Re: Dr Barnardos home, Coltness Road?. by ROBERT GILMOUR (Member 10108596) on 14-Nov-2004
    The same thing happened to wishaw high school went on fire where the fire brigade could not get to it to save the building, this was listed to be made into flats but when they seen the real cost the building went on fire only to have houses build, hartwood will go the same way, as all wishaw buildings go that way,any one tell me about wishaw house the old one at the golf course?

  • Re: Dr Barnardos home, Coltness Road?. by john (Member 10151372) on 17-Apr-2005
    hi . i was a pupil at coltness house between the age of 7 to 12. i suffered from chronic asthma and was unable to attend a regular school. i come from coatbridge originally but have lived in london since i was 21, 19 yrs now. i am trying to get hold of a photograph of the old house . i would dearly love to see it again . i have a picture of the pupils there in 1976. if you can help please contact ... more >>

  • Re: Dr Barnardos home, Coltness Road?. by Morag Stephenson (Member 10220852) on 5-Feb-2008
    Hi, I have only discovered this site, Anyone reading this who was at Coltness House between March 1960 and December 1963, would love to catch up with anyone, Morag ( that is Coltness House in Wishaw, Lanarkshire)

Auchterhall or Aughterhall Toll, Wishaw Newmains by John Bevis (Member 10038893) on 24-Jul-2001
I have records to show that my McFARLANE family were living at Auchterhall or Aughterhall Toll Newmains between 1849 and 1875 but I haven't been able to find the name of the toll on any map. Can anyone help me please. ?

On the hand written page of the Scottish Civil Register of Births that I have it shows both spellings at Wishaw, Newmains and Cambusnathen.

The surname and the toll are als... more >>
  • Re: Auchterhall or Aughterhall Toll, Wishaw Newmains by danny mearns (Member 10068354) on 15-May-2002
    i dont know if this is any help but bonkle there is a house called auchter house and just down the road there is a house known as the pillars because there are pillars at the front door it was the old toll house for the allanton estate check out the bonkle church web site and there is a pic of this house hope it helps... danny

privatelessons.4t.com by Bill Nelson (Member 10005860) on 8-Jul-2001
Genealogy by John Cannon (Member 10005604) on 3-Jun-2001
My gt.gt.gd father was an elder at the Wishaw Ref.Pres. Church. His name was John Torrance who used to walk 6 miles fron Carluke with his family to attend church. This would be abt 1820-1864.His son John was a Ref/Free Church minister.
Does any one have an interest in the name Torrance or the Ref Church at Wishaw?
I would be happy to hear from you.
John Cannon
Lost Relatives by marion duncan (Member 10031814) on 31-May-2001
I would like to find some information on any relatives of mine that came from the Shotts,Lanarkshire My Grandparents names were Nathaniel and Jean Clark, propably deceased around late 1930's-1945 My Grandmother's maiden name was Jean Chalmers, they had six children by the names of Jean, Hugh, Isabel, Catherine, Margaret and Nan Clark... Please E mail if you have any information . ... more >>   
19 Ravenscraig, Dalziel by Muirhead, Chris (Member 10026455) on 29-Apr-2001
Thank you Cooler King, I am hoping to locate someone by August. Got any ideas? I Appreciate it.
Where could I locate a map of the region at that time? Where is the Cambusnethan parish? Is it close to Wishaw? Marriage cert. of great-great grandparents is from there.How can I locate the parish? All info is helpful....Thanks!
  • Re: 19 Ravenscraig, Dalziel by Janice Clark (Member 10021661) on 31-Jul-2001
    Cambusnethan parish and cemetary are in wishaw, just outside the town centre. You will find it easily on a local streetmap.

  • Re: 19 Ravenscraig, Dalziel by Janice Clark (Member 10021661) on 3-Aug-2001
    Just to add: The marrage certificate referring to Cambusnethan Parish does not refer to the actual church. It refers to the registry area. What we now call districts i.e the district of Motherwell and Wishaw were once called Parishes. Like Cambusnethan Parish and Dalziel Parish.

my father by iain baxter (Member 10031816) on 29-Apr-2001
i believe my father came from or lived in wishaw when he was little
his parents thomas and sarah
he was born on 9th march 1921
his name charles(could be henry) james baxter
if any body has any information i would be glad to hear from them
Looking for Lost Friend by Stan Rahn (Member 10028613) on 28-Mar-2001
Lisa Shaw of Staffordshire, near Tamworth, Middleton, Sutton Coldfield area. Am worried sick about her. She used to travel to the Western North Carolina region a lot, haven't heard from her in almost three years. Am very worried. Anyone who can help in any way it would be very restful for me, thanks.   
Robert P. Macfarlane by James Macfarlane (Member 10028362) on 15-Mar-2001
I am currently researching my ancestry.

The info I have on my great grandfather Robert P. Macfarlane is:
Born March 6, 1825 at Wishaw: married Janette Moffat {born October, 1831 at Wishaw}

They subsequently emigrated to Canada and settled in Mag... more >>
  • Re: Robert P. Macfarlane by David Burns (Member 10157076) on 21-Jun-2005
    Try this page: www.scotlandspeople.gov.uk/. I've had some success with it. I was in Magog last October on a one-day trip from New Hampshire. Nice little town.

    David Burns,
    Fairfax, Virginia, USA

  • Re: Robert P. Macfarlane by deborah macfarlane (Member 10256563) on 11-Jan-2011
    My great grandfather was a Robert P Macfarlane as well. Do you know what the P stood for in your grandfather - was it Patterson? There is a family of Patterson Macfarlanes who are all related. Let me know if you have other information. I have quite a lot.
    Deborah Macfarlane

FAMILY [ LIVING ] SEARCH by Muirhead, Chris (Member 10026455) on 4-Mar-2001
I will be in Glasgow area in August, and want to contact any member of the Dave Muirhead family. He was born in Woodhall Colliery ...September, 1864 to parents, Daniel Muirhead and Janet {Speirs} Muirhead. Dave was my great grandfather.His parents address was listed as 19 Ravenscraig, Dalziel. Where is this?? I would appreciate any help offered. Dave and his parents came to the United States in 18... more >>   
  • Re: FAMILY [ LIVING ] SEARCH by The Cooler King (Member 10027955) on 9-Mar-2001
    Ravenscraig, Dalziel? You'd find that in the Motherwell, North Lanarkshire, about 18 miles south of Glasgow. The Ravenscraig/Dalziel area of Motherwell used to be a Huge Steelworks but it got demolished in the early 1990's. Don't know is there's a street called Ravenscraig, at least it's probably narrowed your search down a little.

  • Re: FAMILY [ LIVING ] SEARCH by douglas johnston (Member 10077221) on 4-Sep-2002
    I would like to know the address of
    Alexander Kings the confectioners
    I am unable to get any of their products where i live{south of England}, and would dearly love to be able to purchase directly from them

Unidentified Flying Objects by jonathan slater (Member 10020929) on 6-Jan-2001
Have you! Seen any mysterious lights or strange objects in our skies lately? A non-profit making scientific research group requires serious reports.   
  • Re: Unidentified Flying Objects by Joseph Williams (Member 10104182) on 3-Jul-2004
    I was abducted by aliens when i lived in Gowky, they took blood samples, and made me have sex with an alien female, her name was Vana and she used to pull some pretty ugly faces. Then they erased my memory so i wouldnt remember a thing, and i dont! thank god. But im tellin ye!, it could have happened!

Looking for an old friend by Iain Davie (Member 10021961) on 16-Dec-2000
Anyone know the whereabouts of Clifford Godley?
He is ages with me so that makes him 46.
  • Re: Looking for an old friend by Alana (Member 10196509) on 29-Oct-2006
    Hey, what does this Clifford Godley look like that you speak of?

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