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  • Oxford or Swindon- NOT Witney. Although we're getting a multi-screen cinema within the next couple of years!
  • Crappy cinema in corn exchange go to the Kassam
  • there is a cinema in witney however it shows films a good few motnhs after theyve come out, i advise going to oxford
  • rubbish needs 2 be knocked down and need a new 1 places elsewhere.
  • The Corn Exchange cinema is fantastic. John (the owner) comes out and gives an introduction to the film and tells the kids he'll throw them out if they make any noise. Brilliant.
  • Don't be silly
  • ..crappy little theatre in the corn exchange showing middle of the road movies about ten years after they come out on the real cinemas...don't waste your time... get the bus to Swindon !
  • A hall that doubles as a cinema it has pull down seats for when the cinema is aren't we lucky in witney don't suppose the plans for a multiplex in witney will happen why would they!!
  • If you like leaving with ridge marks on your buttocks (or maybe its just the size of mine!) then please do enter the Corn Exchange for 2/3 hours of misery in front of the smallest ( and closest) cinema screens this side of the Model Village. You can't even escape by sleeping the bucket seats are so uncomfortable! Swindon or Oxford win hands down.
  • The cinema is.....well, awful!
  • why bother it's full of kids from what I can see...go to Oxford or wait until the rumored multiplex (yeh right) get's built
  • Cinema: you'd be better off going to Oxford, Swindon or High Wycombe! Bowling! There's Moonshine now opened in Eynsham although you can, apparently, book up to play at the airbase at Carterton!
  • Screen at the square cinema - it uses the the town hall type building in Market Square to show recently released films on a massive screen with fairly impressive surround sound, good atmosphere and saves residents heading over to Swindon or Oxford. Can pick up a schedule in the daytime.
  • Witney cinema has pretty up todate films
  • Witney cinema at the corn exchange has much more up-to-date films than it used to and is really popular yet keeps it's 'small community' charm as apparantly the owner comes and says a few words with the audience before the film begins on saturday nights - have heard good reports.
  • Support the Corn Exchange! Or there won't be anywhere short of going to Oxford to a see a good film.
  • Witney did have a good cinema once upon a time and indeed you could have even said that it would have been worth travelling for miles to go to it. Unfortunately the Palace bought it out and for years Witney was filmless. Now we have a poor excuse for a cinema which is about as popular as a condom machine at a Cliff Richard concert and also as big. Films arrive 10 years after they have been in Oxford, so if you go now I think they are showing Jaws 2. No bowling, no quaser, although there is Lazer which is a cheap cider, drunk by many of the youth in the town as they are all bored rigid because the sad individuals which are the old townies refuse to build anything new because it will ruin the community. Yeah and young people drinking, doing drugs and fighting is okay is it?
  • No good ones, but I hear a viscious rumour that there is a thriving background underground trade in poor quality swedish farm yard porn movies. So I hear...
  • If you don't mind waiting longer than the film actually took to make to see it in Witney then there is an excellent cinema otherwise Oxford would be your best bet.
  • At the Corn Exchange, though they did have an interval during Titanic!
  • Witney cinema, showing the Newest Titles from 1999, No film Newer than 5 months alowed.
  • Witney's Cinema is cool - the sound isn't brilliant but at least we have one!
  • OK, so it's not a modern cinema. But at least you can see the latest releases at a bargain price, have easy parking, and can be home within minutes of the film finishing.
  • We have a cinema in Witney, but not a very good one. Swindow has the best thats about a 45 mins drive otherwise our next closest is Oxford which is 12miles away and 15 mins drive.
  • Cinema in the Corn Exchange, fold out seats etc. Fun, like it used to be.

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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