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  • Who remembers Rocky?
  • witney is a lovely old town. its nearly if not already 2000 years old. it has wonderful character and should be left alone. i agree that some buildings should be knocked down. like the new aqurius homes being built. anything being built out of concrete should also be demolished. return witney's history!
  • argos in witney!!!!!!! come on get staff that know what their doing! i was sottd in the que for wel over half n hr waiting to recieve my item and it was rite in front of the counter but it was continued to be wallked past. i think its silly and changes need 2 b made drastically or every one wil end up just going back to use the abingdon oxford and swindon stores.
  • Great Witney Bands: Maniacal (ace, sounded like the Pixies), Manyeung (ace, released a single called "So Nothing" which is one of the best "My love is unrequited and I'm effed in the brain" songs of all time), A.I.S. (ace, influenced the entire Witney metal scene. crap singer, though)
  • Rekindle the rivalry between Henry Box and Wood Green - maybe an 'old boys' weekend of mayhem ...maybe not
  • Most of the crew went seperate ways early '98, drugs took over some of them others just went to the pub all the time, thinking back on the days of '95-'97 before that happened bring back alot of good memories, shame time goes so quickly and changes alot of us.
  • Mayoshindo (Formerly Kyushindo) Karate, meets at 8.00pm Every Tuesday in the Youth Centre. Contact Micheal Chainey (01993)841753 for more info.
  • Apart from there being NOTHING to do Witney is quite a pretty town but it is the people that spoil it. Some of them, well most of them actually seem to share just one brain cell. FAQs at my Italian restuarant.. Do you have tomato ketchup/baked potatos/chips/sweetcorn? No!!!!! And best of all 'What is spagetti?'Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! Need I say more, avoid this place like the plague, it's too late for me but save yourselves.
  • Pub Games played locally include Darts, Pool, Bar Billiards, Cribbage, Dominoes and the Oxfordshire game of Aunt Sally
  • Some folk don't realise what they've had until it's too late. If you prefer the likes of London and its squalor, bad air and unfriendly people, then your welcome to it. Witney is a particularly pleasant market town, but like anywhere else it is the people who make it what it is. With a such poor attitude it's just as well you moved away, because we don't want you here either.
  • If you've got a naff car (XR3i, old BMW 3 series - that kind of thing) with crap wheels, stick-on spoilers and body-kit, and big speakers then you'll be in good company if you drive up and down the High Street all night. Then, when we're waiting for a bus, we can have a good laugh at you as your exhaust scrapes the speed ramps and you stall trying to do a wheel-spin.
  • Witney & District Museum has really interesting displays about the town and the surrounding villages, as well as a good changing exhibition gallery, bookstall and coffee bar!

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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