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  • they've refurbished the cinemas now, they're great, comfy, better floors, and the seats have... wait for it... cupholders! even if you dont have a cup they double up as crisp packet servers.
  • Really good cinema!!!!!!!!
  • the one in peacocks is shitty, u cant move without getting chewing gum on you feet. walking sounds like 'puck fffffpuck fffffpuck fffffpuck
  • Cinema is good - 6 screens - has 4 a ticket on Mondays, which is good if you don;t do Orange Wed at Odeon in G'ford. Woking cinema needs seating to be on a slope though!
  • Very nicde actually. Could be better but still very comfortable.
  • Good cinema, not by any means great.
  • i wouldnt travel miles to get here!
  • Rather go to Staines......
  • Cinema is boring, cramped and messy, with drunk people disturbing everyone.
  • The Cinema in the Peacocks Centre is about average. One day the British Cinema firms will take a tip from their European Counterparts and provide decent seating on a more angled platform and allow the sale of beer!
  • the chairs are to small, go to the odeon in guildford andyou will see what i mean
  • New Victoria Theatre is cool. But when little kids go to see a 12A with their parents it's crap.
  • If you want to get into the Ambassadors cinema bit for free here's what you do - walk through the hallway into the theatre section (or simply enter the theatre bit throught the doors) and walk to the floor a level down from the cinema. Then, there should be a lift for the disabled positioned below the cinema. Get in, press the cinema leve button and you appear in the bit by screen 3!
  • Ambassadors is good, but its worthwhile travelling to the odeon on Guildford. Same price entry, yet cheaper sweets and about tripple the amount of legroom -no really!
  • Full of 18 yr olds with 15 yr old girlfriends. dont bother.
  • Ambassadors woking its a good enough cinema. Used to be really cheap -about 3.50 to see a film, but then they changed it to 4.00 and then 4.50 and 5.00 and then 5.50 and now i have to pay 6.00 every time i want to see a film. Its such a rip off. Make your mind up on a lower price, guildford is the same but its a much nicer place with comfy seats
  • Ambassadors is pretty cool - cheap to get in and the floor is half as sticky as other places I have been.
  • Used to be a cimena opposite the railway when I was a girl, we used to watch films on a Saturday morning. Planets is cool for bowling but thats about it.
  • The Ambassadors cinemas in the Peacocks aren't any cheaper than elsewhere (eg Guildford) but they do show a variety of films, AND you can usually get in, even to new films. I don't know why they aren't busier - I suspect its because the entrance isn't at street level but up on the first floor. Fine if you're driving - not so easy to find/stumble across accidentally if you're on foot. If you're a film buff there is a very good film club in Woking - Woking New Cinema Club.
  • Peacocks cinema
  • Ambasssors - 6 screener (3 screens are shoe boxes), nasty seats!! _ Odeon Guildford is much better
  • its ok. 6 screens i think.
  • Peacocks cinema. 5.50 to see a film, and the sweets are expensive too!
  • Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrryy expensive - thats all I have to say.
  • The cinema in the Peacocks is ok if overpriced. The best one was in the building behind BHS with the fab oil lamp effect before the features. Of course, it was demolished years ago.

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