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The Stuff We Can't Fit In Somewhere Else
  • Graham's Books (for weird & wonderful) based in Bassett but internet accessible via Abebooks search. Interesting selection of local, henge, mystical, walking books.
  • THE BEAUFORT VISION: - As part of a section 106 agreement, the town has been given a large brewery building to convert into a performing and visual arts centre to include: Tiered theatre, external amphitheatre, galleries, practice rooms, recording studio, arts and crafts units, kiln, cafe/bar etc. FUNDING IS NEEDED. See for more information.
  • the Wootton Bassett Mud Springs - a unique microbiologican and paleontological site, known worldwide within those disciplines but completely ignored by the town. It's a SSSI and is barb-wired off from the public, so only 12-year-old boys on BMXs can get to it.
  • Wootton Bassett is just like anywhere you may happen to live. It's not where you live, it's what you make of it!
  • Okay, who actually voted for the Head of Wootton Bassett School as Headmaster of the Year for the South West??? Find me a pupil who actually knows what the Head even looks like.
  • This is a really boring site compared to some of the others. All that 'can you trace my uncle's dog' and 'I want to rent a house'. Have a look at the Prestatyn knowhere site and see how it's done. Come on you Bassett lot-sort it out!
  • Wootton Bassett is a great town. Its close to ameneties like Swindon without actually being part of Swindon (yet). I can get to both London in a couple of hours or Exeter in Devon in a couple of hours.
  • I moved here a year ago from Surrey and it's a million times better. The people are more friendly by far (as Surrey people seem to be a bunch of violent thugs that's not difficult). There is less traffic in Wiltshire anyway and the quality of life is much higher.
  • Bassett really needs a kick. Sort yourselves out no wonder teen pregnancy is so high. They are all so flipping bored.
  • St Bart's Church has a 6.0 pm Sunday PRAISE with new Californian-style all electric music group EVERY FIRST SUNDAY OF MONTH.
  • Wootton Bassett has the CARLSBERG OFF-LICENCE OF THE YEAR gracing its High Street - namely, Unwins (awarded November 1999). Wootton Bassett also boasts an astonishing number of child paramilitary organisations (cubs, scouts, brownies, etc.)
  • Churches: St Bartholomews (CofE) - Bells and incense, pipe organ, etc. The Catholic Church - "nice" new building - can't miss it! The Methodist Church - Teas on Tuesdays, Kids Praise on Mondays. The URC Church - The Hive parent/toddler Thursday am. Wootton Bassett Community Church - Healing 1st Tues.evening each month All have Sunday morning worship - St Barts has midweek stuff too.
  • Wootton Bassett is smalltown, small-minded HELL ON EARTH. Please flatten it immediately.

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Last updated: 2009-08-01

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