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  • Trapms, Breeze, sin, marrsbar
  • Sin Saturdays - Simply Awesome! Top choons, totty & venue!
  • Worcester is shit. Tramps and Bambreeze are cat shit infested shit holes populated by 13 year old chavs. Gonzos is about the size of a small cupboard. Bushwackers and Reflex are filled with desperate middle aged perves. The void is for 10 year old skating 'punk rockers.' worcester - the only place where u r guaranteed a fight every day of the year
  • YEAH GAY TRAMPS AND FUKING BAMBOO woopy wot a load of fuking bolocks, please make a decent club round this shit hole of a fuking non existnt place
  • Tramps, Breeez (formely Bamboo which was formerly Torch), Images, quite a few of the pubs now think they're clubs playing ear splitting music so you can't hear yourself think.
  • Don't bother with Drumonds any more used to be an excellend venue with great music.It has now been trendyied up someone just slaps on 'NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL CRAP' drinks are now the most expensive in town.This place has lost all it's atmosphere in my opinion.
  • bamboo is a rite rave
  • THE VOID/ARTS CENTRE marrs bar
  • Tramps, Bamboo , Bushwackers , Jewel , Vibe , Marrs Bar , RSVP , Void , Lylods Bar , Chicago
  • images mars barr the void
  • Lloyds is ok if you dont ming "young patrons" cheap drinks most nights and plenty of music at the weekends, open til late.
  • Bamboo is awesome! Good on a thursday night or get your pre-pays for saturday night to avoid queuing and save some money! Bamboo all the way!
  • Bushwackers is good for the more mature / select crowd. They're very choosy about who they let in so it can be difficult, but it's a very friendly/clicky crowd once you're in, and there's rarely any trouble.
  • a lot of people say worcester is shit. arguably,yes. but when your with the right people it just doesn't matter. LOVE tramps for a girly, mini-skirted night out with the ladies and some cheapo champagne.. three rooms, but once ur pissed doesnt matter which one you're in!! LOVING the dancers too! (Not loving the 50 year old perverts as much.) LOVE bamboo... admittedly been going there since I was 15. thats part of the magic, we grew up in that place. 2 for 1 wkds, its the place to go on a thursday for some cheesy chart going back there for back-from-uni reunions and seeing everyone u know!! GONZOS: small, a bit grimy but possibly my favourite. Indie,metal,punk,old-school stuff - all good. u can be yourself in there and unlike tramps u can have a good time sober. much more laid back and my kinda people and music! there u have my detailed view...!
  • Tramps, Bamboo, Images and LeMangos for all your Townie music, Evolution/Gonzo's for Alt. music. thats about it!
  • A club night called the Phoenix runs every two weeks in the abandonned basement of Russell and Dorrells. Lots of Drugs. Pretty hard to get in, but worth checking out if you know the right people.
  • Worcester is great for clubbing! Tramps night club is probably the best - it plays all your favourite chart hits and some really banging pop trance a bit later in the night!!
  • Tramps is the best place in worcs, bamboo is crud, full of drugs and kids. loads of chiks in Tramps and good priced drink 2, r'n'b area is also cool. postal order is the best place 2 go for a really cheap pre-club drink, get them vodka pitchers down yaneck 4 7 quid a pop...wkd.
  • Tramps (best), Bamboo (next best) Evolution (Next next best), LeMangos, Bushwackers, Images (All crap)
  • Tramps is trying to go trendy but forgot one thing...there clientele.
  • Tramps: a good laugh with loads of different dnacefloors/music.
  • Tramps is the countys number one night club. Includes 3 music rooms and celbrity guest Kaleigh from FHM most saturday nights. You will most likely find Marshall there as well. You can recognise him by his highlighted hair and designer clothes. Asking for his autogragh is a must.
  • Lighthouse- Malvern Link-(not bad)
  • Gonzos is good, if you are young. Very small,dark and fun.
  • TRAMPS, Dont go there you will get stuck to the carpen and never return!!!!!!!
  • Bamboo on a Thursday night - absolutely brilliant, average age about 17, only 2 entry with an NUS, guaranteed some action with a drunken girl, 2 for 1 WKDs. Unbeatable.
  • Tramps,rsvp,bamboo
  • The Void sucks
  • gonzos is the mecca of worcester and the surrouding area. the acculmulation of a week's anticipation and the realisation of many a crazy dream - it's that good!
  • bamboo (used to be torch on tybridge st) on a thursday nite has some remarkably young looking patrons! as does tramps, well it is students nite, and most of wsfc are in there. Saturday nite's in tramps are good too, mind the old pervy blokes though! rsvp, vodka and red bull, 1 on thurs nite
  • Tramps (affectionately known as Terry Ramp's!) and possibly Bammboo some nites
  • GONZOS! (now called evolution - but only by about 5 people) is the place to be, they play a good and varied musical range, mainly indie, punk, rock stuff on a saturday night and other specialist nights through the week. saturday nights at gonzos are the best nights in worcester though. fights-a-plenty at Bamboo which is small-town hell, yet still better than the alternative mainstreams (if you get my thinking) of Images (pikey hole) and Tramps (the oldest and biggest club)
  • tramps oneils and loads others this is my sisters (catherine phillips) second home but she can get really drunk and does stupid sister eb kid antony phillips
  • Gonzolution. Got Wasted. Pulled someone. Fell over. All good.
  • If Ben Sherman, Chinos and Budweiser are your thing then you're at home in a Worcester club!
  • gonzos, or evolution, or whatever u want to call it, its still the best club in worcester, unless you're a new-look clad teenybopper bound for tramps.gonzos is only worth going to on a saturday tho, and caters for alternative, skater , mosher etc crowd.
  • Tramps is cool.It has got alot better since dont beleive all the rest of these comments.oh and Torch is now Bamboo..that's a crap place
  • Tramps and Images are mainstream cheese meat-markets although i haven't actually been in either since the mid 90's. Evolution was alright when it was The Stage,they have dance music nites which are in Mix Mag but apparently its all kiddies. Haven't done Torch yet but have heard theres a strict dress code.Used to go to Zig Zags,it was banging music but bad atmosphere,lots of posing going on. Picasso's was great when I was a teenage goth but wouldn't go now.
  • gonzos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Tramps is good on a Thursday nite, half of Worcester sixth form college are there!Watch out 4 the older men in a saturday, can get quite a sleaze fest . . .
  • don't go to torch on thursday nights it is poo
  • Torch is cool some nights better than others the shit music on a thursday soon gets clouded over once you get about 8 50p watered down pints down your good self!
  • Tramps and Torch are the best in Worcester, the others are awful, but they are very average clubs and nothing special. Torch is best on thursday at 50p a pint, Tramps is better on saturday as there is plenty of totty!
  • tramps is a pile of SHIT!
  • Tramps, images, torch, those are the mainstream and they attract most of the YOUNG people. Those of more refined tastes go to studio 30 and Chicago rock Cafe
  • Go to Torch night club its fab with a 70's and 80's night on thursdays with cheap drinks.its a night not to be missed. its opposite homebase in worcester
  • picassos djs have now moved passion & pain to gonzo's in lowesmoor - excellent place, not quite the same atmosphere but the drinks are cheaper. i think there is a new club/ gig venue opening in pierpoint st, opposite the odean called The Marrs Bar - doing indie, jazz and blues gigs
  • Go to Birmingham or stay in.
  • Terrible but cheap and cheerful - if you avoid St. Johns at all costs!
  • They're all poo.Oh, The Torch is ok.
  • Images on Glass (near the dead cattle market in The Butts), Tramps (Angel Place - anyone for a fight), Picasso's (Zig Zag Club in St John's - anyone still go?) have always been there but there are a few others lately that I have missed out on.
  • The Barn - now called Images, and Tanya's - now called Picasso's (I think)
  • Tramps - kindergarten, Studio 30 (used to work there!!) - Jurassic park
  • A new place, Torches, opposite Sawyers (now closed), tiny and expensive. Always filled to the gills, novelty value hasn't worn off yet.
  • The new club Torch does fantastic seventie's nights with cheap beer. A great

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